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Cardinals Bank of America Club tickets vary widely in price due to the team’s dynamic pricing system. PERFECT FOR INDIVIDUALS OR LARGE GROUPS, THE UMB CHAMPIONS CLUB IS BUSCH STADIUM'S HOTTEST TICKET. In the event of a rain delay, alcohol service will end 2½ hours after scheduled game time. YOU CAN'T GET ANY CLOSER TO THE ACTION THAN THE COMMISSIONER'S BOX SEATS, LOCATED DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE CARDINALS DUGOUT IN SECTION 141. Complimentary in-seat food service including ballpark fare, plus select mixed drinks, Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Select, Coca-Cola products and O’Douls. CATCH THE GAME IN STYLE FROM THE BANK OF AMERICA CLUB - ONE GREAT PRICE INCLUDES A GREAT VIEW OF THE GAME, PLUS CLUB ACCESS WITH ALL-INCLUSIVE FOOD, BEER, WINE AND SODA.
Cardinals Redbird Club tickets are sold as season ticket packages and individual game ticket sales by the St.
Louis Cardinals Bank of America Club is a premium seating area located above the 300 level seats near third base at Busch Stadium.
Louis Cardinals Bank of America Club is part of the Cardinals premium seating with all-inclusive food, soda, and beer.
Louis Cardinals seating chart and additional details on Cardinals Premium Seating, Cardinals Party Suites, Cardinals Club, Cardinals Diamond Boxes, Cardinals Dugout Boxes, Cardinals Infield Field Boxes, Cardinals First Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Third Base Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Lower Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Right Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Boxes, Cardinals Left Field Porch, Cardinals Home Redbird Club, Cardinals Infield Redbird Club, Cardinals First Base Loge, Cardinals Third Base Loge, Cardinals Right Field Loge, Cardinals Left Field Loge, Cardinals Infield Pavilion, Cardinals First Base Pavilion, Cardinals Right Field Pavilion, Cardinals Left Field Pavilion, Cardinals Infield Terrace, Cardinals First Base Terrace, Cardinals Right Field Terrace, and Cardinals Bleachers.

THE AIR-CONDITIONED INDOOR CLUB OFFERS ACCESS TO AN UPSCALE BUFFET, THREE FULL-SERVICE BARS AND NEARLY 30 TVs, SO YOU DON'T MISS A SINGLE PITCH. Service begins when Busch Stadium gates open and is available until the bottom of the seventh inning. THESE ALL-INCLUSIVE TICKETS FEATURE PICNIC-STYLE PATIO SEATING AND A FULL BUFFET, BEER AND SODA. Louis Cardinals Redbird Club is the name for the general club-level seating at Busch Stadium. Louis Cardinals Redbird Club seats are divided into two sub-sections: Cardinals Home Redbird Club near home plate in sections 247 through 253 and Cardinals Infield Redbird Club near first base in sections 241 through 246 and near third base in sections 254 through 257. The Busch Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Bank of America Club above sections 357 to 360. The Cardinals sell Bank of America Club seats in any amount from 2 to 250 with a maximum of 250 total tickets sold per game. Few Cardinals Bank of America Club tickets are found on the secondary market because of single game availability directly from the team so interested fans should contact the St. The Busch Stadium seating chart shows the Cardinals Redbird Club split into three sub-sections throughout the infield on the 200 level of the ballpark.
All Cardinals Redbird Club seats include access to the Cardinals Redbird Club on the 200 level main concourse for a casual dining atmosphere with full restaurant menus and limited bar options.
Cardinals Bank of America Club seats are all reserved with both indoor and outdoor reserved seating sections.

Louis Cardinals premium ticket sales office or the Busch Stadium ticket window for additional information. The Cardinals Bank of America buffet includes largely ballpark food with hot dogs, sausages, nachos, salad, pasta, and two rotating entrees.
All Cardinals Redbird Club seats offer good views of the Major League game and represent a middle ground between the cheap seats high in the Busch Stadium Terrace and the expensive premium seating on the field level. Cardinals Bank of America Club also offers a limited selection of beers on tap and private restrooms. Popular games often sell out well in advance and the best outdoor Cardinals Bank of America Club tickets always sell quickly. With the best seats near the front rows of each section being sold out on a season ticket basis, anticipate paying secondary prices of above face value for good Cardinals Redbird Club tickets for popular games.
Many ticket brokers and secondary market ticket websites offer Cardinals Redbird Club tickets for sale, so be sure to look at multiple sellers for the largest selection and lowest prices.

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