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As I was searching for boudoir photography sites on the internet, something about TAIT Photography stood above the rest. This is a confidence booster for ANY woman and something to be so proud of doing for yourself!! I had just went into remission for skin cancer and I wanted to do something for myself and my husband, I wanted to feel pretty. I just want to thank Erica for guiding me through the shoot, without her doing so I would have probably looked like a deer in headlights! We have a few remaining spots for our next boudoir photography event in Reston Virginia on October 29th and 31st. My boyfriend, it was our two year anniversary that just passed and I’ve been wanting to get this done for him for a long time it was perfect timing. Yes I showed him the pictures I pulled up the one of me in his Monster jersey on the screen and when he walked in the door that’s the first thing he saw on the computer and I was wearing it too. I was nervous at first but getting the hair and makeup done helped it was fun and relaxing and I didn’t think I could look that pretty! I really like all of them there were only about 5 pictures I didn’t add to my favorites. I just want to say thank you to everyone that helped me feel the way I do and I have already told a bunch of my girlfriends about it so I think they will be signing up soon. Connor O'Gara grew up in Big Ten country, attended a Big Ten university, covered a Big Ten team and is now writing about all things Big Ten football for Saturday Tradition.

The Dallas Cowboys rookie joined YouTube legends Dude Perfect, as well as NFL stars Tyrann Mathieu and Mike Evans to film an unconventional Pros vs. With training camp underway, Elliott’s focus will be on living up to the sky-high expectations put on him following his No. BIG TEN HEADLINESThree keys for Rutgers in 2016Wilson names Lagow starterVIDEO: Why was Zeke at pot shop?
I am a boudoir photographer and I am available for boudoir photoshoots in several cities throughout Canada and the United States. If you do not see your location, please contact me as I would be happy to schedule a boudoir event in your area.
I felt so comfortable during the shoot with Erica–she is really a wonderful person and photographer. I wanted to do it for myself as well, to give me a boost of confidence and to do something different and out of the ordinary. My girlfriends helped me shop for some lingerie I had certain outfits in mind so the shopping wasn’t hard to do! At first he thought I had just taken the pictures myself but the closer he looked he saw they were way too good and that it was on the internet he was totally shocked!
So my confidence went up and I felt comfortable when Erica was taking the pictures I didn’t mind being in my underwear in front of her at all. I think I really like the ones with my legs up I really like my legs and feet and so does my boyfriend.

It was a fun experience and I think it’s a great surprise for anyone to give to their spouse no matter what age, what size, you can show how beautiful you are.
As for me, I am married 15 years with 3 children that was enough of a reason to get the pictures. I have yet to give him the images for it will be a Christmas gift, I’m not sure how he will react, I know he’ll love them, especially the ones wearing the Dallas Cowboys Jersey! My other most favorite is in my purple colored outfit and you can’t see my face just my body I couldn’t believe that was me! The former Buckeye can run the ball, catch passes out of the backfield and he’s even been heralded for his blocking.
My husband enjoyed these pictures as a special treat for our 15 year Anniversary which we celebrated this past June. Since the pictures were for my husband, I did take into consideration his favorite team jersey, and what HE might like to see. I also used the same veil from my wedding 15 years ago for some of the anniversary pictures.

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