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The uniform, which the school will wear for the November 9th game against Kansas State, is in support of Lone Survivor Foundation, which was founded by retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell.
Check out the new Under Armour uniforms for Texas Tech with these pictures courtesy of Under Armour via Texas Tech Football.
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The movie is inspired by the book of the same name, which was written by participating Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.
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The replica jersey being sold by NU and UA (which I believe retails for $75 and of which a mere $7.50 per jersey sold is being given to the Wounded Warrior Project) has sold out.
Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Uni Watch News Ticker: We begin today with Brian Papa came across an interesting project that swaps the colors of NFL logos (pretty sure I hosted something similar to that one weekend many years ago on UW).
From the dominating opener in Dallas against SMU to the thriller in San Diego with Arizona State, Kliff Kingsbury and his Red Raiders put on a show from start to finish despite struggles down the stretch. No portion of this site may be reproduced or duplicated without the express permission of Fanatics Retail Group. But for now, I guess all those they’ve sold will now fetch big amounts on e-Bay and the secondary market.
Also from that same game, aTm has some NOB inconsistencies (thanks to Chris Perrenot for that shot). Of course, UA & NU could, I suppose, just give a bunch of cash to the WWP without the extra scratch from the jersey sales. The color change to today’s darker, Navy Blue supposedly happened in the late fifties.
Because, after all, it’s about helping injured soldiers and not injured corporate images, right?
Before I forget, HUGE thanks to Cork Gaines for all of the tweets that Phil forwarded to me yesterday. While Alabama’s defense smothered LSU, I took time to enjoy the gorgeous uniforms on display. I enjoyed sitting in NYC’s 35 degree weather watching this match-up go down in sunny California.

Next, it was a home game and sometime in early autumn based on the tree foliage in the background.
Paul also found a fan who didn’t want to spend more money on another Dwight Howard jersey. Checking Penn State’s 1955 schedule, the most likely choice was an October 15th game against Navy (won by Navy 42-14). A further check of Navy’s 1955 uniform showed a close match to the defensive player sprawled on the field. Lastly, remember a previous article where I mentioned something about Russell Haughton-James and his unusual player name? But seemingly the biggest offender for this week happens to be a smaller school: Lockhaven University decided to kill two birds with one stone (pun FIRMLY intended) by wearing both flag-desecration AND camouflage decals at the same time! 89 decals on their helmets in honor of former player Bryan Rufenach, who died at age 23 last year when he touched a live electrical wire while backpacking in Switzerland (thanks to Tris Wykes).

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