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10 Classic Comfort Food Recipesby Erin DowerThese comfort food recipes will bring you back to your childhood.
Macaroni and Three CheesesNothing says comfort food like creamy macaroni and cheese with a crispy bread crumb topping.
Make lasting memories with these fun Father's Day activities that are sure to please Dad and the kids! Sign up for our free email newsletters and receive the latest advice and information on all things parenting. You can make a fantastic sandwich with just great bread, fresh butter, and your favorite cheese:1. Chef Gavin Kaysen of Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis updates this classic Minnesota flavor combo with fresh herbs, tender Swiss chard and an aromatic mushroom gravy. From gooey macaroni and cheese to perfect eggplant Parmesan, here are winter comfort food recipes.
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By the way, if anyone has the recipes for the three salsas that El Rey serves everyday, I would love for you to pass them along. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. My focus has always been on comfort food, because at the end of a long work day, you want something comforting. You should also note that I do not count calories, or break down recipes into grams of anything. I’m not even going to get started on how amazing these were, and if you have never had kimchi, well then maybe this is your gateway into the awesome Korean fermented cabbage. When you are ready to cook your beef, you can either grill, or cook in a large skillet and finish it in the oven as I did.

Pop this into the oven to get everything warmed through and get the cheese nice and melted.
So remember, if you are like me, don’t let things go to waste, and better yet, go get yourself some kimchi! Pregnant or not, learn what steps to take to protect your family from Zika, including travel restrictions and mosquito bite prevention. This easy-to-use checklist comes with games and activities to help your child build essential skills for kindergarten. I currently am the father of three children, and married to a wonderful wife of thirteen years.
After all, this notion of being together at dinner time was instilled early on by my parents.
As a home cook, I think you have to take chances, and add or subtract ingredients that make up a dish, and make them your own. All of the recipes and photography on this website are my own unless noted, and is subjected to copyright  If you’d like to use a photograph or a recipe, please contact me for permission. Mix the soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic paste, cracked black pepper, and honey in a small bowl.
There is something about the tanginess and spiciness from the kimchi that really makes these stand out. Did I mention, besides being a big high in sodium, that kimchi also pretty darn good for you? I am using both as condiments throughout my day, in particular for a quick chip and dip, or a splash of hot sauce on an omelet. My free time and stress reliever is cooking for my family, friends, and everyone in between. There is nothing fancy with these recipes, just simple, and I will admit, not so simple ingredients, and a simple kitchen corner I can call my own.

There are many memories of being in the kitchen with my parents, watching them cook, or preparing meals, or those home cooked smells while waiting for dinner.
Top with half of the kimchi, some of the beef, then layer with more chips, the mozzarella cheese, more onions, beef, and kimchi.
My preference is to take a nacho, break it into the egg yolk, a bit of the sour cream, and go to town.
The perfect Asian marinade of the beef, along with the creaminess from the egg yolk just made these nachos rock.
This past weekend, while visiting El Rey Supermercado, I couldn’t resist grabbing a handful of delicious tomatillos. The recipes you find on this site are those that I have either created, been part of, or those that I simply enjoy and have made my own in some shape, form, or other.
My parents who worked full-time, always had home cooked meals during the week, with the exception of Friday nights where we would enjoy a Wisconsin fish fry, and often on late afternoons on Sunday, where we would order Ann's pizza.
Gently massage the marinade into the beef, seal, and let marinade in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight.
This whole idea of kimchi nachos came out of the fact that there was a half bag of tortilla chips going stale, as my daughter did not like this particular brand for whatever reason, and I was not about to let them go to waste. Cook for about a minute, then place in a preheated 300 degree oven to finish to your desired temperature. Not only that but as I was navigating through my refrigerator, I noticed a jar of kimchi that was being abandoned, and that’s when I thought of adding the two together and coming up with kimchi nachos. Eat right away, of store for later use for tacos, burritos, chips, or whatever else your imagination leads you to!

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