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The flight went pretty smoothly, apart from the descent into Wellington when the wind buffeted the plane.
NEWS: Air New Zealand are to introduce a new type of oven to the galleys on its Boeing 777s which will allow food to be freshly prepared, which means that all classes have gained a complete on-demand food and beverage service. Up the pointy end in Business class you can order a steak done to your liking, and in economy there are freshly made toasted sandwiches. Domestic if you want a free feed, you have to fly on a KoruHour flights longer than 45 minutes. There is a separate menu on a sheet of cardboard which is handed out on medium-haul business class flights. The difference with a full trans-pacific flight is that you get a canape service before the starter - and pretty good it is too.
This is the real deal: a decent bit of kiwi lamb, with all the trimmings, done just right with lots of flavour. Confit of chicken thight with kumara puree, warm leek, ginger roasted carrots and water chestnuts. Oddly, the ginger roasted carrots and water chestnuts were the best part of this, with sumptuous flavour.
White chocolate raspberry ice cream and hokey pokey ice cream with a choclate almond wafer.
On the ultra long haul flights, you can at least be sure of getting plenty of cheese, in this case it comes around on a trolley and you can select what you want.
Air New Zealand always have a fine selection of dessert wines, and it pays to check these out: some are superb.
Things at Air NZ are going downhill a bit: the cheese plate has had some cutbacks, and that includes cutting back on the quantity of cheese, fruit, and even crackers. In business class Trans-Tasman, the cheese & biscuits will be served on your tray with the starter. On all business class flights you get a decent, artistic, salt (white) and pepper (black) pot on the tray. Trio of poached prawn, with pepper salsa, smoked snapper, palm sugar cured tuna, and red onion compote. Too bad if you don't like seafood: it is one of Air NZ's specialities, particularly with chefs like Geoff Scott (from Vinnies Restaurant in Herne Bay) on board.
On the table you can see the menu, and also the wine list, which you have to know to ask for. Pan seared beef fillet with warm mawakawa potato salad, roasted root vegetables, and cafe de Paris butter.

Beef eye fillet steak with golden kumara mash, turnip and green vegitable salad, horseradish and rosemary hollendaise. A loin of New Zealand lamb with gormet potatoes, glazed witloof, pea puree and roast lamb jus.
Gourmet dessert of Black Doris plum and creme fraiche ice cream and cookies plus cream ice cream. Not bad at all: even the cream on the top is proper clotted cream, not the expanded polystreen muck you get on some American airlines.
In business class Trans-Pacific (but not to the US) cheese & biscuits is offered as a separate course (as opposed to the Tasman run when it is on the tray to save time). Actually it's not too bad, with some pleasant taste and texture, but the presentation is woeful, and the rather lurid colour is enough to put many off. A very good pie indeed, although pricey if you're buying it on board: you might be better buying a Works ticket for just an extra $15, which includes food and drink. On a KoruHour flights longer than 45 minutesthere is a free breakfast on weekdays before 9am, of muesli or muffin plus newspaper and Robert Harris plunger coffee. On flights from the North to South island which are somewhat longer you get an extra pot of water.
This entry was posted in ?????????????? Tagged : ????????????????? Bookmark the permalink. With a flight time of approximately three and a half hours, just a short hop across the Tasman, a full meal wasn’t served. The shepherd’s pie was a cottage pie (beef mince rather than lamb mince) and was actually rather good. I wanted to wait until I had a cup of tea before eating it, but, just like when getting our meal, tea and coffee took aaaaaaaages.
It was just okay, and despite appearances it wasn’t as nice as the cake slice on the trip over. The planes were looking a tad tired, but we arrived home safely – and in the end that’s the important thing!
Economy it is only OK, however it is confusing as to whether you'll get free food in economy. Here there is a free breakfast on weekdays before 9am, of muesli or muffin plus newspaper and Robert Harris plunger coffee. It hasn't been helped by Air NZ moving to a combination of a low-cost model with only one class, where some passengers pay extra for their seat and get free food. The first page lists who created the menu, then inside dinner is on the left hand side, and breakfast on the right.

On Trans-Pacific there is a separate wine list (about 20 pages long, with tasting notes!) however this is not offered on flights to Australia. It's been serving up the same starter to the Pacific islands for the past three years now, and there's no hint of a change. Admittedly one that's been culled straight from the pages of a Cornish cooking magazine, but it is pretty good, with light puff pastry on the pasty, some decent carrots (done Aldente) and even potatoes that are better than most.
This really can never be considered a "filling" meal for the long trans-Pacific segment of a flight.
You can either buy food on board, or you buy a 'The Works' ticket, which includes meals and films (although Movies are free to everyone on Boeing 777 services, so if you're on this plane, all you buy is the food. From 4.30pm to 7pm there's Kapiti cheese, crackers and grapes or Abe's Bagel bites with Kato Hummus, plus a free wine or beer.
I was starving and the food smells wafting out of the kitchen at the back didn’t help!
As a result regular passengers in economy are used to bringing their own food on board, or for those with access, taking it from the Koru Club. If you buy a Works or Works Deluxe ticket, you do get free food: comes on a normal tray, and you get free drinks, but you don't get much choice.
The wine list is on the last page, although you can also get a full wine guide with tasting notes.
However, it's all you get before the lights go out and you settle back into your seat to watch the films.
The presentation of the cake slice was rather average, but happily it tasted better than it looked. The choices were between a warm breakfast, a ham and egg croissant, or a cold continental breakfast. There is also a complete on-demand food and beverage service on the Boeing 777 - just touch the screen at your seat.
I have had some horrible landings in Welly, but fortunately it was relatively smooth on this trip.
Prices are in New Zealand dollars and it's rare for the crew to carry much change: other than that you have to pay with a credit card, which may mean you have to pay huge overseas transaction fees if you don't have a NZ credit card.

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