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Designed by PGA Pro and fomer Texas Longhorn Mark Brooks, Southern Oaks is a very tough test of golf.
Live oaks dot the landscape, and the course lays out over some impressively natural-looking terrain. The real challenge is dealing with the elevated greens, the sucker pin placements, and the deep-faced bunkers that guard them. Southern Oaks Golf Club by garettpage on August 04th, 2015 08:54Just had to leave the course after 9 holes.
Southern Oaks Golf Club by dprince on April 02nd, 2015 04:54Course was in excellent shape. Southern Oaks Golf Club by John Chaney on December 06th, 2012 06:431st and last time playing the course. Southern Oaks Golf Club by Joe on August 15th, 2012 16:37Awesome grees, the best in the area I would say. Southern Oaks Golf Club by Robert on August 15th, 2012 16:35Course in pretty good shape for the price they charge. Southern Oaks Golf Club by Cliff Jones on June 21st, 2012 15:25Course is in horrible shape. Burleson residents showed their support of law enforcement by turning out in droves last week for Spirit Night at the Burleson Police Department.
Outcome 2: Bernie survives eight years in office, and you can elect Hillary in next election. But I’m thinking if Hillary were Veep, it would attract the people who would have otherwise voted for her, without Bernie being an unpalatable alternative. Now, if you think Bernie is so authentic, let’s talk about his workers in NV posing as union members to gain access to union dining halls in the work place.

When you are done with that, we can talk about how the Dem party forced the state to use Microsoft’s software to tally votes for the Caucus, all the while hiding the fact that they made a hefty contribution to her campaign.
Since you are in talking mood, can we talk about how awesome it is that Bernie doesn’t want, need or rely on a Super Pac from Millionaires ??
Are you claiming that Microsoft did something to their software to change the count totals in Clinton’s favor? Oddly, I live in Iowa and received more mailings than I could count and not a single one of them said what some are claiming and you are believing. About the Nevada story ( if true ) there are always some on every campaign that are less than pure. Regardless of Sanders scorecard with the League of Conservation Voters, he didn’t earn their endorsement.
You seem very unwilling to believe anything negative about Bernie that is reported in the mainstream press but at the same time are so so willing to say that the use of Microsoft software by the dem party somehow shows that Clinton is unclean. I was an absolute Hillary supporter until about May of last year when someone better ( for ME ) came along. Many insiders have said that for the last 2 years of his presidency, his Altzeimers was apparent. But… Currently Democrats are seriously considering Bernie Sanders as a viable presidential candidate, at 74.
My point that women have an average life-span longer than men, therefore Hillary would be as valid a choice in 8 years, when she’d be 76, as Bernie is now. In that case, I’d say the T-shirt is just the thing for a round of pooper scooping with the dogs, right?
And eliminated the ACA risk corridors so insurers would leave the Obamacare marketplace, financially hurting those who need insurance.

You don’t believe the rumour that he buggered a camel while he was wearing a wet-suit and covered in olive-oil? After finishing the entire content of a watering can filled with Jack & Coke, (cleverly disguised as a functioning clown prop).
It’s from a YouTube video of some poor guy freaking the funk out, after smoking that fake pot stuff. Tipping out at over 7,300 yards to a par 71, it has lightning-fast greens highlighted by very extreme undulations. Off the tee there aren’t too many problems, and driver is probably the way to go given the length and lack of out-of-bounds. 16 is rated the most difficult--a 440-yarder with a creek crossing the fairway and in front of the elevated green. Residents purchased Dallas Strong T-shirts and donated to blue cllection buckets, in all totalling $17,000.
Or a follower of any dogma which decides on a person’s eligibility by whether they have internal or external genitalia.
And while multiple tees offer shorter distances, average golfers will still struggle to have decent rounds on Brooks’ first design. Aside from that there was 4 women in front of them who did not like anyone attempting to play thru them as well.
Unless you like to play in an atmosphere where no golf etiquette exists I would just leave this course to the locals living around it, driving their jacked up golf carts and treating it like their own private club.

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