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Title Session Type
An Innovative Online Course for Math Teachers: How to Teach ELLs Session 
BIG Problems Become Small Problems When Mathematical Modeling Is Used Session 
Breathing Classroom Life into the Eight NCTM Teaching Practices Session 
Coding Computer Games to Motivate Middle School Math Class Session 
Context in Content: The Purpose of Project-Based Learning in Mathematics Session 
Defining Number Concept and Number Sense Session 
Fair Sharing the Decimal Way: Understanding and Connecting Decimals, Fractions, and Division Workshop 
Feedback as a Fractal: Developing a Toolkit for Effective Feedback Session 
Framing Mathematics Instruction with the TQE Process Session 
Harnessing the Power of 1:1 Classrooms: Integrating Devices to Support Conceptual Understanding Session 
Learning to Listen: Using Clinical Interviews for Professional Growth Session 
Looking at Tier 1 Instruction and Tier 2 Interventions: Supporting Students Who Struggle Session 
Navigating Professional Learning to Make Productive Mathematics Classrooms Workshop 
Problems Worth Talking About: Posing Purposeful Questions for Class Discourse Session 
Proportional Reasoning: Three Strategies to Spark Engagement Workshop 
Ramp It Up! with STEM Workshop 
Teaching Probability on a Dime! (Well, Maybe "Two" Dimes!) Workshop 
Teaching Two-Way Frequency Tables: Fostering Mathematical Minds with Statistical Inquiry Workshop 
Unleash the Mathematician Within: Crafting Rich and Interesting Problems Workshop 
Using High-Quality Tasks to Promote Meaningful Teacher Feedback Workshop 
Ensuring the Tasks in Our Curriculum Are Worthwhile Session 
Formative Assessment: Monitoring YOUR Classroom Canvas with The Formative Five. YOU Can Do This! Session 
How to Tinker with the Algebraic Thinker Session 
Making Connections from a Simplex Lock to the Binomial Theorem Session 
Math Task Makeover with Desmos Activity Builder Workshop 
Our Algebra 1 Gradebooks Hold the Key to Equity & Access: Assessing Proficiency without Percentages Session 
Practices & Instructional Strategies That Strengthen Mathematics in Your Title I, Part A Program Session 
Success in Algebra Using Manipulatives! Session 
Teaching Geometry to Girls through Powerful Computer Programs Session 
The Problem of Word Problems: Supporting Student Access Session 
We Are Family: Ways African American Families Engage in Mathematics Session 
What Is in Your Lesson? Session 
You CAN Do Blended Learning Session 
Algorithms: Past Success, Present Findings, and Future Implications Supporting Understanding & Fluency Workshop 
Cultural Competence: Equity Success Using Differentiation Embedded with Culturally Relevant Pedagogy Workshop 
Developing and Assessing Addition Fact Fluency Workshop 
Embedding Formative Assessment within an Instructional Routine Workshop 
Fluency with Functions through Multiple Representations Workshop 
Gut Instincts: Developing ALL Students’ Mathematical Intuitions Workshop 
How Many Elephants Fit on the Moon? Using Technology to Address Ill-Structured Problems Workshop 
Integer Operation Models That Matter Workshop 
Leveraging First-Year Teacher Experiences for Second-Year Growth Workshop 
Making Fact Fluency Assessments Meaningful Workshop 
Probability beyond Bunko: Can You Improve the Standard Die? Workshop 
STEM Gives Meaning to Mathematics Workshop 
The Most Versatile Tool in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom: The Number Line! Workshop 
Transform How You Think about Math and Molecules Workshop 
Using Manipulatives to Deepen Understanding of CCSS Fraction Progressions Workshop 
"We Are Mathematicians": Building Mathematical Communities Based in Sense Making, Agency, and Joy Session 
Changing Minds: Coaching for a Growth Mindset in Math Session 
Co-Teaching: Considerations and Practices to Ensure Success for All Session 
Connecting and Becoming Stronger Advocates through Affiliates Session 
Engaging All Learners through Project-Based Social Justice Mathematics (PB-SJM) Session 
Geniuses Are Made Not Born: Fostering Productive Struggle and Growth Mindset in Mathematics Session 
Introduce Function Concepts and Linear Functions Geometrically(!) with Web Sketchpad Session 
