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I agree that Mcgrady was a great player and he very well could be on the list but my man D Rose should own that #1.
So, is his two championships in only four years wearing number 6 better than Russell leading the Celtics to 11? Ummmm where is Melo at number 15 and lebron at number 6 and kobe at number 24 and wilt chamberlain? One of them was an all time great, the other one was an all time great that changed the game!
The list includes a Kevin Durant 35, but fails to include Lebron’s number 6 from Miami.
Where is Lebron 6 (Miami Heat), Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, Shaq O?neil, Patrick Ewing, Oscar Robertson, Dr. Isiah Thomas for 11, LeBron for 6, Tony Parker for 9, Curry for 30, Charles Barkley(Dream Team anyone?!), Bill Russell(most rings?!). U know this list is terrible when the best player wearing 98 is Jason Collins and when there are like 10 numbers missing…. Mark Jackson, who played six seasons with the Pacers and was a member of the 2000 NBA Finals team. Josh Weil shares all the data you could ever hope for and shines a light on the best and worst NBA players of the box score era. Devin looks at how the draft lottery managed to turn the fortunes around for one very lucky franchise.

Dre looks for tandems that managed to put up a 50 point game and a 20 rebound game and still come out behind. Greg reviews Hall of Famer Arvydas Sabonis and how he stacks up to other top centers of the last 20 years. The NFL isn't turning a blind eye to fans who had difficulty distinguishing between the all-red Buffalo Bills and all-green New York Jets on Thursday night.
McCarthy was responding to concerns raised by colorblind fans who couldn't tell which team was which during Buffalo's 22-17 win over the Jets. Various studies have found that red-green color blindness is the most prevalent and affects 10 million to 13 million Americans, a vast majority of them males.
The game was the first of four on Thursday night this season in which teams will wear the alternate uniforms. Next week, the Tennessee Titans will wear all blue in facing the bold-gold-colored Jacksonville Jaguars.
The promotion will expand next season, when every team will wear the alternate uniforms on Thursday nights. Ryan was surprised to learn about the concerns raised by colorblind fans, and said he wasn't aware of any of his players or staff experiencing similar problems. Mitchell and Ness put together a list of the best NBA players to wear every jersey number, from 0 to 00 to 99.
And as for being the second best player behind MJ, he was, but only for a couple, maybe 3 years.

In terms of legendary statuses, Wilt casts a very tall shadow over Nash, even despite Nash’s MVP career.
A lot of these players are just the best in the number they wore for a long period of time and it does have to do with the history behind it.
All opinions expressed by Mark Montieth are solely his own and do not reflect the opinions of the Indiana Pacers, their partners, or sponsors. Don’t be blind by the celebrity of it all there are a lot of good no great players that also deserve to be on the list but some just make a more compelling fit based on the number they wore and what they did. There are some numbers that have never been worn, some worn by only one player, and then there are a lot of numbers worn by dozens of players, which makes selecting the best player to wear that jersey a tougher call. Some numbers haven’t even been used and others not enough to have any significance to remember, so there goes the case for Kwame Brown who most view as a bust but he was the best NBA player to wear the number 38 that is noted. In any case you younger fans should know who else wore the jersey number but not only the younger but the older fans as well. Lets face it some good players happen to wear the same number and in this case they get trumped. I am a big Stephen Curry fan but at the present moment I will not put him over Bernard King for being the best to where that number and keep in mind this a list mostly of players from the past hence throwback who worn the number or players who either worn the number and has moved to a different number and players who are currently active but will retire soon.

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