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A very expensive school, I am buried in college loans just to be able to pay for their sky high tuition fees.
Today’s universities are on the forefront of technological advancement, and greater access to technology can result in a more valuable college experience. 1 point — The offering of tech features beyond traditional universities, whether in the classrooms, residence halls, or department.
New York’s Hamilton College boasts a computer to student ratio of nearly one computer for every two students — one of the highest in the United States. Colgate, a private, liberal arts university located in New York, was one of the first colleges to introduce an independent Computer Science program. Recipient of the Innovation Challenge Award, University of California San Diego is one of the most technologically advanced campuses in the University of California system, a convenient thing considering the University’s most popular majors include those within the schools of science and engineering. Pomona is one of the five colleges making up the Claremont College system (see also Harvey Mudd on this list).
The University of Richmond’s entire campus is wireless, which is a good thing since 85% of the University’s courses include an online component that allows students to share documents, notes, and other class materials. Computer Science and Engineering majors at Harvey Mudd College complete their degrees with a capstone course referred to as the “Clinic.” Throughout the yearlong course, students work in industry and research laboratories to complete a product for an external client. Technical University of Dortmund is a university highly ranked for its research performance in the areas of physics, electrical engineering, chemistry, and economics.
Ben-Gurion is one of the most important centers in the Middle East for teaching and research. University of Massachusetts, Boston’s only public university, implemented a unique toolkit that allows students with vision or hearing impairments to participate in classes.
Brigham Young University (BYU) makes a huge effort to emphasize mentorships and research opportunities for its undergraduates. Founded in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) separates itself from other institutes of technology by focusing on career education and experiential learning.
Aalborg University is one of the leading universities in the world with health technology research, wireless communication, energy, computer science, innovation economics, and comparative welfare studies. The student to computer ratio at Wake Forest University is 1.08 to 1, one of the highest in the country. Established in 1842 by King William II of the Netherlands, Delft University of Technology, or TU Delft, is a well-known research institution.
The Australian National University (ANU) boasts two Research Schools within their College of Engineering and Computer Science alone. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, one of the oldest and most established universities in Central Asia, offers 14 schools in Science, Engineering, Humanities, and Social Sciences. University of Texas at Austin has established quite a name for itself in the world of science and technology.
University of Melbourne enjoys a long history of technological development, and continues to base its curriculum on innovation.
Auckland University of Technology is dedicated to providing its students with the ability to provide unique solutions to the many problems of the world.
In order to stop the brain drain of graduates and other talent from Montana, Montana State University developed its technology transfer program in 1990. Considered to be Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo boasts multiple programs of advanced research and teaching in science, engineering, health, environment, arts, and social sciences.
University of Tokyo, better known as Todai, is a world-class research university with five campuses throughout the Tokyo region.
This San Francisco-based university offers 23 different art and design schools that range from Architecture and Advertising to Fashion and Web Design. In recent years, Washington University has taken on the task of integrating technology into all aspects of campus life: academics, research, and administration. Ranked as one of the most influential institutions in the world, the University of Sussex considers research to be at the heart of its academic activity. University of Toronto has become the new focus for not only those in the tech world, but prospective students interested in technology and Artificial Intelligence.
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a research-intensive public university with 32,500 students (both undergraduate and graduate) and four colleges, including Engineering and Science.
The University of Michigan is the state’s oldest university and only public research university.
By endowment per student, Princeton is the wealthiest university in the world, making it a place of opportunity for ambitious students interested in science, technology, or research of any kind. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.
If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. At The Best Colleges one of our goals is to emphasize to students the importance of the context and learning environment in which they choose to get educated.
Whether a university is creating the next wave of technology in its laboratories and research centers, or using it everyday in its classrooms, university campuses are proving themselves to be some of the most technologically advanced places in the world. Students who become friends via FYI then have the opportunity to become roommates once school begins.
