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View detailsEllie Goulding COURAGE style t shirt as worn on Children in Need 12 colours XS to 5XL. Over the years, many t-shirt designs, for adults and children, men as well as women, have been created to suit the different campaigns.
A popular design features Pudsey seated on blocks spelling out the words ?Children in Need? Pudsey is also often shown juggling multi coloured balls in an image which came about during the 2000s.
There are ranges of Children in Need t-shirts which have been designed with the help of celebrity supporters.

In aid of Children in Need, this top will make a playful addition to a girl's clothing collection. T he tshirt is printed with 'Blush' from Children in Need and is an official Children in Need BBC product. A part of the fundraising includes sale of merchandise that features the iconic Children in Need branding. This is an illustration of a yellow coloured bear who is wearing a multi colour polka dotted bandage over his left eye. These do not have the branded imagery but show a reference to the cause within their design.

Others show the same but with the UK?s regional flags in the background, for example the Welsh dragon or the Scottish Saltire.

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