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Monster Energy’s Conor McGregor Beats Nate Diaz by Majority Decision In The UFC 202 Main Card . There’s nothing sadder than seeing a baggy suit reminiscent of a desperate book salesman or pants that have a phobia of touching their owner’s ankles or a ridiculous tie a game show host would wear. You should always make sure that the shoulder pads end at the shoulders and if they don’t, get a tailor that can do it for you.
Some men have the misconception that their first suit should be black, but black suits really are meant for waiters, there are tons of other colours to explore.
Don’t buy a tie because it just looks awesome, buy a tie because it matches with the rest of your outfit.
In her recent cover story for GQ, Katrina Kaif admitted that watching boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor get intimate on screen with his ex, Deepika Padukone, wasn’t exactly easy. But if this recently released music video from Fitoor, Kaif’s striking new film with Aditya Roy Kapur, is anything to go by, it seems the tables may have turned.
Find out on new arrived neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks in this blog section. Brown is one of the most commonly-worn colors in men’s fashion, and is especially common when worn throughout the winter. Sandy brown differs quite a bit from the run-of-the-mill browns that people often wear during the winter. A sandy brown sports coat can be perfect for those who are looking to inject a semi-casual slant into their business attire, and can be paired with many different ensemble elements.

You matching the colour of your belt with your shoes shows that you care about how the hell you look and put thought into your outfit; plus, the two items pick up on each other. We frequently feature new arrived designer ties, tell you how to best match them, and even inform you about upcoming sales.
One of the main issues here, though, is that many of the browns people wear during the winter are drab and unattractive; something that everyone should avoid whenever possible.
The sandy-brown on the jacket and the light blue on the tie are signs that spring is in fact near, while the heavier wool fabrics keep the look in line with the season. For one, it is usually more in-line with tan than anything else, which gives it a lighter feel than other browns. Then a sandy-brown piece like the 3-piece suit featured here, will be the needed breath of fresh air. If you’re sticking with a navy suit, you may still want to think about incorporating the color into your dress shoes or other accessories. The general rule is sticking to the same tones when it comes to your belt and shoes, wearing a navy belt with black shoes, brown shoes with a textured, woven brown belt, etc. Seeing a guy all dappered up, only to see him sit and watch his pants rise up to reveal his ashy ankle, there’s nothing sadder.
Besides discussing current trends we write on dress code, help you match your clothing, give you the story and history of certain mens fashion accessories, and much more. Because this is such a problem, it’s important to look towards browns of other shades that can be utilized, such as sandy brown.

Because the color is relatively neutral, it can also be found in dress shoes, sweaters and even suit coats. We especially approve of the blue check pattern on the shirt as well as the thick wool socks in ensemble coordinating colors. The color also looks fantastic when paired with dark-washed designer jeans, so you may wish to look towards sweaters. As a result, it happens to be very versatile and can be worn in practically any type of ensemble aside from black tie. Sandy brown has a warmth to it that isn’t often seen in other shades of brown, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants to avoid ensembles that might come off as being somewhat cold in appearance. One of the best ways to utilize the color is with accessories; sandy brown scarves and hats are ideal. You can even look for belts, wallets and other leather pieces that are lighter in shade to complement these ensemble elements.

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