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The Buffalo Bills are dealing with some injuries at the quarterback position after EJ Manuel got a knee procedure and Kevin Kolb a concussion and after signing Matt Leinart, the team may set history, as undrafted QB Jeff Tuel could start Week 1 against the New England Patriots. According to the article, some other quarterbacks have done the same thing as Tuel, but all those players had some professional experience prior to starting, including Tom Flores and Jim Zorn. In the regular season, O’Brien totaled 24,386 passing yards, 124 passing touchdowns, and 95 interceptions. It was a solid career for O’Brien, but the Jets would have certainly rather had Marino in that 1983 NFL Draft. New England Patriots Draft Rumors: Pats Eye QB Dak Prescott Of MSU, Jimmy Garoppolo On Trade Block?
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As every New England Patriots fan knows, the team will go into the 2016 NFL Draft that opens April 28 with no selection in the first round, thanks to penalties imposed by the National Football League in connection with the so-called Deflategate affair — penalties that Patriots owner Robert Kraft chose to simply accept rather than contest. As a result, New England has no pick at all until 59 players have already come off the draft board — a fact which has set off rumors even more intense and puzzling than usual as to how Patriots Coach and General Manager Bill Belichick will use that draft slot Number 60. The latest speculation from experts on the Patriots within the New England media has Belichick using that selection to choose a quarterback.
While it may seem strange for the Patriots to use any draft pick on a quarterback, given that for the past 15 years and, under his contract at least two more, New England has had Tom Brady to fill the position — a four time Super Bowl winner, three-time Super Bowl MVP, two-time NFL MVP and certain first-ballot Hall of Famer.
Prescott, in an interview last week, said that the offense his team ran at Mississippi State was based directly on the Patriots’ style.
Prescott worked out at the NFL combine this week, but his performance in the combine drills was considered somewhat disappointing.
New England also has single picks in the third, fourth and seventh rounds, plus two picks in the sixth round.
New England Patriots Rumors: Sterling Shepard To Pats In 2016 NFL Draft — Or Will It Be Maurice Canady? Houston is desperately in the market for a quarterback, and was known to have interest in Garoppolo leading into the 2014 draft.
The New England Patriots briefly signed Tim Tebow prior to the 2013 season, which would indicate that Belichick has interest in a backup quarterback fitting the Tebow mold and could look for one in the draft.
Last May, the National Football League cognoscenti and “insiders” couldn’t stop gushing about an undersized, ad-libbing quarterback dynamo who had transformed the perception of his college program. Now, week after week, Manziel spends his time precisely the same place The Original Doug Flutie often found himself during his NFL career: the bench.
It’s tempting to imagine how Flutie would have been viewed, when he would have been drafted and how his career would have unfolded had he entered the NFL in 2014 instead of 1984. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Cleveland thought Brian Hoyer would never match up with Manziel going into last season, especially with how explosive Manziel was during his days at Texas A & M.
On the field, Cleveland saw Hoyer win the starting job going into last season and perform at a surprisingly high level.
Unfortunately, Hoyer did not have all the answers for Cleveland and it gave way to Manziel-mania. Manziel, look man, you have talent, but until you figure out what exactly you want to do with your life, there are some major life choices you need to figure out. My advice, either invest in Hoyer long-term or try the free agent market to find the solution. The Bills are hoping for some luck in that first game as they are throwing Tuel to the fire and while Manuel might be ready, the team clearly is ready to make history as well. Tuel went undrafted out of school and showed the Bills what he could do and now the team will likely start him in Week 1. Quickly after the Jets drafted O’Brien, they knew they missed out on Dan Marino, who was taken three picks later. He is expected to fall to a lower round in the draft, where he could be available to the Patriots at Number 60. In addition to losing their first-round pick as part of the controversial Deflategate discipline, the Patriots previously traded their fifth-roumd pick to the Houston Texans in exchange for wide receiver Keyshawn Martin. Scouts say that Dak Prescott, however, has a better arm and is a more accomplished passer than Tim Tebow.
It followed Flutie through both acts of his NFL career (which bookended a dominant eight-year run in the Canadian Football League). It does not take a NFL expert to tell you that life in college is 100 times different from in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, he created the wrong kinds of press for the Browns and their already struggling organization.
Johnny Football got his chance to show that he was ready to be Cleveland’s savior and lead them to playoff glory.
With Cleveland looking to secure Hoyer as their starting quarterback going into next season, Manziel looks like he is going to keep the bench warm, unless he gets traded.
Manziel looked to be the answer, but barring a massive change next season, the Browns need to start considering long-term options instead of short-term, get a few wins quick option.
There are enough players available, both young and old, that would help the Browns get to a higher place than their 7-9 season in 2014.

O’Brien wasn’t as good as Marino, but he was pretty good as the Jets’ starting quarterback. O’Brien and the Jets however didn’t have any success in those three trips to the playoffs, as they lost all three games. The name mentioned by Price is Rayne Dakota Prescott (pictured at top of page), known by his nickname Dak.
General Managers and coaches simply could not conceive of a 5’9?” quarterback leading their teams to Super Bowl glory, regardless of his athleticism, creativity or college resume.
In 1988, he led his hometown New England Patriots to a 6-3 record as a starter, but he was allowed to pass only 18 times per game. Out of all the rookie quarterbacks in the league last season, Manziel is the absolute worst of the bunch. Manziel went into Cleveland believing he could create the same atmosphere that Lebron James did for the city. Every Day.Build your own custom daily newsletter with updates on your favorite teams, sent directly to your inbox.
Then everyone in Ohio collectively woke up from their daydream and realized that Manziel just was not good enough to lead the team to victory.
Despite rumors of Manziel possibly getting traded to the Dallas Cowboys or New York Jets, it seems he has at least one more season in Cleveland. Ultimately, the Cleveland Browns chose Doug Flutie 2.0, Johnny Manziel, with the 22nd pick of the 2014 NFL Draft.
Patriots coach Raymond Berry benched Flutie for the season finale when New England needed a win to clinch a playoff spot.
In the 21st century NFL, the stigma attached to vertically challenged quarterbacks has diminished thanks in large part to the play of stars like Russell Wilson and Drew Brees, and because of them, the group-think has changed, too. A player more concerned with his off field image then his production on the field, makes one massive headache for Cleveland. Eleven years later, Flutie led the Buffalo Bills to a 10-5 record but was benched for a meaningless season finale and, more mind-bogglingly, remained on the bench for the team’s Wild Card playoff game – a game Buffalo lost.
But those players may have never broken through the glass ceiling of perception without having received a boost from the shoulders of Doug Flutie.

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