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Vernon Hargreaves, right, had been playing the inside slot position on nickel passing downs when opponents went to three receivers. Vernon Hargreaves' two interceptions against the Jaguars Saturday proved he knows how to take the ball away.
The Bucs rookie cornerback got repetitions with the starting defense Monday, coach Dirk Koetter confirmed. Hargreaves had been playing the inside slot position on nickel passing downs when opponents went to three receivers. Hargreaves, who is listed at 5-foot-10, 203-pounds, has had no trouble going up against taller receivers. Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans: Keep up with your team news on Bucs Beat, our blog for all things Bucs. Josh McCown was the Bucs' starting quarterback under Lovie Smith when the team went 2-14, leading to the No.
Browns quarterback Josh McCown tried to warn his teammates about the heat and humidity of Tampa Bay before practice Tuesday. The Bucs lost offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, who had a heart procedure before the '14 season, leaving them with no experienced NFL play caller.

Tampa’s annual Gasparilla invasion is a Mardi Gras style party where pirates invade the city aboard a massive pirate ship and then parade down the waterfront firing their guns and throwing out beads to hundreds of thousands of revelers. I’ve been taking part in the celebration my whole life but this year was my first on a float in the parade.
I was looking to buy a new Honda motorcycle and ran across the Corvette in a neighbor's driveway. Honorable college football mention: Syracuse wore these throwback unis for several seasons. His first INT Saturday came from that position when he drifted into coverage and made a leaping grab a pass from Jags quarterback Chad Henne.
Tampa Bay Times sports writers keep you posted on the latest Bucs news, and you can weigh in with your own thoughts. But the climate change that has occurred within the Bucs organization since he played here in 2014 is even more startling.
He specializes in corporate communications, advertising, sports, public relations and environmental portrait photography. Hargreaves took advantage of Henne again near the start of the second half with an interception from his cornerback position.

I learned a ton about myself, I learned a ton about the game that year and I think I'll be better for it.
I joined Tampa Bay Buccaneers players, cheerleaders and staff aboard their pirate ship float to photograph the revelry along Bayshore Boulevard.
The main thing is, sometimes you go through bad things in life and it's about forgetting that and moving on. It was a perfect Florida winter day that was ideal for making pictures and tossing some beads to the masses. I want to move on but I want to hold fast to some of those things I learned because I think it will serve me for the rest of my life.
The two children are my son Gregory and daughter Tracy standing by the car at our house in Lombard, Ill.
I sold the car in 1979 as we were building a summer cottage in Twin Lakes, Wis., and needed the money.

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