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Her role was as a newspaper reporter who worked with the team for the first season and half of the second season.Introduced in the feature-length pilot episode "Mexican Slayride", her character was presented as feisty.
Reportedly, star George Peppard did not like a female lead being part of the show, and made his feelings quite clear. Culea asked for her character to be involved in the team's fights, suggesting that Amy try to help, but she gets in the way - adding some comic relief.

The producers resisted.Culea was ultimately dropped from the series in 1983, with her final appearance being in Season 2 Episode 12, "The White Ballot", although her character continued to be mentioned by the team during the show shortly thereafter. However, she could still be glimpsed very briefly on one of the scenes on the show's opening theme. Her other most substantial role was playing the recurring character Paula Vertosick on Knots Landing for two seasons, from 1988 to 1990.Sponsored LinksShe also made appearances on many other notable TV shows including Family Ties, St.

Elsewhere, The X-Files, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Brotherly Love, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Murder, She Wrote.Movie rolesCulea played the role of Constance Taylor in the movie Wagons East!

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