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As part of the The Majors Sports Network, The Majors National gives you the very best in national and international sports and entertainment news, rumors, analysis and opinions. A group of GIs at the Sigfried Line listen on the radio to the 1944 World Series baseball game between the St. WW2inColor is made up of a large WW2 photograph collection of over 40,000 images which have been viewed over 95 million times in total over the last few years. There was a bit of a dust-up at the gate to Progressive Field in Cleveland a few weeks ago as we stood in line to get into the game against the Twins. Why I saved them, I don’t know, but each provided a unique snapshot of a moment for which I had no pictures. The notes in the Coke logos reveal I was much more descriptive than I usually was (click image to enlarge).
Bob Collins has been with Minnesota Public Radio since 1992, emigrating to Minnesota from Massachusetts. As a softball coach for 9-13 year olds, we have to keep score of the games we are coaching because none of the parents know how to do it. I score every game I go to (except for one per year when I give myself a break) so when I showed up to four games at Dodger Stadium last month with my trusty book, I may as well have been a zoo animal. A friend of my scores almost every Tigers game he watches on TV or listens to, and definitely when he’s there in person. I don’t score every game but a scorecard helps me keep my head in the game, which is becoming increasingly important as MLB adds entertainment (distractions) like racing corporate logos and jewelry inspired kiss cams.
On the fourth a young lady sat next to my spouse, turns out she rode the bus all night from Chicago to see the Yankees and our new ballpark.
Four years ago, I bought a book for my now-11 year-old son and I to keep score at every game that we attend together. I recently unearthed a scorecard from when I saw the Indians play the Yankees at old Cleveland Stadium.
Louis Cardinals starter Lance Lynn (10-3, 3.23 ERA) has been amazing in 2012, but he hasn't pitched as well during the month of June.

Louis Cardinals' Stephen Piscotty (55) follows through on a solo home run against the Miami Marlins in the fifth inning of a baseball game, Sunday, Aug.
Louis Cardinals' Jason Heyward (22) is congratulated by third base coach Jose Oquendo after his solo home run against the Miami Marlins in the first inning of a baseball game, Sunday, Aug. LOUIS — Stephen Piscotty got another major first out of the way on Sunday.The rookie connected for his first big league homer in the fifth inning of the St. Our upload feature allows website visitors to add related WW2 images and other historic documents for educational purposes. A man had ducked out of line to buy a game program, only to find out no scorecard was included. I was sitting in the last row at the very top of the old Busch Stadium when the lightning bolt hit not far away. I’m proud to say I got all 21 hits and 16 runs the Phillies scored on June 28 along with all the substitutions that a 16-1 rout offers, including an infielder pitching. One day I realized for $6 I can get a whole book that I can keep along with the ticket stubs that I have going back to 1992. I scored the Twins-Royals game on June 30, first one I could remember doing since middle school (15 years). For more in-depth coverage of this series,check out SB Nation's Cardinals and Pirates blogs, Viva El Birdos and Bucs Dugout.News and notes from around Major League Baseball can be found on Baseball Nation. True to his generation, he was distraught that another chip had appeared in the bedrock game of the nation. It was a Thursday and the Mets had senior citizen discount day games on Thursdays back then.
To score a game you have to be there for the first pitch AND stay in your seat the entire 9 innings. From a quick census of teammates on my softball teams, it’s a lost art among that group. On Saturday afternoon he will start opposite Pirates hurler Jeff Karstens (0-2, 6.35 ERA) who has only made one start this month and gave up 11 hits and six earned runs against the Philadelphia Phillies on June 24.

It provides a forum for an online discussion and debate about events that might not typically make the front page.
When there is a pop up in the infield (no infield fly rule at this level), the pitcher yells out who gets it, and I make them yell the position number, not names.
No spending an inning with your friends in one of the bars or walking halfway around the stadium for a turkey leg.
He traded an autographed ball for the memento."I've got my first hit, my first RBI, and now this," he said. Patrick Reusse told us as much Saturday in his excellent essay on nine baseball traditions that have disappeared. Unless your seat is in the right place you can hardly have time to use the bathroom or get a hot dog. We had moved to Minnesota just two years earlier and we were driving back to Massachusetts, stopping first to see the new ballpark in Cleveland and meet other fans I’d met online (this was the early days of the web). I wrote that we sat in Section 255 Row U, Seats 1-4, a skyview spot to watch the ascension of one franchise, and the pitiful decline of another. Last Thursday, the New York Times considered the changing cultural landscape and found, predictably, generational reasons. And in order to make these kinds of decisions you need to be closely engaged with the game.
The irony is that baseball score keeping is a pitch right in the wheelhouse of a younger generation, a generation that documents everything, usually with a cellphone.
A commenter on the NPR blog captures the sentiment perfectly: I have hand-written journals from my past that are like little time machines.
I also find it fascinating to read them years later and realize how much the past has changed, and keeps changing.

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