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Seals Stadium was built for the minor league San Francisco Seals, the team where Joe DiMaggio and his lesser-known brothers Dominic and Vince got their start.
The Giants played at Seals Stadium for two years while Candlestick Park was under construction.
In July 1959 Willie McCovey played his first major league game in Seals Stadium, just a few months before the Giants moved out and demolition began.
NOTE: The diagram thumbnails have been continually replaced since 2008, so the images seen in the older blog posts do not reflect how the full-size diagrams looked at that time. The Cliff House has been a world renowned restaurant since the first House was built in the year 1858.
Parentheses indicate estimated distances to right center, and the right field foul pole (both evidently unmarked). Until 1938, however, the San Francisco Missions also played there as the home team, which is why there was a third locker room there. With its long foul line distances, relatively standard distance to center, tight foul territory, and roofless, wide-open grandstand, it is hard to imagine a sharper contrast to the Giants' former home in the Polo Grounds.

It overlooks the Seal Rocks where hundreds of seals bask in the sun daily and are easily seen from the famous Redwood Room. The outfield fences were angled inward, perpendicular to their respective portions of the grandstand, so that the power alleys were relatively modest in length, much like Wrigley Field in Los Angeles. It was situated in an elevated spot, providing fans with an impressive view of the Mission District. The left field bleachers were added in time for the Giants' arrival, but the seating capacity of 22,900 was still woefully inadequate for Major League games. The land was sloped, with the field at ground level in right field, and about 30 feet higher behind the grandstand on the third base side.
According to Lowry (2007), the outfield dimensions were reduced slightly between 1958 and 1959, but I have seen no photographic evidence of this, and the latter dimensions appear more reliable.
The third base side of the grandstand was shorter than the right side because 15th Street made an odd bend near the left foul pole.
The distance to the right field corner was probably 354 feet; the 350 foot figure pertains to the corner of the bleachers.

In the late 1940s, bleachers were added in right field, presumably at about the same time that light towers were installed. One odd feature of Seals Stadium was that it never had dirt warning tracks, one of the last major league ballparks without them. In 1951, an inner fence was built in left field, reducing the distance down the line from 365 to 347 feet. Much like what the Pittsburgh Pirates did at Forbes Field, the gap was named "Paul's Porch," for the franchise owner Paul Fagan, but it was removed before the 1952 season began.
I have seen no basis for the original left field distance of 340 feet that was given by Lowry in Green Cathedrals.

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