In fact, at Athabasca all teaching, learning, and administrative functions are executed in virtual space, or “Open Knowledge Environment.” In order to move toward their goal of becoming a fully online, virtual organization, Athabasca created systems for desktop virtualization, synchronous web conferencing, research collaboration, a tutor portal, course content management, online assessments, student program planning, and more. This software enables the University to capture course lectures including slides, audio, video, document camera activities, instructors’ pens, and interactive whiteboards. For those students wishing to bring their own computers to campus, Hamilton has serious requirements as to which computers will be allowed to connect to Hamilton’s extensive Wi-Fi network. Colgate’s Computer Science Club has also had the unique honor of hosting Google Code Jam, an international programming competition through which Google identifies top engineering talent for potential employment. Regardless of major, students at UCSD have access to the state of the art, user-focused Science & Engineering Library. Students at Pomona have access to all of the facilities, programs, and resources of the other four schools, and can also participate in the Science, Technology, and Society Program as either a concentration or major. Unlike many other universities, Richmond’s Tech Support offers free, on-campus tech diagnosis for student computers. Dortmund has especially strong programs in robotics and artificial intelligence, and the University’s robot soccer team, the Dortmund Droids, were vice world champions in the RoboWorld Cup 2002 and third in 2003.
Instead, Utah State employs “Smart Classrooms” equipped with Panopto lecture capture technology. The University is a major collaborative partner of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Faculty are provided with strong incentives to make money from tech innovations, and are offered 45% of royalties, creating ample opportunity for student research positions. RIT ranks third nationally among schools companies prefer when recruiting and hiring for aerospace and defense industry positions. At Aalborg, research is conducted within all faculties, and cross-disciplinary study is key to its methodology. As if that weren’t impressive enough, the North Carolina University also boasts the “Wake Forest Campus Life,” an app that updates 24 hours a day and keeps students, faculty, and parents connected to what is happening on campus.
TU Delft is home to more than 3,300 scientists and 2,200 members of support staff in the University’s numerous research institutes. Student- and faculty-run research groups include Algorithms and Data, Applied Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Robotics, and much more.
Through its close relationships with a number of leading universities from around the world, al-Farabi is a member of the Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education and in 2011, launched a Global Classroom with the support of Columbia University.
The city, with big help from the University, hosts the annual South by Southwest Interactive festival, where panel discussions on various technological breakthroughs draw thousands.
With over 37,000 students from 100 different countries, NUS strives to offer a global approach to both education and research opportunity. Melbourne’s numerous laboratories continue to be at the forefront of international scholarship, and students and faculty are conducting research on diverse topics that include human rights law, climate change, telecommunications, and medical research.
Most notably, the University owns Auckland UniServices Limited, the largest research and development company of its kind in Australasia. The University is now equipped with incubators and accelerators to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, and grants students access to state of the art facilities and mentorship. With students conducting research in everything from quantum computing and nanotechnology to clinical psychology and health sciences, Waterloo strives to bring brilliant minds and state of the art laboratories and research centers together to advance science and technology. The University is home to a number of research laboratories, each of which is segregated by the age of the students using it — a nice perk for those students whose class status would otherwise limit their laboratory time. Almost every school is located in its own building throughout San Francisco, and offers its students access to state of the art equipment, software, recording booths, film sets, and just about anything else students need to study at industry-level standards. For those interested in technology as a major, the Computer Science and Engineering department offers students more than 80 courses ranging from business ethics to team formation, to finance and intellectual property. Each month, there are more than three million accesses to the University of Bologna’s web portal, making it the most visited university website in Italy. The University is on its way to reaching its goal of doubling its research income to ?54m, and creating three new, interdisciplinary research centers. Professor Geoffrey Hinton recently began an Artificial Intelligence company incubated at the University before being purchased during only its first phase. NTU’s College of Engineering has a research output among the top three universities globally and is the 5th most cited in the world, while the College of Science boasts an award-winning faculty and world-class laboratories.