Looking at Upside-Down Classrooms: Turning Every Student into a Powerful Problem Solver Exhibitor Workshop 
Supporting Students as They Work with Bar Models Session 
The Redesign Common Core SAT: Getting Our Students Ready Session 
“Noticing and Wondering” as a Vehicle to Understanding the Problem Session 
Do You "Read" Math? YES! . . . Through Literature Burst 
Formative Assessment for Learning in a Precalculus Class: Helping Students Develop a Growth Mindset Burst 
Google Maps and Desmos for Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities Burst 
How to Get the Most Out of Short Writing Tasks Burst 
Sequencing Series in Calculus Burst 
Wrangling Ratios Burst 
Connecting Geometry, Functions, and Data—with Modeling Burst 
Designing and Teaching Mathematics Courses for EC-6 Preservice Teachers Burst 
Does Technology Help with Any of This? Session 
Engaging Students in Mathematics with Culturally Responsive Stories Burst 
Engaging the English Language Learner to Grasp Growing Sequences Session 
Enhancing Calculus with Modeling and Technology Session 
Fraction (or Fractured?) Understanding Burst 
Give Your Classes a Global Perspective Burst 
Increase Your Students’ Mathematical Communication with a Writing Checklist and Google Classroom Burst 
Let's Be Detectives: The Search for Rules, Patterns, and Understanding with SMP 7 & 8 in the Early Years Burst 
Mistakes Are Expected, Respected, and INSPECTED! How Do We Inspect Mistakes Productively? Session 
More Than Meets the "Line" Session 
More Than Resources: The Internet and Deliberate Practice Session 
Principles for Building and Using Effective Digital Tasks Session 
Promoting Classroom Discourse through Open Middle Problems Burst 
Questioning Strategies to Deepen Mathematical Understandings Burst 
Revoicing: What Do Your Students Know? Burst 
Simple Machines Design Challenge for Middle School Science and Math Students Session 
Stuck on a Professional Island? Let Social Media Be Your Boat Burst 
The Architecture of Thomas Jefferson: Integrating Math, Science, and History Burst 
Using Design Thinking to Drive STEM PBL Session 
Using MTMS in the Classroom Session 
What Are Statistical Models, and Why Do I Need Them? Session 
"HELP! My Students Are Counting on Their Fingers!": The Truth about Fluency and How to Achieve It Workshop 
Calculated Change: Social Justice in the Math Classroom Workshop 
Crane Crazy with Transformations Workshop 
Dare to Dive Into Data Workshop 
Financial Literacy in the Primary Grades: The Importance of Investing in the Future Early! Workshop 
Oh, The Places You'll Go -- Or Will You? An Adventure in Probability That Keeps On Going . . . Workshop 
Proportional Reasoning: The Building Blocks of Linear Thinking Workshop 
Raisins, Ropes, and a Whole Lot More: Six Activities to Open the Door! Workshop 
Visual Tools; When, Where and How to Help Students Achieve Number Sense Workshop 
What Do You Notice? What You NOTICE Affects How You Teach Workshop 
Who Thinks, Learns! The Top 5 Strategies Used to Engage High School Students in Critical Thinking Workshop 
Bit by Bit, Putting It Together: Composite Area Activity and Coherent Standards Session 
Got GAFE? Using Free Google Apps for Education to Increase Students' Understanding Session 
Incredible Math Tasks!—Catalyst for Effective Formative Assessment Session 
Inquiry-Based Learning: What Do I Ask Next? Session 
Mathematics Lessons as Stories: Engaging Learners with Plot Twists Session 
Mathematics Teacher Development in Finland: Lessons Learned from a Joint U.S.-Finnish Workshop Session 
Taking Action: PtA Tools for High-Leverage Mathematics Teaching in Elementary Education Session 
Time's Up on Timed Tests . . . How to Teach Multiplication Facts for Understanding Session 
Wait . . . We Didn’t Do an Example Like THAT! Session 
Analyzing Variation Can Help Us to Make Estimates and Decisions: It's More Than Just a Random Thing Workshop 
Building Mathematics Learning Communities Using NCTM Professional Development Guides Workshop 
Developing an Understanding of the Number Line through Measurement Concepts Workshop 
Executive Function: What Is it? Why Should Mathematics Teachers Care? Workshop 
