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This Elite jersey is modeled after the actual game jerseys worn on the field, but designed to be worn without pads. Nike Patriots Elite Jerseys feature a zoned stretch fabric that enables precise fit and movement. This water repellent fabric stays lightweight all day, and features strategic ventilation over major heat zones. Please note that the new Nike jerseys are athletic cut and may be sized differently than previous manufacturers jerseys. Once helmets are properly fitted for each player at the beginning of the season, the league does not want them changed.

This recommendation recently came from the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee as well as the Player Safety Advisory Panel.[Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football is open for business]Since Bucs players have already been fitted for their pewter-colored helmets, those old-school Errict Rhett jerseys will have to stay in the closet. The Buffalo Bills wore throwback uniforms, but simply used the 1960-style “buffalo” decal on their white helmets.
As the Uni Watch blog points out, Atlanta, Washington and Dallas might also be affected by this.While forbidding a team to change helmets midseason may seem extreme – it should be possible to wear "two" safe helmets in one year, right? Commissioner Roger Goodell is not going to risk any future litigation by allowing teams to switch helmets for a one-day event, even if there was a chance to celebrate former Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse, who cared more about making money than winning.Okay, Bucs fans.

Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon once wore those orange and white uniforms, so we will leave that 0-14 season in 1976 alone.While Tampa Bay was forced to scratch their throwback uniforms, the Bucs will still have a Hispanic Heritage celebration against Arizona.But who wants to party without "Bucco Bruce"?

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