With technology at the forefront of many of U of M’s departments, it is no wonder Michigan students enjoy a plethora of technological advancements that make their on-campus life easier.
In fact, it was one of the first universities in Germany to be named a University of Excellence. The newest building on campus, the Frick Chemistry Laboratory, is a state of the art facility designed especially for research in the 21st century. In polling that we’ve conducted of recent college graduates, there is one thing in particular that stands out as playing a vital role in how a student perceives her last four years of education.
As part of our quest to find schools that will offer students the greatest educational value, we were naturally curious to know which are the techiest of these high-tech schools.
Athabasca now boasts more than 38,000 students from all over the world, and was the recipient of Campus Technology magazine’s 2012 Innovator’s Award for Leadership, Governance, and Policy. Students can then access the recordings via the Internet, iPods and iPhones (which every Columbia student is required to have), or other mobile devices. Technology and engineering are both heavily present on Hamilton’s campus, and companies like IBM, Google, and Apple have recruited recent graduates. Though Colgate is known as a cutting edge university when it comes to technology and engineering, the University still receives all its electricity from hydroelectric power generated by Niagara Falls. As California’s premier library south of Los Angeles, the library serves as a major intellectual resource for both students and the region’s biotech and corporate communities. The unique program includes courses in “science and technology practice” and three concentration courses on a specific science and technology issue of the student’s choosing.
Students at Dortmund also have study abroad and collaboration opportunities with Dortmund’s many partner universities in countries throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. The University also collaborates with smart furniture companies like Steelcase and Izzy+ to maximize the design of their intelligent classrooms. In addition to a 15-week Summer exchange program for students from both campuses, the two schools have now implemented a joint seed fund to encourage research collaboration. The University, which at the time could not accommodate such a student, responded by creating a system in which a professional captioning writer transcribes the live dialogue of the classroom and sends the captions to both a Jaws screen reader and a braille keyboard.
In addition to a Technology Transfer Office, BYU has a Creative Works Office that manages licensing for BYU-created software, videos, and instructional materials, among other things. RIT graduates are employed by leading organizations like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Electric, and a number of others. The University has also established additional research centers at universities in India, Indonesia, Italy, and China, allowing study abroad opportunities to its students, and cross-cultural research ability to its researchers and faculty.
To access the app, students have the benefit of extensive Wi-Fi throughout both campus buildings and residence halls.
These research institutes strive to combine cutting edge education, training, and research opportunities for postgraduate students, PhD candidates, and postdoctoral researchers in a variety of fields. ANU students and staff also take part in Innovation ACT, a program designed for learning entrepreneurial skills in scientific and technical industries.
The University is also home to the first (and currently only) Hewlett-Packard training and research center.
Earlier this year, university students and researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering successfully built the world’s smallest and fastest nanometer, which they hope will eventually lead to the ability to deliver insulin to diabetes sufferers or focus on individual cancer cells. The University boasts three Research Centers of Excellence, 23 university-level research institutes, and shares a close working relationships with at least 16 national-level research institutes.
In fact, in the same University lab in which the Bionic Ear was created in the 1970s, researchers are now making advances with the Bionic Eye, which they say will provide high-resolution images to thousands with severely impaired vision. UniServices manages the intellectual property of the University and the University’s students, and is responsible for all research-based consultancy partnerships. Through the program TechLink, students are given opportunities to develop start-up companies or conduct research with funding from the Defense Department, NASA, and other government buyers. Waterloo also boasts additional education centers on three other continents and academic partnerships worldwide.
