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Leaving Langdale and veering left on Hwy 101 past the tiny communities of Hopkins and Granthams Landings youa€™ll soon be in the hillside community of Gibsons.
Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. It is recommended that you wear hiking boots for this activity as you will be walking some distance through the forest between the Zipline cables. While the sites listed below may be visited independently, the package does not cover any applicable entrance or tour fees.DAY 1, Thursday - Depart for Costa RicaDepart for Costa Rica. The Selvatura Hanging Bridges are the longest and the strongest bridge system in the country. Arrive in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, which is surrounded by lush green mountains and valleys. The hanging bridges give you the unique opportunity to see plants and animals not visible from the ground. Stop for a photo opportunity in the charming village of Zarcero where you can see the Parque Fancisco Alvarado and the Iglesia de San Rafael. The park sits in front of the pink and blue Church at the town center, which is noted for its topiary garden and shrubs that have been trimmed into the shapes of various animals.

You may choose to visit one of the many hot springs facilities that offer visitors an ideal way to relax. You may choose to spend half the day hiking to Arenal National Park, enjoying the natural hot springs throughout the area, or spend the morning or afternoon enjoying a horseback ride through both pastures and rainforest to La Fortuna Waterfall. For extraordinary views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal, the Sky Tram gondolas soar smoothly through the rainforest to an observation deck. The road system in Costa Rica has improved over recent years, but be aware that those in and out of Monteverde can be bumpy and unpaved. Elena, founded by Quaker settlers in the fifties and filled with tasty restaurants and folksy artisan shops. Then, explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, which is dedicated to the conservation of many species of flora and fauna, and has over 8 miles of trails available to explore on your own or with a guide. Set atop the spine of Costa Rica's continental divide, Monteverde is a world above the coastal towns that dot the country's famous shoreline.
Boasting 120 reptile and amphibian species, 130 mammal species, and 500 bird species, the Reserve represents an outstanding example of biodiversity.
You may choose to visit the Selvatura Adventure Park, where you can experience a canopy or treetop walkway tour.

The canopy (zip line) tour allows tour takers to feel truly immersed within the forested environment.
There are 15 cables and 18 viewing platforms that stretch over 2 miles – the longest cable length of any canopy tour in Costa Rica.
The Treetop Walkway guides visitors both through and above the rainforest with a birds-eye view of the rainforest canopy on a series of suspension bridges connected by trails.
Consider a stop at Poas Volcano National Park, one of the most visited sites in Costa Rica, which features short easy trails for hiking. A short trip from San Jose, the Poas Volcano contains one of the world's largest volcanic lakes, Lake Botos, which fills an inactive crater and is surrounded by a cloud forest. Or, head to Costa Rica's highest active volcano, Irazu, and on the way back visit the colonial Orosi Valley which is famous for having the oldest church in Costa Rica.

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