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Manage your subscription, update your subscriber information, see frequently asked questions or request customer service support. Northport High School (NY) 2016 defender Kelly Jacobsen has made a commitment to play Division I lacrosse at Bryant University.
Academic Honors and Clubs: National Honor Society, High Honor Roll since 6th grade, member of Northport Marching Band, Scholar Athlete for Varsity Lacrosse and Field Hockey, A Midwinter Night’s Dream-ALS Club, Grandfriends, Luminary Committee for Relay for Life, Co-Captain for Relay for Life, Peer Tutor. Thank you to my Northport Varsity Coach, Carol Rose for helping me through the whole recruiting process. Second row: Harry Billger, Don Bumgarner, George Botsko, Art Hudson, Lou Biega, Dick Idol, Wayne Lewis, Charlie Bowers, Pete Bailey and Leon Mason.

I want to also thank my little brother, Daniel, for always cheering me on from the sidelines. I also wanted to thank Carol Rose, her husband Al Rose and my Yellow Jackets Coach, Alexis Curcio for teaching me the skills that I need to become a great lacrosse player. Third row: Jim Hipps, Jimmy Smith, Pete Sowirka, Ed Nicholas, Andy Solonoski, Rich Starodub, Marcus Martin, Mike Joyce, Jack Whitley, Jerry Miller and Don Bullington.
Fourth row: Mike Charron, Pete Blockin, Don Bradley, Gary Zickefoose, Steve Rummage, Jim Hardin, Jerry Loftin, Butch Altman, Dave Rodgers, Darrell Moody, Bill Williams. Fifth row: Stauber Wilson, Lee Kirkley, Dan Medlin, Andy Barker, Dan Sarik, John Norris, John Elliott, Clyde Chesney, David Whitehead, Dave Adamczyk, Bill Vlachos.
Sixth row: Bill Snyder, Jim Zirrillo, Lynn Daniell, Gary Moser, Jacques Descent, Rick Lanoy, Vann Blake, Bill Phillips, Johnny Bradsher, John Wilson, Mike Mallan, Pete Burgess.

Seventh row: Bill Finley, Tommy Siegfried, George Smith, John Ivancic, Larry Clark, Dennis Britt, Mike Nicklas, Van Walker, Bryan Wall, Allen Fair, Roger McSwain. Eighth row: Mike Leamon, Don Pless, Paul Sharp, Art Bethel, Jimmy Parsons, Jim Nelson, Mike Cowan, Bill Clark, Gary Saul, Louis Seybold, Rene Saffores, Frank Clinton. Ninth row: Trainer Al Proctor, manager David Vaughn, John Saunderson, Pat Korsnick, Gary Clement, Bill Culbertson, Richard Messinger, Craig John, Tim Foley, David Walters, Bill Chandler. Tenth row: Assistant trainer Chester Grant, coach Al Michaels, coach Carey Brewbaker, coach Jim Donnan, Chancellor John Caldwell, equipment manager Dorsey Poole, freshman assistant Dick DeAngelis, coach Bill Smaltz, Joe Schwinn, coach Jack Stanton, Eugene Taylor, coach Ernie Driscoll, head coach Earle Edwards.

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