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From the East (Airport) - Take I-670 West (from the Airport) or I-70 West to SR 315 North to Worthington.
Considered one of the finest competition pools and diving wells in the nation, the Bill and Mae McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion's new technology provides a facility for some of the fastest times and best diving in the country.
In addition to serving as the competition venue for men's and women's swimming and diving, McCorkle also is the home pool to the Ohio State synchronized swimming team. Dedicated October 14, 2005, the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion consists of the Mike Peppe Natatorium and the Ron O'Brien Diving Well. The conversion, started in 2009 to replace the coal boilers, now provides heating and cooling to nearly half the campus.
When the system is complete, the shift from fossil fuels to a renewable energy source will reduce the universitya€™s carbon footprint by nearly half while saving $2 million a year in operating costs. Ball State is installing a vertical, closed-loop district system that uses only fresh water. Under the direction of Jim Lowe, director of engineering, construction and operations, work was recently completed on Phase 1, which includes two geothermal fields, construction of the North District Energy Station and connecting buildlings on the northern part of campus to the new distribution system.
Work has begun on Phase 2, which includes installation of 780 of the remaining 1,800 boreholes in a field on the south area of campus.A  Construction will continue throughout 2013-2014 and will include a new District Energy Station South containing two 2,500-ton heat pump chillers and a hot water loop around the south portion of campus. Eric Novak is a father of 4 who also thinks that environmental stewardship is a requisite of parenting.

The RecSports Climbing Centers offer something fun for all levels of experience and are open to the general public.
All necessary equipment is provided for free check out to participants, including harness, ropes, belay devices and carabiners. Bouldering is available in the Climbing Center whenever the building is open and there are not scheduled programs. Climbers who have passed the Lead Climbing Certification class are allowed to lead at the supervisor’s discretion whenever the gym is open.
Please refer to Recreational Sports Youth Access Guidelines for information about access and eligibility for climbing.
With National Signing Day 2013 drawing near, recruits that want to put in some work in the weight room could do a lot worse than Alabama’s iron works. This photo of the new 34,000-square-foot, $9 million weight room was uploaded to Twitter by Crimson Tide linebacker Matt Tinney, and let’s just say that calling the facility state-of-the-art is an understatement.
The two-story strength and conditioning facility that will serve as head conditioning coach Scott Cochran’s laboratory is between the Hank Crisp Indoor Practice Facility and the Mal M.
Located in the heart of campus and adjacent to three other world-class facilities - Ohio Stadium, Thompson Library and the Recreation and Physical Activity Center - , McCorkle has earned a reputation for fast water. Holding nearly 1.56 million gallons of water in the entire facility, the Pavilion is part of Ohio State's Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC).

The system uses the Eartha€™s ability to store heat in the ground and water thermal masses. The system will then connect to all buildings on campus a€” eventually providing heating and cooling to 5.5 million square feet.
Lowe is sharing information about the universitya€™s new operation with others who want learn how they too can benefit from a geothermal system. For facility rentals see RecSports rentals and reservations or contact the Adventure Leadership Institute™ Office Specialist. Find the facility schedule for McAlexander Climbing Center and Dixon Climbing Center through our WebTrac database by signing in as yourself or a guest and then clicking on "facility calendar".
A geothermal heat pump uses the Earth as either a heat source, when operating in heating mode, or a heat sink, when operating in cooling mode. The weight room is not just for football, however; the facility will serve all Crimson Tide teams.

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