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Led by Joan Strassmann, PhD, Charles Rebstock Professor of Biology, and undergraduates in her Behavioral Ecology course, this annual Saturday morning program for advanced high school biology students explores how social behavior evolves, how animals choose their mates, who gains from communication, how conflicts of interest are resolved in animals, and more. The counter-protesters, including a number of Washington University students, held signs, sang songs and chanted messages of support to protest the five-member picketing efforts of Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan. Westboro Baptist Church is nationally known for its extreme picketing techniques and strong stance against homosexuality. Though administrators at Clayton High School are not sure why the group chose to target the school, principal Louise Losos said that the school’s visible Gay-Straight Alliance might have been a contributing factor. The school, working with the Clayton Police Department, set up space both for the Westboro Baptist Church members’ to protest and for the community members to counter-protest. Washington University students learned about the counter-protest through Facebook as well as through department and club emails.
University students cited a desire to support the students of Clayton High School as reason for getting involved in the direct action.

Other students cited their dislike for the Westboro Baptist Church as reason for getting involved. Students also said that the potential effects of the negative messages pushed them to get involved in a positive counter-protest. Over 500 students and community members assembled early Monday morning outside of Clayton High School to convey a message of acceptance in response to Westboro Baptist Church’s protest at the local school.
I wanted to come out for the students of this community because I want to show them that majority of Americans don’t hold this opinion,” freshman Ryan Hoffman said. To say such hateful and hurtful things to a group of youth…that’s one of my biggest problems with it,” junior Micajah Dudley said. It felt like it was important that we just come to just support…younger people who go to school here who might be directly affected.
To have people in the community come to show support can prevent a lot of damage,” junior Will Rogers said.

On May 15, 1902, a tornado struck Goliad and killed 114, on May 22, 1987, 30 were killed in Saragosa, and on May 27, 1997, 30 persons lost their lives when a twister hit Jarrell.
On May 15, 1896, a tornado hit Sherman and killed 73, while on April 12, 1927, 74 people lost their lives when a tornado hit Rock Springs. On average, there are about 80 deaths each year in the United States attributed to about 1,000 tornadoes each year, and about 8 lives are lost in Texas.
Violent tornadoes account for only 2 percent of all tornadoes, but they account for 70 percent of the fatalities.

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