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A neighbor, Michael Kinzer, told the Herald that Carlson plants the flagpole on the property line in front of their homes. In the meantime, Carlson wants to keep up his tradition of flying the 12th Man flag on game days. Leon Washington 2010-2012 Red Bryant 2008-2013 Golden Tate 2010-2013 Breno Giacomini 2011-2013 - Gone but not forgotten.
SEATTLE SEAHAWKS SUPERBOWL XLVIII CHAMPIONS!May the spirit of our friend The Radish live on forever!

Lindell told the Herald that Carlson often flies the American flag and that right extends to flying the 12th Man flag.
He added that he hasn’t spoken to Carlson about the flags, and did admit to being a Seahawks fan himself. The thing is, Carlson said he hasn’t displayed the flag since he received a complaint about it last year.
Perhaps feeling a little stifled in his desire to display his team spirit, Carlson then contacted a lawyer.

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