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Sorry Sold OutThe 2015 Topps Opening Day St Louis Cardinals Team Set contains 11 St Louis Cardinals baseball cards including Star Players Yadier Molina, Matt Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Matt Holliday and Kolten Wong.
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This is your chance to purchase a special, limited edition print of a unique "birds" eye view of the inaugural game in the St. The beer was cold, the weather warm and the atmosphere was truly electric as the 41,936 red-clad Redbird fans watched the Cardinals defeat the Brewers 6 to 4.
This special print features an awesome view of the ballpark from the air above, as well as the beautiful St. This limited edition 27" x 39" full color lithograph is printed on acid-free paper with light fast inks and is hand numbered and signed by the world class photographer Bradley Arteaga. A printable version of the Washington Nationals 2016 regular season schedule is now available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. With a beautiful red brick exterior and steel arches along the roof and on top of the main entrances, this is one of the most self-consciously "retro"-design stadiums. My initial impression of this stadium was that it was too jumbled, with an unnecessary proliferation of various deck configurations. Busch Stadium III is situated on a gradual slope, with the ground level on the north side being about 15-20 feet higher than on the south side, where cars zoom past on the Interstate 64 elevated freeway. The new Busch Stadium proved to be just as beneficial to the Cardinals' fortunes as the previous version had been: In its very first year in operation, 2006, the Cardinals won the National League pennant, and went on to beat the Detroit Tigers four games to one in the World Series. On July 17, 2011, a concert by the Irish rock group U2 brought 52,000 fans to the stadium, the biggest crowd ever. NOTE: The diagram thumbnails have been continually replaced since 2008, so the images seen in the older blog posts do not reflect how the full-size diagrams looked at that time. The Topps Opening Day Set is a very small set so there is not many cards per team but still is a nice addition to any collection since most of the big stars are in the set. Baseball cards in lower condition bring far less than those same baseball cards in top shape. If you do not currently have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it for free by clicking below, downloading the installer file AND double-clicking the file to install the reader onto your computer. That is entirely appropriate in the heart of one of the most enthusiastic and successful baseball cities in America. The "Ford Plaza" in back of the bleachers is at the same level as Clark Street (on the left field side), which is about 5-6 feet higher than the main concourse, which in turn is a full level (about 12-13 feet) above the entrance behind home plate.

From the bend near first base to right field, the lower deck extends back about ten additional rows, occupying the space where the two luxury suite levels would otherwise be. The overall shape of the structure resembles the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, but with the relative proximity of the upper decks to the field being reversed from right field to left. The lower deck version diagram above indicates the approximate location of discontinuities in the elevation of the main concourse. Featuring a retail shopping area, a team museum, dining establishments, etc., it is located on the north side, where the previous Busch Stadium used to be. If you ever think of selling baseball cards, football cards, or other sports cards your top condition cards will always get better prices than sports cards that are not in top condition regardless if they are old sports cards or new sports cards when you put them up for sale.There is no right or wrong baseball cards to collect.
On the third base side, the fourth deck terminates just before the two light standards, on the other side of which the third deck extends back several extra rows, with a roof on top. The fact upper decks are right above the left field fence in Busch Stadium, and vice versa for the one in Arlington. On our guided tour, for example, I was surprised to see a flight of stairs leading up from the ground level behind home plate toward the first base side.
Renowned slugger Albert Pujols led to team to amazing success, but the franchise owners were unwilling to meet his demands for a renewed contract, and signed with the L.A.
On September 21, 2013, a college football bowl game (between Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois) was held in Busch Stadium, but the gridiron was aligned in such a way (away from the infield) as to keep fans far from the action. Many people like Topps baseball cards or Upper Deck baseball cards but there have been many manufacturers over the years and even the ones that are no longer in business anymore like Fleer or Pinnacle are collected by many. Because the portion on the north (left field) side overlapped with the previous Busch Stadium (II), it was not possible to complete construction by the time the 2006 season began. Instead, we turned left into a maze of hallways that led past the players' locker rooms, eventually emerging through a tunnel in back of home plate, where the elite Cardinals Club seats (colored blue-green, not red) are located. At least two soccer matches have been played there as well: between Chelsea and Manchester City in May 2013, and between Argentina and Bosnia-Hercegovina in November, 2013. About six thousand additional seats in the two upper decks around the left field corner opened to the public in late May, more than a month ahead of schedule. This split upper-deck configuration provides a view of the field from the upper level concourse, perhaps to encourage fans to go buy food and drinks. The "Champions Club" and "Legends Club" private suites situated below the Loge level have exclusive seats at the very back of the lower deck, but separated from the rest of the lower deck. No matter, the Cards went to the World Series without him in 2013, but came up short against the Red Sox.

Price, value or what a price guide says a sports card is worth should not be the only or even the main factor in what you buy. One of the interesting features of the newest Busch Stadium is the close proximity of the upper decks to the left field corner. One distinctive feature is the large size of the second deck, the "Loge" level; only New Yankee Stadium has a bigger second deck. It's an ambiguous situation, which is why those seating areas are colored red rather than pale orange.
The way to have the most fun with the hobby is to collect what you like and how you like and not what someone else says they think you should.Many hobbiests like to buy baseball cards by the pack or box and get a thrill out of hitting their favorite player or that hard to find card insert, autograph or relic card. Both those stadiums have unusually large upper-deck overhang, providing plenty of shade, at the cost of somewhat obstructed views.
Others like to collect baseball card team sets or cards of their home town players and yet others buy factory sets or build sets by hand. And on special occasions, the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses parade around the warning track, entering through the portal near the right field corner; eight rows of seats are raised up on a big hinge to permit vehicles to enter.
Real bench-style bleachers stretch from bullpen to bullpen, a thrifty option for fans in hard economic times such as these.
While on the field, I noticed several large fans hung beneath the upper deck, to provide fresh breezes for the folks sitting in the Loge level.
Collecting baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, or any other types of sports trading cards can be a life long hobby that's fun for the whole family. So above all enjoy your hobby.Major League Baseball, NFL Football, NBA basketball and NHL Hockey trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective orginations, groups and teams as are the team names and logos. They are used on this site for the sole purpose of selling licensed merchandise and remain the property of their respective owners.The Baseball Card Shop - 1891 E. All in all, it seems to be a very good stadium -- not outrageously fancy, not too big, and not too small.

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