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Tom Brady's American football season just got better after his team, The New England Patriots, defeated The Indianapolis Colts 45 - 7 on Sunday.His wife Gisele Bundchen and his three young tots certainly helped in the cheering section.'We are ready!!! Important game: The Patriots will now go on to play in the 2015 Super Bowl after Sunday's victoryShe captioned it: 'So proud of this man!!!
Drew Bledsoe Finally Gets His Due From Patriots, FansDrew Bledsoe brought hope to the fans of New England.Justice has been served finally.
Unless you deleted your Facebook in the last 24 hours then you’ve probably seen all the ice bucket challenges that everyone’s been doing.
But hey, what did people honestly think would happen with a movement led by Julian fucking Edelman? The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will play each other in the 2015 Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. Last season, when the Super Bowl was played in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Seahawks fans opened their wallets and showed their support big time. Considering the fact that Arizona is closer to Seattle than New Jersey is, one has to assume that Seahawks fans will travel great once again.
In Super Bowl 42, when the Patriots faced the New York Giants, it appeared as if the Giants had more fans present.
On the other side, you could make an argument that more Patriots supporters will be in attendance. Little League World Series 2016 Schedule and Live Stream a€“ Panama Undefeated, New York and Tennessee Play for U.S. Panama's Little League team is two victories away from bringing Latin America their first world title since 2000. Lakers Team Roster for 2016-2017 Season Loaded With Young Talent a€“ The Potential Starting Lineup, Do You Agree? Mom Who Beat Teen Daughter on Facebook 'Live' Has No Charges Filed Against Her a€“ Did She Go Too Far?
We've become big fans of the rugby playing Burgess Brothers since George Burgess took nude selfies that wound up on Twitter.
The four, originally from  England, are now playing for the South Sydney Rabbitohs of Australia's National Rugby League, a team co-owned by actor Russell Crowe. One awesome Aussie tradition are recovery sessions, where the players frolic in the surf after practice.
Thomas Burgess, George Burgess, mom Julie Burgess, Luke Burgess and Sam Burgess pose after a game in Sydney, Australia.
Gisele posted this fun snap of her and Tom celebrating the win with the caption,A 'So proud of this man!!! Former Patriots quarterback and argued savior of the franchise, Drew Bledsoe has been inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame by the fans.Last week, Bledsoe beat out former head coach Bill Parcells and defensive lineman, Houston Antwine.
You can all go home now because local Worcester legend and NFL guru James Latino just won the whole shebang. I’ve seen a lot of people take this ice bucket challenge, but to my knowledge he is the only one out there who used a 20 pound block of ice. You could tell him there were magic beans at the bottom of an ice bucket and he’d dump it on his head.
Now maybe if they had let JL run this thing from the beginning we’d actually be able to make a difference.
MetLife Stadium turned in Century Link Field against the Denver Broncos in a 43-8 blowout victory.

