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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen flew to Coasta Rica last week to have some fun in the sun at the site of their 2nd wedding. Their kids were nowhere to be seen, but their dog, Lua, was seen enjoying the beach as well. Sign up to receive our daily Patriots Gab newsletter, and keep up to date with all the latest New England Patriots news. Celebrity Seats has all the best New England Patriots Tickets, Boston Red Sox Tickets, Boston Celtics Tickets, and Boston Bruins Tickets! The quarterback and Michigan alum was forced to don an Ohio State shirt in the New England Patriots locker room after he lost a bet with safety Nate Ebner. The 33-year-old and her footballer husband, Tom Brady, took their three adorable childrenA  for a day in the park in Boston on Saturday. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Despite having an injury scare during preseason earlier this month, the New England Patriots quarterback looked fit and healthy in his jeans, T-shirt, baseball cap and sunglasses and is expected to line out for his time for their first Sunday Night Football game of the year next month.A Kayaking wasna€™t the only exercise for the active family as Tom and Ben also took to their scooters for a gentle ride.

Gisele, who changed into a pair of wide legged trousers following her river adventure was happy to watch contentedly as the two men in her life enjoyed some bonding time.A She and Tom - who is also dad to John, who turns six this month, with former partner Bridget Moynahan - also put on a tactile display, with Bundchen holding on to her hunky husbanda€™s arm while Ben tried out his dada€™s scooter after growing tired of his own. The 32-year-old looked in fine figure in a simple ensemble of sleeveless T-shirt, jeans and flat shoes, and had obviously dressed for function of fashion.And the Brazilian beauty took full advantage of this when she joined her boy on the swings, appearing to have a ball in the process. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen hit the park for Father's Day with his son John Moynahan and her dog Vida in LA yesterday.
Look, she isn't as famous for a couple of reasons #1 she finds family and real pple way more interesting than celebs #2 she was knocked up while the father was jetsetting with ?what was her name again, her ego took a heavy blow #3 She is a real class act and if she wanted publicity she could have ita, simply start making stupid statements.
We see pics of Jennifer Garner and Violet at parks all the time, so she is a publicity hound too, someone who uses her daughter as a prop?
As others have already stated, Tom and Gisele are photographed more often with John because they are WAY more famous than Bridget. Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell said he planned to post a photo of Brady wearing the Ohio State shirt on social media, however. He also was spotted taking off the shirt, which he wore over a hooded sweatshirt, as he began to get ready for practice.

John might have inherited some skills on the football field from his daddy, but his "I Love Baseball" shirt shows he has other sports on his mind already.
I can't wait to see Tom and Gisele's kid.As others have already stated, Tom and Gisele are photographed more often with John because they are WAY more famous than Bridget. I love how people twist things to fit their warped sense of hate for people they have never met, lololol. Tom and John have a cute California Father's Day tradition already, and next year there's going to be a new half-sibling addition for their trip to the park.

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