Considered to be the most prestigious university in Japan, Todai ranks as the highest in Asia and the 21st in the world according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities. All computers are leased and replaced every two years to ensure students are using the newest equipment, and each school (led by working industry professionals) strives to keep its equipment and teachings six months ahead of its respective industry. Though some Washington students complain about high fees for internet and television access, a high-speed campus network connects all of Washington University’s campuses and provides easy links to the Internet2 and National Lambda Rail research networks. The website’s success is the result of the University’s computerized library services, through which end-users can perform electronic searches in the University of Bologna’s catalog as well as other national catalogues. World-class research is conducted within the Sussex Schools of Business and Management, Education and Social Work, Engineering and Informatics, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, and others. Another professor, Steve Mann, has made significant progress with his smart devices known as “wearable technology.” University of Toronto has become synonymous with the idea of innovation in recent years, and has produced ten Nobel Laureates to prove it. The University is also home to several world-class institutes, including the Earth Observatory of Singapore, the Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, and the National Institute of Education — all of which employ NTU students in roles such as research assistant. In addition to the usual IT Services and extensive Wi-Fi available throughout campus, Michigan students are given Cloud storage, access to more than 2,500 Windows and Mac computers and printers, and free security software. TUM has multiple Corporate Research Centers in which students are able to conduct research independently of the faculties in anything from life sciences to neutron physics. The Mass Spectroscopy Facility and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory both house a variety of spectrometers and serve a large community of users.
To find them, we consulted university websites, reviewed national surveys from college students about their schools, searched various databases on subjects like computer science, biometrics and social media, and looked over winners of prestigious national awards such as the Innovators Awards. The library helps more than 450,000 in-person and over 173.5000 online guests each year with everything from patents and science information, to help with the over 3,000 e-journals and thousands more e-books. As an added bonus, Richmond students are able to enjoy free cable in each of the University’s residence halls. Ben-Gurion boasts eight research institutes, including the Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology and the Edmond J. Additionally, BYU is consistently ranked near the top of the list for number of patents applied for. Many of these graduates got their starts in RIT’s student incubator, the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is ranked first in the nation for incubator programs. Recently, Google awarded Wake Forest’s Computer Science and Physics departments a grant with which to organize computation-thinking workshops for local schools.
The program consists of a series of workshops and seminars, and ends with a business planning competition with a first prize of $20,000. NUS is best known for its research in engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social sciences, and natural sciences. By connecting companies and other clients with the University’s brightest minds, UniServices provides students with unique opportunities for success and commercial organizations with innovative technologies. The University’s technological advancements have successfully turned university-level innovation into local companies and jobs. The University’s library contains several million volumes and provides access to the very best in scientific and academic publications from all over the world. They can also use the Community online directory to find contact information for anyone in the Michigan community.
With its “Emerging Field Policy,” TUM’s researchers and faculty are dedicated to discovering new ways to move society forward.
While we realize the system is not perfect, we needed a useful way of helping readers compare features among these various high-tech universities. In recent years, NUS students have participated in major research thrusts in fields such as quantum technology, cancer medicine, digital media, and the environment. Organized according to the highest international standards, it is little wonder TUM was also rated by the International Shanghai Ranking as the best German university in 2011, 2012, and 2013.
Ranked as a Public Ivy school for its excellence in academic standards, this campus boasts great facilities like the Frederick R. Students will enjoy the view between the East and West sides of campus as they cross the Mississippi river via the Washington Avenue Bridge.
University of Colorado-Boulder  Among the top public universities in the country, the University of Colorado also features great facilities to round-out student life and benefit social experiences.
The main campus west end features The Hill which includes lots of shopping, bars, restaurants and some prime residential spots for students wishing to not live in a dormitory setting. The building houses most performing arts programs for the University and was fashioned with a Neo-Gothic style.
Most buildings on campus incorporate local products like sandstone and multi-leveled roofs that feature red tiles. It’s not just the views that are great from the C4C, you can also eat there 24 hours a day.
Northwestern University  While everyone loves a good weekend in Chi-town, students attending the suburban campus of Northwester in the Evanston, Illinois area will tell you that the historical importance of their campus adds to its charm.