Although Foxborough, Massachusetts is an estimated 2,290 miles away (more than twice the distance from Seattle) from Glendale, Patriots fans have showed dedication when it comes to traveling. The Cardinals were a quality team this NFL season and the squad had high hopes of making it to their second Super Bowl in franchise history.
Powerful offenses can't hear coordinators and coaches because of the high decibel levels at multiple stadiums.
It was then that we discovered George has three other rugby-playing brothers --his twin brother Thomas, and Luke and Sam -- who look as good as he does. Last month, they took the field together, the first time four brothers played on the same team in the league in 103 years. Julian Edelman might think he’s raising awareness for ALS by dumping ice on his head, but his pansy ass actually chopped up the ice first. They were like, “hey you should dump this ice on your head or else you owe ALS research $100.” So then I asked, what do I owe if I don’t do it? I say people pledge to donate $20, and every $500 raised will get you another JL 20 pound ice block over the head from the King of West Tatnuck himself.
It was so loud at the 2014 Super Bowl that Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense fumbled and bobbled the snap on the first play of the game, which led to a safety. The Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl in 10 years, and Bostonians know their voices will be needed come Super Bowl Sunday. Good defenses can become great, great defenses can become elite, and elite defenses can become unstoppable.
It was a two horse race between Drew and the “Tuna”.  When Parcells was hired in 1993, he made the New England Patriots relevant again(until he bolted in 1996).
Does he not think they’ll do it, or does he only associate with meatheads who get drunk and play air guitar? Knowing him he’ll take the ice bucket challenge, and then – BOOM – out six to eight weeks with a pulled groin somehow. I mean, wouldn’t a millionaire have to be a dink to go out of their way to dump a giant bucket of ice on their head in order to avoid writing a $100 check? All the people that are challenged and don’t accept will never pay, and then everyone will move onto a new cause of the week next week. 1 seed in the NFC for the majority of the season, but too many quarterback injuries and issues landed them a wild card spot and an eventual playoff loss to the Carolina Panthers. However, Drew Bledsoe brought the fans hope.Bill Parcells once said before he needed to buy the groceries and Drew Bledsoe was at the top of his list leading up to the 1993 NFL Draft. First thing I thought was, “fuck, I better hurry up and dump some ice on my head.” But, isn’t that the exact opposite that this should be doing? Like finding Joseph Kony, or raising AWARENESS for marriage equality by changing their Facebook profile picture, or occupying Wall Street.
With so many Cardinals fans in the area and most likely in attendance, one would have believe they would be rooting against their NFC West rival.
I’m gonna give $10 to Mass Liquors for some bags of ice just to avoid giving more than $1 to a worthy charity.
NA?s te amamos papai!!!' Gisele wrote with an image of the kids holding up a hand-made sign that read, 'Go Patriots!!
In 1993, the team went just 5-11 which was still a drastic improvement from the abysmal 2-14 record from the year before. The same season I purchased my season tickets which I have had for 17 years running.I grew up with Drew Bledsoe literally.

Everyone knew he was the team’s future and probably singlehandedly saved the team from moving to St. Louis.I still remember the game versus the Vikings in November that year which the Patriots trailed 20-3 at the half. I still can envision Kevin Turner hauling the ball in over his shoulder for the winning score. The outcome is not what he wanted, but he was a fierce competitor on the NFL’s biggest stage. After trailing 10-0 to Brett Favre and the Packers, Bledsoe led two scoring drives giving the Patriots a short lived 14-10 lead.Green Bay would open a 27-14 lead, but this unfazed No.
The Patriots were within one uncalled holding penalty from possibly defeating the Packers for their first Super Bowl Championship. This performance showed Drew Bledsoe’s innate abilities to lead and perform under pressure. How could you not admire that?I also recollect the back to back last minute wins in 1998 versus the Dolphins and Bills. I still see Ben Coates tapping his feet in the end zone as time expired to cap a 25-21 win over the Bills. I think I am still running down the concourse and screaming!In 2001, everyone remembers Mo Lewis blowing up Bledsoe which allowed Tom Brady to re-write history for the Patriots franchise. However, people tend to forget how much he contributed to the beginning of the Patriots dynasty.
There is no doubt that this helped in Tom Brady’s maturation and mastery of the game.Even though no one wants to lose their job to injury, Bledsoe took it like a true professional. Everyone knew it was killing him inside but he didn’t let it disrupt the Patriots championship run. Little did Bledsoe know that he would play a pivotal role on the field for the Patriots once again.Out of a Hollywood script during the 2001 AFC Championship, Drew Bledsoe would write his final fantastic chapter to an incredible career in New England. Bledsoe hadn’t seen the field since September, but it didn’t take him long to get game ready.Bledsoe scrambled to the right and got hit eerily similar to hit that caused internal injuries earlier in the season. What an emotional moment for the now dethroned leader.As the Patriots were in the tunnel in New Orleans prior to the team being introduced, the torch was being passed from Bledsoe to Brady. Every Patriots fan remembers, a young, fiery Brady head butting Bledsoe, screaming, “I told you I would get you there!”The Patriots would win the Super Bowl over the heavily favored Rams led by a Tom Brady last minute drive resulting in Vinatieri’s game winning kick. Most people thought the Patriots should kneel on the ball and go to overtime, but not Drew Bledsoe.
He thought he would end his career in New England, but sometimes fate plays tricks on our hopes and dreams. He took us all on a fantastic ride during his nine years wearing the red, white, blue and silver.
He finished his stay in New England with dignity and class, where most players would burn their bridges. He saved our beloved football team from going to greener and greedier pastures.Drew, thanks for all the memories and congratulations on your induction to the Patriots Hall of Fame. I can’t wait to applaud you on that special day, now I just wish I could find your jersey I had as a 20-something.

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