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The Boy and I are big time baseball fans - him the Texas Rangers and me, the Boston Red Sox. This project was pretty quick and easy (it took me about 45 from start to finish) and I'm SO excited for her to wear it to the game. Since 1988, the Red Sox are the only baseball team to have all nine positions be represented on the cover (11, if you include DH and separate starting pitchers from closers). You'll be topstitching them - use a straight stitch on your sewing machine and sew a seam on the right sides of the tee right along the seams on the inside. Catcher Jason Varitek, starters Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez, closer Jonathan Papelbon, first baseman Mo Vaughn, second basemen Pedrioa and Mark Bellhorn, shortstop Nomar Garciaparra, third baseman Wade Boggs, left fielder Manny Ramirez, center fielder Johnny Damon, right fielder Dwight Evans and DH David Ortiz are the Sox players that have been featured.
Every team has practice clothes for playing on the field, but matching custom shirts would allow you to represent your team pride off the field.

Cubs fans, Red Sox fans, Yankees fans, Giants fans, and everyone else is welcome to make a custom t-shirt that shows off your pride in your favorite baseball team. And now, we're the proud owners of an adorable little baseball fan - but which team will she be rooting for?
Attach your team logo to the shirt and everyone will be watching out for you when you play your next game. Don't spend a ton of money at an overpriced sports clothing store, just order your custom t-shirt online from ooShirts for the lowest prices available on the web.
Head to our design lab now and check out how simple it is to order custom thsirts from ooShirts. We fought about discussed this for a while until I came up with the perfect solution - a dual baseball team T-shirt.

And it was a 16-inning game, and I think there were some cocktails involved in some people's interviews.
And then we got back home and, thanks to New Balance, there are boxes of Muddy Chicken T-shirts.

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