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You’ll need a large stock pot for this concoction and you might want to open a window to let out some of the pungent spicy aroma that fills the air. Meanwhile, bring seasoned water back to a boil and add about 2 pounds washed new potatoes (left whole) and 8 to 12 ears of mini corn on the cob (I like Birds Eye¬† the best for frozen corn). We had a great meal and can’t wait to do it again…I hope you will give it a try and enjoy it as much as we did! Extensively farmed throughout Asia, shrimp farms are starting to appear in Central and South America as well.

Market Description: Vannamei shrimp meat tends to be softer and has a mild, somewhat bland taste. Recommended Preparation: Eaten as cooked shrimp or prawn, sometimes in batter as scampi, and also cooked in mixed seafood dishes such as paella and often in more general dishes such as Chinese special fried rice. Some Vannamei shrimp are found in the wild, but the difference between the two is undetectable. They are marketed frozen, raw with the shell on, peeled, tail on or cooked, tail on or off.

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