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The closer, a former All-Star, was so bad that he lost his job in the season’s first month. The team won 16 games in their last 21 to win the National League Wild Card and a spot in the playoffs.
In that NLCS, the Cardinals became the first team IN HISTORY to win a postseason series without a single starting pitcher getting an out in the sixth inning or beyond!
Being one strike away from losing, TWICE, in game six of the World Series, the Cardinals won in extra innings on a walk-off home run. Mark Quinn is a 20-year mattress industry veteran with a passion for presenting business in the best possible light. This entry was posted in marketing and tagged business, cardinals, comeback, communication, communications, focus, history, improbable, leadership, manager, marketing, odds, rally squirrel, squirrel, st louis, st louis cardinals, success, team, win, winning. Excellent points nephew…even though someone might not be a fan of the champioship Cardinals there is definitely a lesson to be learned. A cardinal perched on a yellow bat wearing a cap over a baseball inside a red circle reading St. Coloring Pages Baseball of San Francisco Giants, St Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals.
When the Cardinals recently unveiled their new home alternate jersey and announced some other uniform tweaks, the guy emceeing the event was team president Bill DeWitt III. Uni Watch: How big a role did you personally have in the development of this new alternate uniform design? UW: What sorts of things did you consider along the way that ended up on the cutting room floor, so to speak? In the 14 years since then, there have always been little things about that 1998 redesign that bugged me, but none of them bugged me enough to go through the effort of changing them. Early this year, though, we were pushing Majestic to tighten up a few other problems we’d seen. BD: The slipping down of the chest logo is one of the things we were noticing and were annoyed by. UW: You must love spring training, because you guys always wear the red caps on the road for Grapefruit League games. ESPN reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, the annual Uni Watch Holiday Gift Guide is up now on ESPN. Uni Watch News Ticker: NC State will wear Jim Valvano tribute jerseys next week in the Jimmy V Classic.

My recollection is that the Cards moved the numbers to their sleeves in 1979 and 1980 to highlight the birds on the front.
I can’t imagine the equipment manager is going to be thrilled about packing two full sets of batting helmets on the road.
Gary, I know the history but that still doesn’t explain *why* a team named the *Cardinals* has a navy blue cap. Louis Cardinals had a wild and improbable season in which they ended up WINNING the 2011 World Series.
If you focus on your goal with laser-like intensity and don’t let ANYTHING take away your attention, you CAN win. They do not represent the thinking of the company I work for, or anyone else with whom I am affiliated. He works hard on strategy and culture, and has a business focus on leadership and marketing.
I always thought it was crazy that we had a cartoon bird for our primary logo and a different kind of bird on our uniform. At one point there was some thought about doing a black bat, instead of yellow, because that’s what we used to have. Since the inspiration for the jersey comes from the early 1930s, why not go back to the version of the birds on the bat that was used in that era? And then, lo and behold, I started noticing that about 10% of cardinals actually do have much lighter-colored beaks. But seriously, I have seen actual cardinal birds with beaks that are really close to yellow. Louis” script on our regular road jersey, are we also going to put placket piping on the road? Are you aware that some fans think there’s a certain cockiness, or even arrogance, in that last statement? Plus the Cardinals wore red caps all the time when I started watching baseball so that’s what looks right to me. If your team name is the Cardinals or Red Birds, you should wear *red*, not navy, not black, etc.
Quinn believes every company is a media company and works hard in the digital space to bring products and stories to the right audience. That led to a redesign of the bird, which we then used on our uniforms and for a new logo and for some other things.

We considered doing the really thick piping on the shoulders, we could have done belt piping, those types of things. We proudly consider ourselves to be among those elite few who don’t change just for change.
It takes them longer to do one of our jerseys than any other MLB jersey by far — about an hour. So we were pushing them on that, and then I asked for a sample showing that they’d fixed all these things, and it came back just unbelievably more detailed.
Maybe the team needed something completely absurd to shift their focus away from a goal that seemed utterly impossible. Louis” script we had back in ’32, I love off-white cream jerseys that teams like the Giants, Phillies, and Indians have used. And second, is that why you made the front uniform numbers smaller, because the space underneath the bat has gotten more compressed? If you are like me, I start looking for inspiration to push me forward when things get tough. And I thought, rather than messing with perfection by altering our home and road jerseys, let’s have an alternate jersey that incorporates some of these older, archival elements that go well together. We can kinda hang our hats on that: These birds are rare, and the Cardinals are rare players. Also, we have this enhanced stitching technology that allows for better detailing of the birds themselves, and we think the modern birds showcase that better than the tails-up birds. For me, it’s a great look, but I actually find it bothersome if only one guy does it. And then finally, those older birds are much smaller, and that causes problems with the proportion of the birds compared to the script and the bat.
And now I think it’s finally perfectly proportioned relative to the rest of the logo.
If the Kings move, it would also mark the sixth incarnation of this franchise, following the Rochester Royals, the Cincinnati Royals, the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, the Kansas City Kings, and the Sacramento Kings.
They tell some really cool stories, including one about Gordie Howe being upset he didn’t get a Red Wings jacket that he was promised in his contract.

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