Food for Thought: Hands-on and Edible Geometry Using Formulas Workshop 
Incorporating Multiple Tools in Geometric Constructions Workshop 
Las Matemáticas en Nuestras Aulas: Bilingual Strategies in Secondary Classrooms Workshop 
Making It Happen: Engaging All Students, Especially Those Who "Hate" Math Workshop 
Mathematical Action Technologies: Moving beyond the Hype of Flipping, Clickers, and IWBs Workshop 
Minecraft Math: Making Geometry and Measurement Come Alive Workshop 
Questions, Discourse, and Productive Struggle: Integrating Three Effective Teaching Practices Workshop 
Structuring Mathematical Tasks to Engage Students in Productive Struggle Workshop 
Virtual Cookies: Free Virtual Resources to Increase Participation, Discussion, and Collaboration Workshop 
A Monumental Task: Connecting Washington, D.C., across the Curriculum Workshop 
Activities to Connect the Mathematical Practices for AP Calculus in Your Classroom Workshop 
Adopting New Math Books? Start by Selecting an Effect Textbook Analysis Toolkit to Inform Your Work! Session 
Be Careful What You Ask For! Questions that Probe for Conceptual Understanding. Session 
Changing the Rhythm of Math Class: Using Educational Songs to Cultivate Learning and Community Session 
Construction Junction, What's Your Function? Workshop 
Dynamic vs. Static Assessment: A Growth-Mindset Perspective Session 
High-Impact Games and Meaningful Mathematical Dialog Workshop 
Just Give Me the Facts--But with Understanding Rather Than Gimmicks! Workshop 
Math Talk M.V.P's (Most Valuable Points): Setting the Stage for Successful Math Talk Session 
Principles to Actions & Interventions: High-Quality Mathematics Education for ALL Students Workshop 
Putting a Positive Spin on Negative Numbers Workshop 
Smarter Together! Getting All Students Participating in Challenging Mathematics Workshop 
Transformational Geometry via GeoGebra: Animated Explorations Workshop 
What Does Domain Have to Do with It? Session 
What Is an Infinite Series and Why Should I Care? Session 
A Whole New World: Powerful High School Math Talks Session 
An International Perspective on Modeling: Implications for What We Teach Session 
Beyond Caring for the Mathematics: Building Caring Mathematical Relationships with Students Session 
Coaching toward the Principles to Actions Effective Teaching Practices Session 
Cultivating Mathematical Affections through Service Learning Session 
FUNdamentals of Inverse FUNctions Session 
Student Errors, Mistakes, Wrong Answers—OPPORTUNITY RETHINK! Session 
Develop Meaning by Connecting Multiple Strategies Workshop 
Early Elementary Algebraic Reasoning Development for Students Receiving Intervention Support Workshop 
Excited to Think!: Interactive, Inquiry-Based STEM Activities to Engage Students Workshop 
Fractions on a Number Line: Making Sense of Strategic Benchmarks Workshop 
Lesson Study Processes and Tools That Support Teacher Learning Workshop 
Let’s Play Number Sense Games for K–Grade 2! Workshop 
Measuring in the Round: A Concrete Introduction to Radians Workshop 
Pattern Blocks: The Forgotten Tool In Middle School! Workshop 
Playing to Deeper Thinking: Creating a Maker-Space Mentality (Algebra I to Precalculus) Workshop 
Revolutionize Your Math Class One Open-Ended Question at a Time! Workshop 
Taking Trig to Task Workshop 
Transforming Ordinary into Extraordinary: Motivate, Engage, and Challenge Every Student Workshop 
Using GeoGebra to Support Student Learning During Problem-Solving Tasks Workshop 
We're in This Together! Supporting Students' Collaborative Learning in the Mathematics Classroom Workshop 
Changing Teacher Practices: Transforming Teaching 101 to PD 101 Session 
Conceptualizing Polynomials Session 
Creating Communities of Learners: Math in Art, Technology, and History Session 
Integrating Algebraic Thinking in Elementary Math: The Power of a Routine Session 
K–8 Teacher Preparation: What Are the Unchangeables? Session 
Math during Recess: Strengthening Number Sense through Teacher-Guided Play Session 
Principles to Actions with Dynamic Math Tech Session 
Promoting Productive Discourse = Deeper Mathematics Learning Session 
Strategies to Support Purposeful and Intentional Student Math Talk Session 
