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Last week I took a slightly different approach to answering questions of inspiration and the Bible. If an evolutionist or Episcopal crossed my path, I would have been ready to throw down with them and drop some serious Scripture passages on them with blinding speed. Interestingly enough, we were all being taught to be quick with Scripture, but not to spend time with it, savor it and let it live in us, so to speak. There was this Guy I Knew Once (we've all had them in our lives), who had vast amounts of Scripture memorized. What you consume, you absorb and what you absorb becomes a part of you and what becomes a part of you in some way directs you. What you are seeing is perfectly fried chicken, unbelievably created waffles, a side of maple syrup mixed with hot sauce and topped with some heavenly strawberry butter.
You can take my word for it that eating this is about the closest to Glory that you can get this side of Glory.
You see, it's not about having a set of rules, laws, warnings and directives---although those things do exist inside the Bible.
That Guy I Knew who spouted off Scripture in every moment didn't see the Bible as Chicken and Waffles.
The very first church I served as a youth pastor had once been a thriving, vibrant community of faith. When you research the things that human beings fear the most, fear of ridicule and failure is always at the top of the list.
Years ago, I was standing in line at a Walgreens, waiting to pick up a prescription when I learned a valuable lesson.

There is this stretch of road near my house that I have been driving on for most of my life. But alas, I cannot have all the new books so I’ll just feature ten of them in this post. Share book reviews and ratings with Christina BookTasty, and even join a book club on Goodreads. I accidentally read the third book in a trilogy recently…before reading the first two! In the conclusion to the bestselling Secret Language of Girls trilogy, Marylin and Kate find that boys can be just as complicated as friendship. But there isn’t enough money to go around, and it soon becomes clear that only one of the two girls can get her way. The girls’ on-and-off-again friendship is completely relateable to anyone who has experienced middle school. For those of you who have actually read the first two books, you’ll enjoy hearing from these characters again. What is the Reading Queue?  Well, the Reading Queue is a monthly meme, hosted by Book Tasty (hola!) and Books: A true story where we share our reading plans for the month. I listened to almost half of this audiobook in one day (thank you snow days) because it was THAT good. Since I read it without having read the first two books I can honestly say that I do believe it can stand alone and you don’t have to have read the previous books. Both Marilyn and Kate are struggling to figure out their own identities and how these identities relate to and influence the choices they make.

I had a hard time going back to work because it meant I couldn’t listen to this one all day! Are you familiar with any of the titles on my Reading Queue this month?  Are there any I should put ahead of others?  I’ve already started Fangirl, so that’ll be my first one of the month! She has to smile as she walks down the hall, be friends with the right people, and keep her manicure in tip-top shape. These questions are so well known to middle schoolers that it just amazes me how well Dowell writes them.
South Carolina had a huge snow and ice storm in early February and the school district was closed for about a week.  I love snow days because they force you to snuggle down and just relax! But even a girl who marches to the beat of her own guitar strings can play the wrong notes;and are she and Matthew even playing the same song? It’s like she vividly remembers what it was like to be at this pivotal stage in life. But maybe there is a way to convince the cheerleaders that her interest in Benjamin is for their own good.
So when Matthew tells Kate that the school’s Audio Lab needs funding from the student government, she decides to do what she can to help him get it.

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