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Now if this doesn't just sum up everything there is to know about Dallas, then I don't know what would.
The next in line for the Nike Amateur Pacifist costume is LSU, who are playing SEC rival Auburn today, down in the Bayou. Shoes: It seems to me Nike introduces these pro combats not only because they can but also because they hope to move the new footwear. But, hey, the important thing isn’t how we as uni watchers, or alums, or the general public, who are used to seeing LSU look like this think about the new unis, it’s all about the kids, right? The only question now is, will Kevin Plank and UnderArmour decide to pull some uni-shenanigans of their own, and have Auburn come out in something “different,” much like Michigan did last weekend is one-upping Michigan State? Back again with Rick Pearson who is here to bring us his look at the featured ABC television college football matchup from 50 years ago. We’re already two games deep into the World Series, which pits the Cardinals against the Texases.
In the opening game, the always impeccably dressed Cards, wearing the only home uniform in their locker, defeated the softball-topped Texases. Fortunately for the rest of us, whenever the Texases lose, they will switchup their unis (at least that’s been the pattern thus far in the post season).
No game last night, as the Series moved to Arlington, so today we have Alex’s updated 2011 MLB Playoff Tracker. Now that the MLB regular season has ended (mercifully for some of us fans), all those who spent the season keeping track of your teams uniform machinations should now feel free to send in your final results.
Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. For the Eagles, I always liked the Kelly Green much more than the darker green and black combo. Georgia Southern football will be wearing several helmet stickers in Saturday’s game. Game III of the World Series is tonight as well, and college football is kicking into some high gear. It probably wasn’t until the late sixties or early seventies that single digit quarterback numbers caught on in the SEC. In the pros, K Ben Agajanian wore 3, QB’s Bob Waterfield wore 7, Lamar McHan 8, Ralph Gulielmi 3, Billy Wade 9, Sonny Jurgenson 9. If you are a Dallas-Hater (I know I am), a Cryboy-Basher, or a Cowgirl-Disser; then bye-golly you're at the right place!

The helmet will have a purple facemask and a purple-gold-purple stripe down the middle, mimicing the UCLA (almost true UCLA stripes) of the jersey. They’re solid white and, in what seems like a departure for Nike, devoid of a tramp stamp.
Every single new combat uniform introduced over the past three seasons has been paired with a brand new set of shoes. Jeardeau’s LSU football team posted a perfect 6-0-0 record, and that year LSU first adopted its nickname, Tigers. More corporate douchebaggery, or just a nice break from having to wear that classic LSU uniform all season long? Wearing a softball top is bad enough (almost as egregious as wearing two-in-ones), but to do it on OPENING NIGHT?
So after dropping the opening game, they switched to gray tops and rallied for a nice come-from-behind win. Wearing softball tops the Royals were 21-23 (9-11 Powder, 12-12 Royal Blue) which isn’t bad at all.
If there is still anyone out there who took the time and effort to track your team by uniform this season, send them in to me, and I’ll post ’em here over the weekends! The revamped lion logo is one of my favorites in the league, but the wordmark and number font are among my least favorites.
I kept the same colors, but, as with the Eagles, simplified the look–adding a drop shadow, but making them much more austere–I think it works nicely! Big non-combat college football news is that Notre Dame will be wearing a new really shiny helmet, much more shiny than their old one, and one designed to more closely mimic the famous golden dome on campus.
That’s actually the Flywire technology in the collar, standard for all of the Nike Speed Machine and 2011 Nike Pro Combat uniforms. Sure, it looks fine in a vacuum, but when every damn team is pulling out a white helmet, it’s just tiresome and lame. There are eight sleeve stripes on the ’61 version, and only six on those of the Morton years.
Cardinals had a couple WR’s, Bob Towns and Billy Gambrell, who wore 7 and 3, respectively, during different seasons.
FOR ALL WE CARE, YOU CAN TAKE YOUR BOTTOM LIP, PULL IT OVER THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD AND SWALLOW! The numbers are purple, also with a distinct, but sublimated, tiger-stripe pattern, but completely unnecessary purple pit stains that stop midway down the side-panel.

Whether it’s the lows or the high-tops, they always try to move a new set of sneakers with the new uni.
Helmet: Nice white lid, a bit full with both the block LSU and tiger logo, PLUS the stripes, but not too bad. Helmet Hut has a nice helmet history for the Tigers, and as you can see, their first helmet color more closely matches the 2009 gold, but the tiger logo on this year’s topper is supposed to be throwing back to the first tiger helmet logo.
Combined at home they were 29-28 at night in white but 0-1 when wearing those uniforms which they did on opening day for a 3:05 local start.
Made some minor changes to those elusive blue unis that they never seem to wear, and also created a fauxback. So I made those a little more conservative, but still unique in the league, and put them on the old unis. The right two are only for this game, and the left 3 will be worn for the rest of the season. Well, hey, Nike IS first and foremost a sneaker maker, so they may as well try to push product. Other than the day record, KC was terrible on the road this season mainly in the gray uniforms largely at night but 0-1 during the day. Scholars agree on one thing though: since 1893, their colors have always been purple and gold. Hopefully these numbers get better like many fans hope happens next year since the All-Star Game is coming to Kansas City and the young offense if there!
And they can certainly repurpose them for Hallowe’en (yes, those are the 2009 gray models, but you get the idea). It was a big deal that Bedsole was so fast he once got downfield covering a punt so quickly that he caught ON THE FLY! It’s not only way better than the 2009 version, it completely blows away the 2007 special uni as well.

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