Located on the edge of Lake Michigan, the campus offers great spring and summer breezes but may also see a few feet of lake-effect snow in the winter! University Hall is the second building constructed on campus (1869) and the oldest building still standing. The campus, which prides itself on sustainability, also features lush landscaping throughout the campus, that features tulip trees, sycamores, almond and orange trees.
Carey Thomas Library which is surrounded by the Cloisters area, an open area of the campus that includes a fountain and green space.

Much of the campus was designed by noted landscape designers Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted. Spread out on the vast campus is the library of former President of the United States, George H. Bush, as well as the Corps Arches in the Quadrangle, an area featured to honor and welcome Cadets to the campus.
Florida State University  The Tallahassee chop has a long history in college football but exploring the gorgeous campus is as good a way to spend a Saturday as taking in a Florida State football game. The Heritage Grove is one of the most noteworthy areas of Florida State, featuring several interesting buildings and sports complexes as well the Westcott building, one of the most prominent on campus. Priding itself as an emotionally responsible campus, Duncan Hall, the Math and Science Center, is one of the favorite buildings on campus.
One of the highlights of the campus is the Equestrian center (situated on approximately 130 acres) which hosts the schools 7-riding teams.
21 of the 30 campus buildings have been designated by the National Historic Registrar’s office as historic buildings. Nearly every building located on the campus features a 16th-century Spanish Renaissance architectural style, of course keeping close to the founders Catholic roots.
The 500 acre campus offers elite female students opportunities with over 50 bachelor degrees as well as the opportunity to compete in NCAA Division III sports. The campus was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., who hailed from Boston, and was determined that the look of the campus would not be average but far superior to any other campus.
Some favorite spots on campus designed by Olmstead and his team include the wooded areas surrounding Lake Waban and the open meadows contained within the limits of campus. The designers made sure to design the campus so that it was well integrated into the topography of the area, instead of following the typical quad surrounded by buildings set up that was popular and ubiquitous at the time. Rollins College  Nestled just outside of Orlando, Florida, Rollins College sits along the banks of Lake Virginia.
In 2000, the New York Times did a feature on a campus standout, a memorial called the Peace Monument, which was constructed of a German artillery shell surrendered by Germany at the end of the First World War. Whitman College  While you may have heard of Whitman College, you may not realize that it is located in Wall Walla, Washington. The campus, built around the natural beauty of Walla Walla, features miles of trails, streams, ponds, and numerous outdoor sculptures.
Many of the buildings on campus cling to a Victorian design scheme, but several of the new facilities have been erected with more modern designs. One of the largest areas of the campus is known as Ankeny Field, which is the main quad area. The campus also holds the deed to a local nature preserve, the Johnston Wilderness Campus, which is used for social events and research purposes. Duke University  While Duke is commonly recognized as a top institution of learning, it can also claim beautiful grounds. Nearly every building on the west side of campus was constructed with Collegiate Gothic architecture in mind. Some of the east side campus buildings, including several dormitories, have been designed Georgian-style, including the famous Baldwin Auditorium. The over 700 acre-wood contains a variety of trees and is an active area for science research. The nearly 59,000 square foot student center has been a model for colleges around the country, as it was built with sustainability in mind. The facility was constructed using UV ray reflective roofing, recycled rubber indoor track, recycled glass reinforced structural brick, recycled seat belts to upholster seating, and reclaimed water plumbing non-potable water systems.
The campus is not just environmentally friendly with it’s buildings, it also has a wonderfully close relationship to local nature, with miles of walking trails and fantastic access to Redwood trees. University of Alabama  The 1800 acre Alabama campus features many Greek Revival buildings. Several buildings (4) on the campus, including the President’s home, were all built pre-Civil War, survived the conflict, and are still used today.
