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The gala dinner for 1,000 guests we designed for the Hudson River Trust featured an upside-down park scene where scaffolding was planted with flora native to the park, picnic vignettes, and bicycles overhead.
The more relaxed seating style is the perfect companion to trends in 2013 holiday party food offerings.
As far as what’s trending for holiday party food, Dumont reports a familiar favorite returns, with a bit of an upgrade. The blue lighting of this sophisticated holiday party we designed for Hearst a few years ago, is a great example!

That means anything from tarot card readers, to photo booths, to DIY crafts to take home at the end of the evening.
Here are some common themes I’m seeing, reading about, and incorporating into some of my own work this holiday season. This means natural textures like burlap, raw wood surfaces, farm-to-table (implied or in earnest) and yes, perhaps even a few cocktails served in mason jars! Seated dinners continue to be passed over in favor of less formal (and many would say, more fun) alternatives of portable, individual servings and interactive food stations.

I suspect the color of the year, emerald, will find its way into more than a few seasonal celebrations.
But those of us in the event industry have already been thinking about and planning end of the year holiday soirees by the time trick or treaters hit the streets.

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