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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have revealed their new logo and helmet, and we have the pictures and the details. Update: NFL Network showed the same helmet, although it looked more silvery than black on the show.
The logo has been modernized, looks a little more cartoon-y and more aggressive than the previous logo. The Bucs also added a new font for their logo, if we can trust their official shop, at least. The team will also unveil new uniforms on March fifth, Justin Mosqueda noted on Twitter and the team later confirmed. New upgrades have been made in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hall of Fame Club and the new installation of higher quality video screens at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. After two games on the road, the Bucs play their first home preseason game tonight, against the Cleveland Browns. A tropical wave near the Bahamas now has a reduced chance of developing into a tropical storm, forecasters say, but it still has time to strengthen once it approaches the Gulf of Mexico in the next two days as it follows a track expected to go further south and west. Tara McCarty, left, and Caitlin Johnston, witIn the Times, in honor of Terry Tomalin's legacy of overcoming your fears, prepare to go snorkeling at Rainbow River in Dunnellon. Tampa Bay Times late outdoors editor Terry Tomalin's love of nature inspired two journalists to break out of their comfort zones and embark on a Florida adventure of their own a€” despite some pretty serious fears.
In April 2015, a New York company called Twinlab Consolidated Holdings, a financially ailing maker of wellness supplements, announced it was moving its headquarters and 80 employees to downtown St. For years, a small group of top Florida political leaders quietly prodded the federal government to be more aggressive in rooting out political corruption in the state capital.
Democrat Hillary Clinton has a narrow 2 percentage point advantage over Republican Donald Trump in Florida, according to a presidential preference poll released this morning by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research. A 47-year-old Miami labor attorney and Navy veteran paced around a pint-sized Marriott hotel ballroom Thursday evening throwing out ideas to Pinellas County Democrats. The Denver Broncos have added depth to the defensive line on Sunday as the team has signed former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Henry Melton to the roster.
When the Denver Broncos lost Vance Walker for the year, the veteran presence on that side of the football went along with it.

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos brought in former Tampa Bay defensive end Henry Melton for a workout and were impressed enough to sign the former Buccaneer to a on year deal.
The defensive end position for the Denver Broncos just got even more interesting with the signing.
We will most likely see Henry Melton in action against the Los Angeles Rams in the team’s third preseason game.
Keep it here at Predominantly Orange as we keep you updated on the Denver Broncos during the preseason. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers appeared to be celebrating April Fool’s Day a month or so early on Monday when they released new uniforms that made many wonder if they were planning a move to the Arena Football League.
The Bucs will remain in the NFL and are not becoming an animated series, but they apparently are not kidding about the new jerseys — which are unfortunately very real. The uniforms — which inexplicably feature red numbers that look like the LED digits from my alarm clock — have had the web buzzing over the last 24 hours with a variety of opinions from NFL fans in Tampa and all over the country. However, if my opinion counts for anything, these new uniforms appear to have been conceived by an 11-year old who was given twenty minutes, a box of magic markers and too much sugar.
The staggered release mirrors what the Minnesota Vikings did, and it makes sense given the alteration to the pewter color.
This morning, forecasters give the system a 30 percent chance of development over the next two days, and 60 percent chance over the next five.
Marco Rubio is expressing doubts about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, suggesting he may be ready to reverse support, a stark example of eroding support for trade agreements in the Donald Trump era.
Staff writer Caitlin Johnston and designer Tara McCarty spent two days immersed in the state's natural beauty, including rivers, canyons and canopies. The survey shows the traditional Interstate 4 battleground is again the difference maker, with Clinton leading by four points in Tampa Bay and Trump by four points in the Orlando area. But players like Amazon are only getting bigger while traditional department stores and big box chains are getting smaller. If you hadn't seen the flurry of social media feeds, you might not know who the attorney was.
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When Derek Wolfe sprained his ankle, it appeared as if the Broncos were not going to take any more chances. But the addition of Henry Melton will be very significant for a Broncos defense that is looking to repeat their 2015 performance.
He figures to be in the Denver Broncos plans as the veteran presence with the departure of Malik Jackson and Vance Walker gone for the year with an ACL tear.
There could be a chance that a solid player that could start for any other of the 31 teams could be released by the team. There is no accounting for taste, and I’m admittedly no expert on fashion, so maybe this new jersey design is an avant-garde masterpiece and I’m just too blind and ignorant to see that? Perhaps those two years of research by Nike were used to design a uniform so obnoxiously hideous that it would distract the opposing team and give the Bucs a competitive advantage? It's still shiny, instead of matte, but I really like the black background and the massive, massive logo on the helmet.
On Friday night, they will stand on opposing sidelines in one of Pinellas County's fiercest high school football rivalries. Food and Drug Administration has approved the technology for a trial in Key West, saying it would have no significant impact on the environment.
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If the logos & helmet are any indication, the new uniforms should have subtle, yet bold changes. Alan Grayson of Orlando and Patrick Murphy of Jupiter, but she hasn't gained much traction a€” which is curious, based on the crowd's reaction.

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