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Lauren Howe, an industrial engineering student, was recently appointed as the in-arena host for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Howe attributes her attitude partially to her competitive spririt and willingness to pursue challenges. She captained her high school field hockey team before going on to play for Team Ontario, the Toronto Titans, and McGill University. A hockey game lasts around three hours, but there are only sixty minutes of actual game time.
Howe also described her experience as the executive vice president for the U of T Sports and Business Association. Howe has also taken computer science courses at U of T.  “There is a very steep learning curve with programming and it can be very frustrating at times — for example, debugging.

She then decided to pursue an industrial engineering degree because it could lead to a carreer in business. Amongst her extensive, diverse experiences, one of Howe’s most unique credentials is no doubt her participation in pageantry. The NHL regular season is starting this week with the Leafs’ home and season opener against the Montreal Canadiens. I remember being at work trying to sound as professional as possible on the phone while looking at my co-workers, jumping up and down like a little girl. But it is important that you see through it, and eventually you can find some fun in writing the programs,” she said. Her original plan was to take Biomedical Engineering and follow through to medical school, towards becoming a surgeon.

Howe will be presenting contests and activities while also getting the fans excited in the arena.
It wasn’t until sending over clips of work I have done that I realized I could actually be qualified for this position!

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