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Kris Bryant finally hit the first home run of his career Saturday, and his Chicago Cubs teammates played a prank on him by leaving the dugout before he got back. After all the hype and anticipation, Kris Bryant finally hit the first home run of his Chicago Cubs career Saturday night. In classic fashion, his teammates responded the only way appropriate to celebrate the top prospects first home run. As he was rounding the bases, the Cubs left the dugout and hid as Bryant returned to an empty dugout with no one to celebrate his big home run with. The fact it took Bryant to hit his first home run longer than expected made the team’s reaction even more hilarious. Usually teams might give a guy the silent treatment when he hits a home run after a drought, but the Cubs took it to new levels by leaving the dugout as if there was nothing to see anymore. Even funnier, Bryant ran right down the dugout steps and chased down his teammates to make sure he got his celebration.
Everyone came back out with wide smiles on their face after pulling off the plan to perfection.
Unfortunately he didn’t hit a home run until now, but the first one is always the hardest one to get, and his teammates celebrated appropriately.
The San Francisco Giants look like a team of destiny as they head into the National League Championship Series against the St.
The Giants 3-2 win against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday clinched a spot in the next round of the playoffs, and the offense seemed to be taking a night off, but San Francisco Giants baseball has been built on will, and as Outfielder Hunter Pence noted in a postgame interview, the team’s pillars are pitching and defense. Shut down pitching has been a major weapon for the San Francisco Giants, lead by ace Ryan Vogelsong, who has been virtually untouchable in the postseason so far. Most of the torture the San Francisco Giants have inflicted upon their opponents has come without any aid from their old hero, Pitcher Tim Lincecum.
The San Francisco Giants are October’s favorite team, as the baseball gods have always made sure to provide what the Giants have needed in the most opportune moments. The Portland Trail Blazers announced their annual mini slate Monday, and while it’s easy to brush aside the concept of meaningless contests, this year’s agenda has a number of exciting showdowns to look out for. Portland has lacked a rival for years now, and while there’s no guaranteeing any squad steps up to fill the void in the near future, the Utah Jazz have a chance. Utah, along with Portland, will be competing for home-court advantage in the 2017 postseason.

With Utah playing host to a number of young players who are still improving, look for the Jazz to take preseason basketball seriously. The Phoenix Suns have looked like a mess the last couple of seasons after being considered a favorite to return to the playoffs. Like Utah, this team should take every second of competitive basketball seriously if the hope is to compete for a spot in the postseason sooner rather than later.
It’s tough to look at the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster and picture them being competitive on a high level. Kobe Bryant is gone and a number of young pieces finally have a chance to show what they can do. The Los Angeles Clippers won’t consider this contest a revenge game, but it will be a nice reminder that Portland is the one that knocked them out of last year’s playoffs. This won’t feel anything like a postseason environment, but it will be the Blazers’ first look at a true contender. The incentive to watch this contest comes in the form of Oklahoma product and 2016-17 rookie Buddy Hield. Hield has a long career ahead of him if he can get his shot to fall at a regular rate; the hope if you’re Denver is that the acclimation period is quick and that he can be comfortable if this team is competing in meaningful games late in the regular season. The Golden State Warriors may not be the defending champions this season, but they will clearly be circled on every fan base’s calendars.
Bryant Knox writes, edits and is on a constant mission to absorb as much sports knowledge as possible -- especially as it pertains to the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Louis, MO, USA; Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant (17) is congratulated by teammates after scoring against the St. Bryant of course was one of the most talked about prospects in the Cubs organization, after the team used a high pick on him.
They have had some of their best players put on disabled list, they endured a late losing streak in September as the race for the pennant and wild card waged on without any interference from San Francisco, and the team offense has even batted out of order on more than one occasion in the playoffs. Hunter Pence was an example of that notion with his sprint, jump, and stretch act that ended with a “Web Gem” catch and his back on the outfield fence to erase an extra-base hit from the Nationals’ Jason Werth. Proving that San Francisco is October’s favorite team this year, fortune has also been a huge weapon on the side of San Francisco, as the three offensive scores from the Giants came off a bases-loaded walk, a ground-out, and a wild pitch. In fact, out of all the players listed on the playoff roster for the Giants, Lincecum was the only player in the clubhouse that never reached the field.

There are more talented teams on paper, but as the Nationals found at, talent can and will fall to strong defense, tough pitching, and pure magic. The Cards are a really good team and as a Chicago kid it pains me to give them credit, but that organization deserves every bit of credit it gets. The Cards are really good, and have always been a thorn in my side (growing up in Chicago). Although there’s no promise they turn the corner this year, the team has done enough in terms of compiling a young roster full of potential to get the attention of those out West. This team doesn’t have the same untapped potential as the first three on the early-fall showcase, but it is going to be right there beneath the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs in terms of Western Conference contention. If there’s one way to describe the franchise, it’s that they’ve been one step away from being one step away the past few seasons. He’s a big-time scorer who will look to prove he can not only put up big points but do it in an efficient manner. He tore up spring training this year and everyone couldn’t wait to see him get called up to the big leagues. All four teams heading to the championship series, Baltimore Orioles and Kansas City Royals included, have looked very good this postseason, but the magic seems to be in the hands of the San Francisco Giants. Pence says eloquently of the catch, “I was just like, ‘I’ve got to get that ball.” Efforts like what Pence and the Giants defense displayed during the National League Division Series are what have allowed the San Francisco Giants to enjoy, if enjoy is the word, wins in 11 of the last 12 postseason games. This years team is very good, and have all the tools to win and make several more World Series runs in the coming years. San Francisco Manager Bruce Bochy tells media with a smile, “Our way is torture, I think,” as Giants wins have not happened easily, but they have happened anyway. Bruce Bochy stated that Lincecum was set to pitch in the 19th inning of the brutal 18 inning game against the Nationals on Saturday.
Don’t expect either team to play its go-to players much, as the schedule is coming to a close. While happy for the work his teammates have put in, Lincecum looks to make an impact in the NLCS.

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