Tactical Escape: A Great Math Challenge Session 
Taking Action in Middle School: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices Session 
Teaching Math for Social Justice in the Elementary Classroom Session 
Technology to Visualize Senior Mathematics Concepts: Tools to Transform Learning Session 
What Is Active Learning for Mathematics in Higher Education? Session 
BYOSW: How Bring Your Own Student Work Can Revolutionize Teacher Collaboration Workshop 
Discovering Rules: Making Sense of Fractions through Investigations Workshop 
Division: Let’s Help Students Make Sense of It Workshop 
Equitable Mathematics: Integrating Language and Mathematics Instruction Workshop 
Nix the Tricks Workshop 
Promoting Higher Level Depth of Knowledge in High School Math Workshop 
Simple Machines: It's That Simple Workshop 
Tea, Guinness, & Crop Yields: The Many Faces of Statistics Workshop 
The Power of Unit-Fraction Quantities for Building Children’s Understanding Workshop 
Wacky & Wild Workstations for Prekindergarten–Grade 2 Workshop 
Algebra Tasks That Promote Reasoning and Problem Solving Session 
Language Effects in K–2 ESL Students Receiving Mathematics Intervention Support Session 
Motivating Students through High-Level Problem Solving Using Models in a Collaborative Setting Exhibitor Workshop 
Smarter Balanced: Lessons Learned from Writing Performance Tasks Session 
The Answer Still Matters . . . Eventually Session 
Using the Desmos Calculator to Analyze Student Photographs and Pictures Session 
Algebra Experiments: Engaging Students through Exciting Applications of Exponential Functions Workshop 
AP Calculus Framework: Discovering Integral Defined Functions and FTC Using Technology Workshop 
Engaging Students with Great Questions, Fun Simulations, and Free Technology Workshop 
Evaluating Students’ Digital Work: Same as Print? Workshop 
Interesting Ideas, Manipulatives, and Activities for Teaching Geometry Workshop 
Lessons on Adding and Subtracting Integers: Developing Understanding through Context Workshop 
MathLabTM: Building Conceptual Understanding of Exponential Functions in Algebra 1 Workshop 
NCTM Resources for New and Early Career Teachers Workshop 
Parachuting into Practices: An Integrated Elementary STEM Lesson Workshop 
Supporting Algebra Learners through Modeling Investigations of the (Extra)ordinary Workshop 
When O.A. and My BFF, the Number Line, Met in Kindergarten Workshop 
Best Practices in Writing and Using Assessments Session 
Fascinating Sets of Numbers: Nurturing Number Sense through Number Enjoyment Session 
Get a Move On: Movement-Infused Math for Preschool and Kindergarten Session 
Get to Know the Research Companion to Principles to Actions Session 
Hands-On Operations: Using Manipulatives for Understanding of ALL Four Operations Exhibitor Workshop 
Number Sense: Bring It Back through Strategy Sharing! Session 
Productive Strategies to Support Students’ Engagement in Productive Struggle Session 
Puzzles: The Poetry of Logical Ideas Session 
Student Portfolios in Mathematics Session 
Taking Action in High School: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices Session 
The Math Practices! Objectively Speaking, Writing Math IEPs Using the Math Practices Session 
The Probabilities of “Wheel of Fortune”: A Contestant’s Perspective Session 
Transformations at the Heart of Connections and Creativity in STEAM Session 
Understanding Sampling Variability Session 
Using Digital Tools to Give Every Student a Voice Workshop 
Build Fluency During Intervention with a Powerful Pair: Visual Representations and Discourse Workshop 
Connecting the “M” in STEM Workshop 
Got Division? Building Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding Workshop 
Let's Talk! Assisting Struggling Learners to Successfully Engage in Mathematical Communication! Workshop 
NASA’s Scale of Discovery: Applications for Ratios, Conversions, and Scale Workshop 
Powerful, Active, and Engaged Mathematics Professional Learning! Workshop 
Rethinking Groupwork: How Groupworthy Tasks Truly Promote Collaborative Learning Workshop 
STEM Integration: Math, Meet Biology! Workshop 
Teaching Logic & Proofs through Games & Number Theory Workshop 
