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Download this Western Sydney Wanderers Wallpaper #16 to use as your desktop, smartphone or tablet background. Shawna Gordon of the Wanderers celebrates after scoring a goal during the round 10 W-League match between the Brisbane Roar and the Western Sydney Wanderers at Suncorp Stadium on January 24, 2014 in Brisbane, Australia. Football Federation Australia & Parramatta Stadium have withdrawn their approval for an RBB Tifo display at the 3rd Sydney Derby.
The FFA seriously needs to open its frikken eyes and realise exactly what active support groups bring to the game. To save Western Sydney Wanderers wallpaper, right click on it and select the option Save Image As or Set As Desktop Background.

If they dont pull their heads out of their asses and open their eyes they will soon be back to the days of the A-League not turning a profit. Wanderers players constantly acknowledge the affect the RBB has on them on the pitch and are now gunning for a record 11 straight wins. Without Western Sydney, the A-League would not have grown like it has - and this is how it treats its fans. The only other explanation would be that with the Sydney FC banner debacle of their Melbourne Victory match, that the FFA do not want to appear to favour the RBB and have thus extended the tifo ban from Sydney FC to the RBB as well. Neither sit well with myself, as both are punishments for the actions of other groups.My personal view is that Parramatta Stadium has a sheer and total lack of respect for the Western Sydney Wanderers, who will be the major tenants of the stadium for the foreseeable future.

In recent weeks the stadium has re-painted the changing rooms to the Blue & Yellow of the Parramatta Eels, have allowed the playing of multiple games of junior Rugby League matches that have completely wrecked the pitch, and this attempt to reduce the spectacle of a top tier fixture in the A-League when the Eels were embarrassed by pulling a smaller crowd for their first home game of the season in comparison to the Wanderers crowd against Wellington.
In a season where Football Federation Australia have pleaded with active support groups to both fill their coffers and improve the atmosphere by attending National Team matches as organised groups, it should be Football Federation Australia who show respect to the groups who spend thousands of manhours a year in supporting the clubs in the A-League before making such pleas.

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