The center of the campus is the Quad, fronted by a campanile equipped with a 25-bell carillon. The campus includes many cultural centers, including an art museum, a Natural History museum, the Allen Bales Theater, Marion Gallaway Theater, Morgan Auditorium, and the Frank M. United States Military Academy (West Point)  A campus filled with Neo-Gothic inspired buildings, all constructed from gray and black granite, must be the home of a prestigious campus.
The campus, which educates and trains some of our armed forces bravest, is considered a national landmark. The 15,000 acre campus offers stunning views of the famous Hudson River and Highland Falls. The famous cemetery on grounds is the final resting place for some of the most prominent members of our country’s military including George Armstrong Custer, Winfield Scott, William Westmoreland and many Medal of Honor recipients.
University of the Pacific  Originally founded as California Wesleyan College, the now named University of the Pacific not only operates as a top institution in California but also a make-shift movie set. High Time, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Sure Thing are just a few of the films that have used the picturesque campus for a backdrop.
The bell tower can be seen all over the campus area and hovers over common student gathering places. Louis, Missouri, Washington University is one of the most prestigious research universities in the country. While the campus is divided into multiple locations, the total 11 million square feet of buildings include many notable and beautiful buildings, including Seigle Hall, Francis Field (site of much of the 1904 Olympic Games), and Danforth University Center.
With a little over 900 acres to offer, Wisconsin is proud to host 4 national landmarks, including Bascom Hall, which is a hub for student life. The campus, which is located just a mile from the capitol building, operates like a small city, offering students countless outdoor activities to round-out the student experience. University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)  Ole Miss is the quintessential southern university, with beautiful classic buildings and a campus steeped in tradition.
Football Saturdays here are a religious experience, and tailgating before a game in the Grove is one of the coolest college football experiences one can have.
The Grove is populated with oak, elm and magnolia trees, and tents are added on fall Saturdays. Another interesting building, and piece of history, is the School of Medicine, which was used as a Civil War hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers. Some of the most famous spots on campus are the gorgeous Old Well, a rotunda based on the Temple of Love in the Gardens of Versailles, which nurtures gorgeous landscaping and is the spot of many romantic moments for students. Cornell University  The small town of Ithaca is the site of Ivy League school Cornell. The campus features 6 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and access to local gorges, Fall Creek Gorge and Cascadilla Gorge, both of which provide spots for hiking and swimming. Amherst College  Ranked consistently as one of the top three institutions for higher learning in the country, Amherst College is also among the most beautiful. College Row is the centerpiece at Amherst, consisting of multiple halls and Johnson Chapel.
Students at Amherst are also eligible to attend other beautiful colleges, including Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Hampshire College, and the University of Massachusetts without any addition charge as they are all members of the Pioneer Valley institutions. Many of the buildings are built in the Collegiate Gothic architecture style but a key building on campus, Connecticut Hall (built in 1750), is in the Georgian style.
While the campus is gorgeous, Yale has even made inroads towards putting it’s stamp on the community also, by purchasing several mansions in the surrounding area, especially on Hillhouse Avenue. Yale is moving steadily towards an environmentally sustainable campus with eleven campus buildings as candidates for LEED design and certification.
The quad area of campus which sees a great deal of student social interaction is called Stine Lake. Occidental College  With gorgeous Mediterranean style buildings, Occidental College in Los Angeles, consistently ranks as one of the most gorgeous campuses in the country. The campus features gorgeous tree lines and superb social gathering areas also ranks as one of the top universities in California. The designer of Occidental’s original buildings, Myron Hunt, was also the designer of the Rose Bowl. The campus is one of the oldest in America, and the oldest building on campus, Nassau Hall, was built in 1754.
The southern edge of the campus faces Lake Carnegie, and as you’d guess from the name, was donated by Andrew Carnegie. The lake was originally was designated for rowing but has since been transformed to a campus gathering point.
Another famous building located on campus is the Princeton University Chapel, the third largest college chapel in the world. University of Washington-Seattle  The University of Washington at Seattle has easily one of the most stunning natural settings of any campus in America.

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