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In October 2008 the costume designer for the new movie "Red Tails," Allison Mitchell, saw this website and expressed a desire to see the collection personally. Shown above and below is Allison Mitchell the costume designer for "Red Tails." She's in conversation with two actors playing a pilot and copilot of one of the B-17s in the movie.
These photographs of uniforms and flight gear are presented to show the typical uniforms and gear used by B-17 and B-24 crewmen in 1944. It has been five years since I asked Gary Moncur if he wanted to add a section on flight gear. When she mentioned she was flying from England to Lucasfilm at Skywalker Ranch, I volunteered to bring all of the collection there and set it up.
It would be a shame not to show the effort made to equip the pilots and bomber crews with the most accurate and authentic flight gear available.

This A-3 harness, as the one in photo #7, are excellent reproductions from Vintage Parachutes.
Since then I have tried to add and share with you the many varied flight gear items I have obtained. The actor on the left is wearing an authentic F-2 heated suit, complete with all its wiring. If it's your first visit to the 303rd Bomb Group site, the examples of flight gear presented here are authentic examples of what the 8th, 9th and 15th AAF Bomb Groups and Fighter pilots wore in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO). In most captions you will find a direct link to a wartime photo of a 303rd BG crewman wearing the same item. Sticking out from the cuffs of his F-2 suit are the connecting point for the heated gloves, 2 simple snaps.

Hunt in the lead crew photo for Mission #328 is wearing the B-8 type chute with the bayonet type hardware. Thanks to Gary Moncur for his many hours of work spent on posting all of what your about to see.
When it came to reproductions, I never heard Ali say "that's good enough" or "don't worry about it, the audience will never catch it." She had to send examples back several times before the manufacturer understood the true concept of what "exact copy" means.

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