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The complete collection comes available mid-­February online at and at Rapha Cycle Club stores in London, San Francisco, and Osaka. Pro-Team: At the highest level, riders will be able to wear exactly what the Team Sky riders will wear to race and train in 2013, keeping the same design, fit and performance from the peloton.
Replica: For the rider wanting the look but who doesn’t require the complete pro-performance or price tag. I’m not overly familiar with Rapha but it seems like they make some beautiful looking products at least.

Break a sweat with Elite's 2016-17 trainer lineup including most accurate power measurement for a trainer, ever? Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure.
We are excited about the refinements we have brought to the on­?bike clothing and are very glad to be able to redefine their look off the bike in a way more commensurate with the stature of these riders and the team,” said Simon Mottram, Founder and CEO of Rapha.
Key supporter products will be sold at key European races and events via a mobile Rapha Cycle Club. A standout new product in this offer is the ‘Supporters Jersey’, a top that has the look of the team but with a cut meant to pair with jeans for off-the-bike.

A selection of the offering will be sold through the current Rapha stockists around the globe. To me it looks like a black jersey with a blue stripe and some crooks company emblazoned across the chest.

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