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Tampa Bay’s new uniforms, designed by Nike and launched along with the rest of the league’s updated line on Tuesday, feature only a few subtle changes to the Bucs’ look The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have new uniforms in 2012, combining the team’s popular and hard-hitting look with a new level of Nike-engineered performance capabilities.
HC Dirk Koetter, QB Jameis Winston and WR Adam Humphries were among Bucs speaking to the media following Friday's game. Honorable college football mention: Syracuse wore these throwback unis for several seasons. After releasing their white jerseys earlier today, the Bucs have now revealed their red jerseys - and they're unlikely to make you feel differently than the road jerseys did. After the more-subtle changes to the Bucs' logo and helmet a few weeks ago, the new jerseys are completely unlike the previous incarnation - and that's not necessarily a good thing, depending on who you ask.

When the teaser photo of Doug Martin in the white jerseys were published by the Bucs earlier today, I can't say I was a fan - but I held hope that, in red, the jerseys would look better, and in fairness, they do. It's a shame, really, that the Bucs chose to go all "dark and edgy" with these photo releases, as the jerseys actually look like they might be a little bit less visually offensive with that more pewter sheen.
Personally, I like the way the new ship pops out off of the shoulder, and also like how the ship's only on one sleeve, the other having the word "Bucs".
Tailgate prices start at just $35 for Season Pass Members, $55 for Bucs Squad Members (includes game ticket) and $75 for parents and guardians of Bucs Squad Members (includes game ticket). As with the first shots of the new helmet the pewter doesn't really come across as pewter, but more off-black. Sadly, we might need to reserve judgement even longer, at least until the Buccaneers media department buy a new lamp to get some light on the damn thing.

There will be music, food, giveaways and awesome activities to make the first game of the season unforgettable! If the logos & helmet are any indication, the new uniforms should have subtle, yet bold changes.

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