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Mark your calendars: NBC has announced the fall premiere dates for its new and returning shows.
Who must play well in Preseason Week 3?03:16 — Which players must perform in Week 3 of the preseason? Week 9 the Packers play at home against the 1-6 Dallas Cowboys, ¬†which should net another W, getting us to 6-3 going into the bye week! NFL NBA MLB NHL SOCCER CBB CFB MMA Golf Ice Bowl: Will 49ers vs Packers Game Sunday Rival Historic Cold Temps of 1967 Championship Game at Green Bay?

A perfectly cut hem, a splash of color and a sunny disposition allow dog clothes to affect a certain rise in one's social prospects, no? We're still waiting to hear back from our dog clothing emissaries in the Running Dog Nebula. In our quest for the perfect dog clothes, we have sniffed the crotches of designers in New York, France and Italy to bring you only the absolute finest in designer dog clothing.
But even if someone out there has a better selection of dog clothes, it's a good bet that their delivery times will be a hair over 20 years.

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