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Spend a few hours planning in advance and you hardly need to lift a finger for an entire week! When it comes to healthy eating, a little retail therapy could help make your kitchen your happy place.
Take a page from Daily Burn trainers and coaches for how to recover properly and stay satisfied.
Every good meal prepper knows the joy of having a scrumptious snack ready for when hunger strikes. Best of all, it’s the easiest way to really control the quality (and quantity) of what you’re eating. Whether you’re a meal prep pro looking for more inspiration or you’re embarking on a brand new clean eating kick, these resources will help you hit the kitchen with confidence. A bit of clutter may seem like NBD, but unfortunately your kitchen cleanliness is actually directly related to your eating habits. When you feel like giving up or giving in, it helps to know that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel just to eat a little healthier.

Check out “a day in the life” of these super-active instructors and you just might be surprised at what “real” people eat. Apart from saving lots of money when you DIY, making home-cooked meals can help you consume fewer calories.
And some nights, we’re so tired that we’d rather pay an arm and a leg for some so-so takeout than fire up the stove for a delicious homemade meal. From painless smoothie clean up to brilliant, multipurpose ways to use kitchen appliances, these meal prep hacks will help you save money and eat better. Check out these delicious (and time-saving) meal prep ideas from chefs, trainers, celebrities and other experts, and you’ll never feel starved for inspiration.
Sure, you’ll see green salads and nourishing soups, but there’s also bacon and ice cream ahead…because, balance! And if you think you need to slave away in the kitchen for hours, well, you are sorely mistaken.

Get ahead of the game with these printable calendars, smartphone apps and other tips to upgrade your planning skills.
From purging old appliances to clearing counter space, here’s your ultimate guide to a happier, healthier kitchen. We’ve got you covered with a slew of healthy make-ahead recipes that require minimal ingredients and prep time. From breakfasts perfect for on-the-go to dinners you can make in just one pot, these ideas will keep your taste buds and your wallet happy.

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