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All of these things lead directly to the opening day roster for both the big league team and the team located in Memphis. It should certainly be noted that as spring training games commence, and should injuries fall, these projections will definitely be altered. Lastly, how much fun will it be to watch the players in this list grow their individual repertoires to add to this great team we love?! With those things in mind, let me take you on a ride through the players I feel will start 2016 with the Memphis Redbirds. As we close in on the All-Star break, let’s take a look at where all 30 teams stand after 11 weeks.
Using each team’s actual performance, their expected performance, as well as their chances of making the playoffs according to PECOTA, here is how every team ranks so far. What to know: The Cardinals now have to deal with the distraction of an FBI investigation into their front office. What to know: The Astros have gone from a laughing stock to one of the best teams in baseball and they did it two years ahead of schedule. What to know: When other teams were desperately looking for young pitchers, the Cubs were out hoarding young bats and it is starting to pay off.
What to know: Bryce Harper is finally having the breakout season we have been waiting for, but his days with the Nationals may already be numbered. What to know: Despite winning three of the last five World Series, the Giants have not made the playoffs in an odd-numbered year since 2003. What to know: The Tigers have dug themselves a big hole in the AL Central and the Royals show no signs of letting up. What to know: Prince Fielder is not the Prince Fielder of old, but he is better than he has been since joining the Rangers. What to know: The Indians had the worst loss of the season, a 17-0 drubbing at the hands of the Cubs. What to know: Nobody knows how the Twins have a winning record and lead the Wild Card race.
What to know: Two years ago, other teams tried desperately to trade for young pitching prospect Taijuan Walker.
What to know: Pablo Sandoval was benched for using Instagram during a game he was playing in as things continue to unravel for the popular preseason World Series pick.
What to know: The Braves recently gave Jonny Gomes a ridiculous jersey for reaching 10 years of service time. What to know: Johnny Cueto will be a much-talked about name at the trade deadline, but it is not clear how healthy his arm is. What to know: The only question left for the Rockies this season is whether or not they will trade their star shortstop, Troy Tulowitzki. What to know: The Phillies are really bad and they still have some expensive veterans they have been unable to get rid of. The Reds are a team that many compare to the Milwaukee Brewers, but I’m not buying them. The Cubs will not be on the bottom of the division for long, but with all of the young talent that they will have on the roster, season will not be without growing pains. Last season the Brewers surprised and this year (though their are plenty of doubters) they will contend again. The Pirates have been that sneaky team for the last two years and this could finally be the year that they remove the St. The Cardinals may be the most hated team in Milwaukee, but until they are taken off the pedestal it is hard to rank them anywhere else.
The Arizona Cardinals will travel to Denver, Colorado for a showdown with the Denver Broncos.