“Crowdsourced Algebra”: Achieve Generalization through Crowdsourcing Workshop 
Get Your Students Talking: Introducing Debate to the Math Classroom Session 
Lesson Study: It's Not Just about the Lesson! Session 
Let's Talk Numbers, Shall We? Our Journey to Building Number Sense Session 
Making Sense of Trigonometry in Geometry Class through the Unit Circle Session 
Matching an Effective Strategy to the Language Level of ELLs Session 
MMMMM: Making Math More Meaningful with Models (Grades K–2) Session 
Quality Questioning for Formative Assessment in the Mathematics Classroom Session 
Still Fighting the Good Fight: Standing Up for Equity In Mathematics Session 
Supporting Productive Struggle in Mathematics Classrooms Session 
Unpacking the Magic of the "tan" Button: Developing a Conceptual Understanding of Tangent Session 
Ways to Help Students Overcome Their Math Anxiety Session 
Writing Counts Session 
Ignite! We’ll Enlighten You and We’ll Make It Quick Session 
Bringing Computational Thinking into Elementary Mathematics Session 
Dealing with Diversity: Math Games for Engaging All Learners Workshop 
Developing Algebraic Thinking through Problem-Solving Activities Workshop 
Experience-First Statistics: Using Activities to Promote Statistical Thinking Workshop 
Getting Struggling Math Students to Mathematize Their World and Engage Them in Meaningful Procedures Session 
Going beyond Number Talks Session 
Hands-On Activities + Technology = Mathematical Understanding through Authentic Modeling Workshop 
Hands-On Geometry for Deeper Understanding for All Learners in Grades 3–5 Workshop 
Helping Students Become Proportionally Correct: Just Cross-Multiplying Is a Thing of the Past! Workshop 
It's Not Just a Careless Mistake! Session 
Math in Your Feet: Moving Bodies Are Learning Bodies Workshop 
Math Workshop: Guided Math & Beyond Session 
Some Solid Ideas for Learning Geometry: Engaging Activities for Middle Grades Students Workshop 
Take Some Random Walks—on a Hexagonal Island with Dice, on a Number Line with a Calculator, & More! Workshop 
The Rewards and Challenges of Standards-Based Grading Session 
Thinking Critically about Statistical Inference: Playing Cards and Drinking Water Workshop 
Using Learning Maps to Reimagine Instruction and Redefine Assessment Workshop 
Using Simulations to Make Inferences: Come Learn How! Workshop 
Wait—What? Multiplication Is More Than Just Equal Groups? Workshop 
Actively Engage Students in Content and Practices with Interactive Simulations Session 
Challenging Precalculus Alternative Assessments Using the Free Online Desmos Calculator Session 
Evening the Playing Field through Development of Facts Fluency Session 
Exploring Issues of Power, Privilege, and Opportunities to Learn Mathematics Session 
Fluency, Discourse, and the Standards for Mathematical Practice Session 
Journaling: A Tool for Developing Mathematics Identity Session 
Juicy Tasks to Nourish Students' Mathematical Reasoning Session 
Making Modeling Meaningful: Finding and Adapting Tasks for Grades 3–5 Session 
Noticing and Wondering: A Feedback Approach for Collaboration Session 
The Connectivity of Mathematics to Science in Elementary School Session 
Does This Algorithm Make Me Look Fat? Addition and Subtraction in K–Grade 5 Workshop 
Effective Teaching Practices in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms Workshop 
Encouraging Productive Struggle Using “What-If-Not” Problems in Geometry Class Workshop 
Pinecones + Beaver + Compass = Narnia? Nope, Math! Workshop 
Together Is Better! Using the Modeling Cycle to Connect Secondary Math and Science Workshop 
Flipping Calculus: A High School Educator's Experience Session 
Learning Cycles and Mathematical Practices in the Classroom Math Talk Community Session 
Using the Concrete-Representational-Abstract Technique to Teach Algebra to Students Who Are Struggling Session 
Computational Thinking in School Mathematics: It's Elementary! Burst 
Desmos + Algebra 1 = Deep Understanding x Fun Burst 
Logarithmic Earthquake Project: An Algebra 2 Project with Real Applications Burst 
Twelve Creative Activities for the Middle School Math Teacher Burst 
Using Number Talks to Transform Instructional Practice Burst