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The Seven Years’ War involved nearly all of the European powers, and fighting took place in both European and colonial theaters of war. Although the French Revolution had many sympathizers abroad and neighboring monarchs were initially reluctant to intervene on behalf of Louis XVI, fear of the spread of revolutionary principles eventually prompted them to act. Between 1800 and 1814, Napoleon and his armies extended the expansion of French power begun under the Revolution, redrew the political boundaries of continental Europe, and reorganized government administration.
This map traces major global migration patterns at the beginning of the nineteenth century. In February 1848, revolution broke out in Paris and quickly spread eastward across Europe to Hungary, the Rhineland, Vienna, Berlin, and the Italian states.
This map shows the major slave trade routes between Europe, Africa, and the Americas over a two-hundred-year period. By 1750, nearly all the land in North America was subject to claims by the rival European states of Britain, France, and Spain.
The North American theater of the Seven Years’ War is referred to as the French and Indian War, essentially another phase in the long contest between Britain and France for supremacy in the global economy and colonial power. The map shows troop movements and the location of battle sites during the first phase of the War for Independence, when fighting was concentrated in New England and the Mid-Atlantic colonies. These two maps show the dramatic westward expansion of the United States under Jefferson’s presidency. The process of settling and organizing newly-acquired territories was complicated by the issue of slavery and sectional interests. The Arizona Coyotes started out hot at the beginning of the season but as soon as November rolled around, the once on fire team started to fizzle out. The Coyotes only had a total of 19 shots on goal, so it was obvious that most of the game was spent with the Islanders trying to invade Arizona’s zone. Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith managed to stop a total of 33 shots on goal from New York, but that does not matter if no one else scores. They got their first power play just two minutes into the first period, with top-line players on the ice, but did not manage to rack up any points. They worked too hard during the first half of the game just to give it up to the Stars at literally the last minute, even if that meant they had to go into overtime and maybe still lose. In a complete turnaround from their three consecutive losses, the Coyotes conquered in a 5-0 shutout. They were outshot 22-10 in the first period, but Martin Hanzal slipped one past Vancouver goal tender Ryan Miller.
This game was very close, but Arizona pulled through in the end to keep the score at 2-1 and avoid the dreaded overtime period. The Coyotes finally used the power play to their benefit, when defenseman Brandon Gormley scored at 14:08.

Arizona’s defense was also there to save their netminder, as they kept Edmonton out for the entire game — except for one third-period goal by Taylor Hall. This one-goal victory is an encouraging feat after their shutout win against the Canucks, but what is the point of having a strong defense and no scoring?
The Sharks — living up to their penchant for putting pucks on net — started putting the pressure on Dubnyk, but he performed supremely again and survived a storm of shots coming his way.
Arizona kept good puck possession throughout the entire night and took advantage of San Jose’s slow start — which led to not only early goals, but ultimately a hard-earned victory.
But if the Coyotes had pushed through the first two periods instead of showing that they were tired, maybe Anaheim’s two goals never would have happened. Everyone that saw the first goal and the play knows that it was a lucky one for the Ducks, because Smith lost his footing behind the net. Arizona coach Dave Tippett made a point of stressing puck possession during their mini break between games, but there was no evidence of this early in game against Calgary. The Coyotes’ offense came around in the second period, but it was too late to make a difference.
Even with a four-day break, anyone would think that the Coyotes would be up and ready to play like they did at the beginning of the season.
Consistency is also key — which in their case means not dragging through the first two periods, only to wake up in the third and expect to win.
The Coyotes are 25th overall in the league, with nine wins in the 24 games they have played. In Europe, improved communications, growing trade and commerce, and industrializing economies, combined with significant population growth since the seventeenth century, facilitated the movement of people both domestically and abroad. Constitution by all thirteen states faced considerable obstacles and was not achieved until 1790. In 1803, an expedition was planned to cross the continent to the Pacific coast to make geographical observations and investigate trading prospects with Native Americans. Is it a case of bad luck, or just a team that needs to start cooperating more if they want to become a playoff team? So, how did Arizona never cash in on their scoring chances — especially in the first and second periods? Man advantages were also on their side for most of the game, but they still failed to get any shots past Islanders goal tender Jaroslav Halak. It was the second time that the Coyotes lost on a late goal, in almost the exact same scenario that happened against the Islanders. They also outshot Dallas 17-6 in the first, which means they made some changes and were dominating the Stars’ zone but just could not score.
Yes, they were not shutout in back-t0-back games, but that doesn’t make the effort any less discouraging.

Arizona must have had a wake-up call after their losses, because they shined all through the second period — with two more goals from Hanzel and one from captain Shane Doan.
He turned out a solid performance, even though he was making only his first start in six weeks.
His efforts allowed him to make 40 saves in 65 minutes, but it was not only him who won the game for the Desert Dogs. The second one happened off a fortuitous bounce on a rebound — which is completely understandable, because that’s hockey for you.
Anaheim was up and ready to go as soon as the first period started, and the ‘Yotes offense obviously was not up to the challenge. Little mistakes, like not scoring on power plays and letting the puck get away too many times, add up quickly.
There may be games, like the one against Vancouver, where they are on top of everything and ready to catch every obstacle thrown at them.
If they want even a chance to see the playoffs this year (slim chance, I know), they are going to have to make some major changes before spring. 8 and then dominated the rest of the West Coast, the Coyotes’ troubles really started.
Simply breaking down their past losses — compared to their rare wins — anyone could see that the ‘Yotes need to focus on their offense, possession, consistency and some other key points if they want to turn things around before spring comes along. The last minute power play during the third period with 1:37 left did not do any good either, even with Smith on the bench and a 6-on-4 advantage. The pressure that the Canucks were putting on very early in the game, especially on Dubnyk, was enough to motivate the entire team to put in a bigger effort — and it showed in the final score. 14 when there is great balance, but scoring a few goals needs to become a nightly thing or else they will slip out of sight in the standings. Their offense is the key game-changer, but it has been missing for so long that who knows if they will find it in time.
But they cannot keep doing that, only to follow up their strong effort by losing the next three or four games. With the great core players that the entire league knows that they have, those changes should not be too hard to figure out in helping to improve their their overall development drastically. Rest is always key, and it can be especially tough to get on the road, but something so simple could be the key to consistency. Augustine in Florida in 1565, and conducted a more substantial colonizing venture in what is now the southwestern U.S.

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