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Daniel Solzman: In 2010, what was going through your mind during the draft and when did you know that the Cardinals were interested? Daniel Solzman: This season, you had the chance to play with former Hawaii teammate Kolten Wong. Daniel Solzman: What is Mike Shildt like as a manager and how has he helped develop you into a better player this season? Greg Garcia: I have been fortunate enough to have Mike as a manager for two different seasons now. Then along comes new Cubs owner Tom Ricketts with his intentions to blow up the Cubs as we knew them. This concludes my rant against video boards and jumbotrons desecrating Wrigley’s overall look.
The Cardinals have been lacking lately in terms of clutch hitting and key pitching, and this has not been a kind period for the team in the last several weeks. The Cardinals and Pirates have engaged in trash talk over the past couple seasons, but there is something about Cubs and Cardinals that just brings out the best in baseball fans.
So, even though the Cubs may have sold their souls to the devil to make Wrigley look different, let’s cheer them on.
Despite an untimely injury to Javier Baez that will force him to postpone his Opening Day experience, the Chicago Cubs’ 25-man roster is set with balance, depth and value. Players like Jorge Soler and the aforementioned Russell could act as top or middle-of-the-order bats on other clubs, but project as seven and eight hitters in the Cubs lineup. Maddon also put emphasis on capitalizing more chances with runners in scoring position, specifically third, with less than two outs. Anthony Rizzo is quickly establishing himself as not only among the best first-baseman in the National League but in the entire MLB. I’ll go out on a limb and say Rizzo is the best hitter in the Cubs lineup and traditional baseball logic suggests he should bat third.
The theory is for on-base aficionados Dexter Fowler and Jason Heyward to go to work in spots one and two while the reliably consistent contact threat Ben Zobrist (10% K rate in 2015 (20% K rate is considered average) handles the three hole. After the opposing pitcher finds a way to maneuver around the first five threats, Kyle Schwarber, Jorge Soler, Miguel Montero and Addison Russell will be there to greet him.

Such a bold statement before a single pitch has been thrown in 2016 may be too optimistic and premature, but the overwhelming evidence suggesting success coming from this lineup makes that claim plausible. Strikeouts will continue to be a problem, as Fowler, Rizzo, Bryant, Montero and Russell combined for almost half of the Cubs’ K total last season. However, a balanced lineup that houses power, speed, on-base potential and plus contact rate is enough to believe the Cubs can overcome its flaws and ride it all the way to the World Series. 1) If you’re a fan of the Cardinals and you’re trying to brainwash your kids into being fans of the Cardinals, why introduce other characters they might like better, like a moose or cat? 2) Do you really want your kid’s pics to be with a mascot of a team you don’t root for?
3) Would you want Fredbird in Cincinnati or Kansas City yukking it up at a Reds or Royals game with their fan bases? Thursday afternoon, the Bakersfield Condors, the 2015-16 affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers, became the final team from the AHL’s new Pacific Division to officially unveil their logo for the upcoming season. The Condors, who have a long history of being one of the most creative and hilarious teams in minor professional sports, tried to pull one over on April Fool’s Day by releasing a fake logo, but revealed their actual crest the next day.
The most obvious updates are the simplest ones – the change in color scheme to match the Oilers colors.
As of April 12, the logo will become the official mark of the Condors as they play out their final season in the ECHL and prepare to join the AHL for the upcoming campaign. The jerseys, pictured below on Blues captain David Backes, will feature the iconic Cardinals “birds-on-the-bat” logo and will use Cardinals numbering and lettering.
There will be an online auction for the jerseys, which will open April 11 and close April 24, with all proceeds going to benefit the Blues 14 Fund and Cardinals Care. You will receive backstage access to special features, articles, promotions and special events and more!! Louis Cardinals play in the postseason, minor league prospect Greg Garcia recently joined Redbird Rants for an interview.
Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs have concluded their rivalry for the season, Redbird Rants editor Steve Ungrey offers his take on the revitalized series.
Louis Cardinals play a certain number of games against the Chicago Cubs every year, and for the last few years the rivalry has been about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Unfortunately that meant making Wrigley Field into something unrecognizable to the true baseball fan. Louis Cardinals Sending Down Aledmys Diaz is Confusing and UnderstandingRedbird Rants 22w agoSt.
The continued improvement at the plate by Addison Russell has convinced the Cubs manager that Russell no longer needs protection at the very bottom of the batting order. An under the radar type guy like Tommy La Stella, who was among the final pieces added to the 25-man roster, is valuable in that regard.
While the logo isn’t a major departure from the Condors logo that has been worn for the past several seasons, there are some updates connecting next year’s team to the Edmonton Oilers.
However, in addition to changing the primary and secondary colors, the Condors have removed the circle which used to encompass the logo and have updated small details like the condor’s wings to give it a fiercer look. In addition, the Cardinals’ secondary logo will be on the sleeves of the jerseys, with the Blues’ Blue Note where the shoulder patches would normally be. Louis Cardinals: More Cuts Made as Minor League Camp Gains Three MoreRedbird Rants 22w agoSt.
Last season the Cubs were among the bottom five teams in runners left in scoring position per game. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox. We’ve always been fans of the intertwined “STL” used by the Cardinals, as well as the perched bird itself. Did their team just volunteer one of the most visible faces of their franchise to hobnob at a competitors house… while their respective teams were playing? While the letters are no baseball bat, they still make a good resting place for our feathered friend, and by changing the face of the cardinal into a ram, Hubschman was able to craft an even more aggressive and fiery look.

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