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Warranty Policy upon initial arrival of product: All orders are guaranteed to arrive without breakage. Pictures may be required in certain instances in order to determine the extent of damage and the action that will be taken by Neon Sign Inc. You are agreeing that should your sign need repair during the warranty period that Neon Sign Inc will provide the required units that need to be replaced.
Are these signs the real neon signs that I see in the stores advertising beer, or other beverages? Yes, one sign at a time (dealer discretion) can be costly because of the added shipping costs.
Dealers acquire signs from the brewery and sign industries, as well as retail businesses, private collectors and individuals. When a neon sign is first turned on, it takes fifteen to thirty minutes for the sign to become fully bright. No, we never refund the money, however we have a 100% breakage guarantee in shipping which means if the sign breaks in shipping we will replace the part for free. Any printed price list would be out of date the next day because of sign turnover, availability and amount of models of beer signs.
Generally, local laws cover commercial neon installations and NHL Neons that are visible from the street.

The operation of a neon sign is similar to cool fluorescent lighting, but operating at a higher voltage. On top of that we also have a 1 year warranty on the sign - which adds more safety and protection. The purpose is to satisfy the varied demand for specific brands and models of NHL Neons that people want to use for decorations in their homes. Breweries come out with new models regularly, and there are signs from smaller breweries available. Generally, a neon sign's estimated value is determined by the estimated cost to produce it and the availability. If a neon sign will work when first turned on, chances are it will work almost indefinitely.
Multiple signs per order and shipping air-freight to the nearest international airport available to the customer will reduce shipping costs.
If a tube breaks, the sign will just not illuminate that section of bent glass between electrodes. Newer electronic transformers have built-in safety features and are much safer that the older, heavy iron-core units. That is, a neon shop worker temporarily attaches a higher voltage source and lights the neon sign for a few minutes to redistribute the interior tube coating, or correct any internal mercury migration.

Other neon signs are regional (such as specific sports teams) and were originally available only in selected, local, areas.
UL specifications require metal, wire, or special high-temperature plastic frames, which is why almost all of the signs utilize them.
Generally, an artistic, neon sign with lots of colors is worth more than a single color 'word' sign with no art. The prices shown either represent a sign's actual selling price previously, OR an estimated price based on certain criteria.
If a sign seems more expensive than other, similar, signs with the same amount of neon, chances are that sign is simply more popular, or in shorter supply. When the estimated packing, shipping and sales costs are added to a price of a sign, the total amount is listed at the web site for the sign.

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