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Great American Ball Park is stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio and home of Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds. Hamilton County voters voted for a 0.5% sales tax increase in 1996 to help fund this stadium for both the Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL).
The Reds paid a whopping $4 million to have a brand-new, high-definition LED scoreboard and video screen for their 2009 season. For added drama for every Reds games, they added two smokestacks located at the right center field (which is reminds one of steamboats typically found on the Ohio River during the 19th to early 20th centuries), flash lights, flames and fireworks to motivate the team’s efforts. In front of the main entrance, one can find a monument to accentuate the ballpark’s popular left-field Crosly terrace. West of Great American Ball Park in Main Street, houses the Hall of Fame and Museum which commemorates Red’s past achievements through its extensive galleries and use of various multimedia. This ballpark also features Riverfront Club, a glass-encased restaurant located on the 3rd level of the baseball stadium that serves upscale menu and a panoramic view of the river and the baseball field. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Chase Field is the home ballpark of MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks. In 1994, The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved a quarter cent increase to the country sales tax to help fund a portion of the construction of the stadium.

The construction started in 1996 and was finally completed in 1998 before the team’s first season. In 2003, this ballpark was officially launched and replaced Cinergy Field, which was their home field from 1970 to 2002.
Designers to this ballpark decided to build a lowered split-level upper deck by the field’s third base and create a gap by separating it from the single-tiered upper decks. The 217 ft, 9 inches wide scoreboard is made by Daktronics and is one of the biggest LED screens in the US. The bronze statues features baseball stars such as Ernie Lombardi, Ted Kluszewski, Frank Robinson and Joe Nuxhall of the Crosley-era fame. Tickets to watch Cincinnati Reds games are sold at Cincinnati Reds sales office and the Great American Ballpark ticket office; however, you can purchase the cheapest Reds tickets from reputable online ticket sites and ticket brokers.
The cost of construction was estimated initially at $279 million but due to inflation in steel and other construction materials, the final budget was moved to $364 million.
This is opened or closed depending on the temperature but even when closed, it allows enough sunlight in without scorching the stadium.
Since the ballpark has limited space, Cinergy Field was completely demolished on December 2002.

The gap is considered a striking feature and enables the spectator unhampered view of the buildings in downtown Cincinnati. It used to be named Bank One Ballpark after Bank One in Chicago, Illinois, which led to its nickname, BOB. From 1999 to 2005, Cincinnati Reds was owned by the late chairman of Great American Insurance Group, Carl Lindner, Jr. The team’s additional expenses plus those of another expansion franchise, The Tamp Bay Devil Rays, were not permitted to share in the revenues from Major League Baseball for the first five years of operations, which left the Diamondbacks in deep financial struggle. The Diamondbacks have an agreement between Chase Field to make this stadium their home field for a minimum of 30 years and the prospect of extending their lease to another 10 years at the team’s request. The ballpark boasts of 48,569 seats, six party suites and 69 luxury suites in an expansive 17,000 square feet stadium. In March 2006, this stadium hosted three first round games of the World Baseball Classic and the All-Star Game on July 12, 2011.

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