History: The Cardinals and the Broncos have faced each other 10 times in the regular season, with the Cardinals playing 2 of these games as the St. Fun fact: This is the 10th preseason match up between the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos in the last 12 seasons. First of all don’t expect this preseason game to be as exciting as the others (exciting used  lightly). Players making appearances for the first time this season are newly acquired running back Chris Johnson and linebacker Sean Weatherspoon. The offensive line struggled tremendously against Khalil Mack and the Oakland Raiders’ pass rush.
The biggest headline surrounding this game is the battle for the third quarterback spot between Phillip Sims and Logan Thomas. While I expect Sims to ultimately win the job, don’t count Logan Thomas out as he still has a whole half of football to prove himself to the coaching staff. While there isn’t much riding on this game, it is still important for the team to finish on a strong note, especially Earl Watford, Chris Johnson, and Chandler Catanzaro.
Raiders first-round pick Amari Cooper entered the league with the expectations of performing well early in his career and bringing a franchise back to relevance. Though Peterson has experience playing at a high level in this league, Cooper still has enough talent to put on a show against the four-time Pro Bowl defensive back.
Louis Cardinals relief pitcher Seung Hwan Oh (26) looks on during warm up drills at Roger Dean Stadium. Louis Cardinals’ roster, we will predict the AAA-affiliate Memphis Redbirds roster (and an added bonus look at the Cardinals proposed lineup). After close to 70 games, many teams have given up on that dream and the good teams have separated themselves from the bad and the unlucky. Luckily they still have Chris Archer, who may be the best pitcher in the AL, and they are showing just how deep their pitching talent goes under a rookie manager. But he is finally getting some support from Albert Pujols, who is having his best season since signing a $240 million contract with the Angels in 2012. Instead, their are four teams over .500 and the only team that is not, the Red Sox, is the team everybody picked to win the division. Early on it has been a disaster, although Giancarlo Stanton’s hot bat recently has dampened the talk.
The milestone in MLB is big for role players as it means Gomes has qualified for a full pension worth $100,000 per year after he retires.
Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright (50) delivers a pitch against the Atlanta Braves at Roger Dean Stadium. This winter they unloaded two-fifths of the rotation as Mat Latos and Alfredo Simon were dealt and it will be too much to replace. They didn’t make many moves, but they filled holes and made a huge upgrade at first base. This winter they added Jason Heyward, as another on-base percentage bat to help make the lineup stronger. Most the offensive and defensive will be sitting out to rest up before their regular season debut against the New Orleans Saints on September 13th. Johnson was supposed to play in the last 2 preseason games but has been continually hindered by a hamstring injury. What was once an area that was supposed to be a strong suit for Arizona Cardinals is now slowing them down. Sims is set to start and play the entire first half, whereas Thomas will play the second half. Thomas finished the game against the Raiders on a strong note as he led the offense on a game winning drive.

Both Phillip Sims and Logan Thomas, who made his regular season debut against the Broncos last year, should be able to lead the offense down the field and put points on the board. While he has yet to disappoint throughout both training camp and the preseason, he will experience his hardest test yet against Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson. He prides himself in being an elite man-coverage corner, as he performs well in both press coverage and when he plays off the line of scrimmage.
It will most likely not be as one-sided as the matchup between Williams and Arizona’s interior offensive line, but I believe Cooper will get the best of Peterson if he remains confident in his ability. The Orioles are better than the 16th best team in MLB, but they may only be the fourth-best team in their division and that won’t be enough to get into the playoffs. While Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips look to return to health and Jay Bruce looks to rebound after a rough 2014, it there is to much talent all around the division for them to compete on top. Even with trading Yovani Gallardo they have the talent to have a stronger rotation this year than last. While their are question marks with almost every arm in the rotation (including Adam Wainwright), they still enter the season as the favorites. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox. On the other hand, the Arizona Cardinals (1-2) finished last season at 11-5 and made the playoffs as a wild card team. The Arizona Cardinals have an all time 1-8-1 record against the Denver Broncos. The latest win against the Broncos came in Week 14 of the 2010 season. While the starters won’t be playing there is still plenty to look out for in this final game.
Chris Johnson is starting the game at running back for the Arizona Cardinals and will most likely be getting around 10 carries. Sean Weatherspoon was signed in the offseason from the Atlanta Falcons.
Earl Watford played surprisingly well against the Raiders, and is now starting the game at right tackle for the Cardinals. Arguably, Sims has had the better preseason and has looked comfortable leading the offense. If Thomas can build off this performance, then it will be a very tough decision for Bruce Arians and the coaching staff come Saturday.
However, the Broncos are 3-0 in the preseason for a reason and beat the reigning NFC Champions, the Seattle Seahwaks, in Week 1.
As opening day approaches any team has a legitimate shot at winning the Central or being left in the dust.
If Ryan Braun can prove healthy, they get a rebound year from Jean Segura and their corner infield stays healthy, this team will be there at the end. The Arizona Cardinals won by a score of 43-13 in a win that was fueled by 22 points scored by kicker Jay Feely. Weatherspoon missed all of last season with an Achilles tear and this will be his first glimpse of NFL action since December 2013. Bradley Sowell is currently projected to start at the spot in the regular season, but it is possible based on his performance today that Watford will be the one starting against the Saints. So far this preseason Sims had lead the offense to points 67% percent of the time, this would have been higher if not for a blocked field goal.
While the rest of the rotation has question marks, they will continue to play at the top of the division again this season.

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