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3: Dip a sugar thermometer in hot water first then into the jam mixture taking care not to touch the bottom of the saucepan. This apple pie jam tastes like apple pie on a spoon, it’s full of apple and cinnamon.
Bill is something of a puttanesca expert, so when I started making it, naturally there were comparisons. After cooking this dinner, I was thinking about the debate of straining the tomatoes, and I think, if you have the time, you should not drain them, as you lose a lot of flavor by draining the liquid.
I based my version of puttanesca on one from Mark Bittman, but with regard to the amount of each ingredient, it all depends on what you like. Add chopped olives - oil cured are best- capers, and oregano (or italian seasoning mix) cook for a few minutes more.
The beauty of this dish, aside from the great flavor, is that all the ingredients can be stored in the cupboard forever. If anyone has other suggestions for how to keep pasta warm without it sticking together, please leave a comment.
In this episode we talk about Colorado Potatoe Beetles, and the spray mentioned is called Novodor and is available from Fedco.
The best place to get more info on rhubarb is The Rhubarb Compendium, a website run by a guy named Dan. Until the heat of summer knocks them down, loose leaf lettuce is one of those low maintenance pleasures of gardening.
Eliot Coleman, in his book, the Four Season Harvest, writes at length on how to prolong your lettuce growing season. Wikipedia has some good info on dandelion, though I don't agree you have to always cook it down before eating.
You can grow it in your garden, it will last longer into the summer than most any other green.
The boss gave me a new cookbook: Happy Days with the Naked Chef, by Jamie Oliver, and I found a recipe for Pork Filets over Rhubarb. We're going to have to improve the lighting in the kitchen up at the house, as once again the video is pretty dark. Nothing like coming up to the house to find large portions of your tomato plants stripped of their leaves.

The Tomato Hornworm is the caterpillar of the Five Spotted Hawk Moth, a relatively non-descript moth, but in its caterpillar stage wreaks havoc on tomatoes. In the video I talk about the eggs of the parastic wasp, then I realized later the white protrusions from the caterpillar are the cocoons of the braconid wasp, not its eggs, which is even better, as soon they will hatch and parasitize more Hornworms. I have heard about cardboard collars one can put around a young tomato plant to prevent the Hornworms from crawling up the stem.
We are improving on the lighting in the kitchen, so you can at least see my face in most of this episode.
Being a strong proponent of the KISS [keep it simple stupid] theory of life, this soup is a charter member. The version we do here is dressed up a bit with cheese rinds and oregano, but again, it doesn't need this to taste great on a fall evening. The vent I use on one end of the cold frame is available from Charlie's Greenhouse, I've also seen them in the big home improvement stores, they are used to vent crawlspaces.
Sheperd Ogden has a good book: Four-Season Harvest, that goes into great detail about growing thru the winter, he should know, he lives in Vermont. I read Jo's recipe for Chicken Vesuvio and decided to try it, as it used a dutch oven, my favorite kitchen pot.
A few weeks ago Eric over at dropped me an email and told me that he was going to create a video of him making my Chicken Vesuvio recipe, it would appear that he has made good on his threat promise. Eric films his world and puts it out there for everyone to see, recipes, garden issues, a little of everything. 3rd: I would have deglazed with white wine and mounted with the butter off the heat, but hey, that's just me.
Last week we visited with Patty Hulse at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, who showed us the cold frames they built and use throughout the winter. A few quick tips: wear ear and eye protection, steel toed boots, work gloves, and if possible, a hard hat. Heat the milk with the grated ginger in a saucepan to about 160F, to steep the ginger flavor into the milk. Comments have been turned off here, but you can post your thoughts, pictures and videos at The Greenhouse. They pack your shipping box with the local paper, and its interesting to read a local paper from somewhere else.

All you do is cut the lettuce about an inch above the soil line with a scissors, and it will grow back. I contemplated re-shooting the whole thing, but i thought it wouldn't be as fun on a re-shoot. Another way, according to Wikipedia, to reduce the resident population is to rototill the garden, as this will destroy hornworm pupae in the soil. I have to admit I had an aversion to them for years, but they are great, and healthy for you too. I did change up the recipe a bit, and of course, forgot ingredients, and also suggested, wrongly, that Jo lives in the midwest.
If you have the time, take a look at his video on tomato hornworms.A‚ Nasty, nasty little buggers. Read the instructions that came with your saw, the booklet that came with my Stihl is quite good. I've found it best to place plastic wrap right on the surface of the ice cream, then seal the container. Can you give me a link to where I can see what you have is and I will see if I can figure it out.
We had already started drinking wine (blame the consant rain and the presence of my father-in-law), hence we neglected to turn up the lights for the camera, so the first part of the episode is a bit dark. If you plant a few rows every two weeks, you can get lettuce for most of the growing season. I was walking around the barn this weekend looking for dandelion, there is still a bunch of it around depsite the record heat wave. I cooked this up by myself so please appreciate the dexterous one handed camera work and flattering close up photography of myself. Mark Bittman in the NY Times had a recipe recently for rhubarb soup, which we may try here as well.

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