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The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Final Audition Show at the Kimmel Center, Monday, May 5, 2014. Yes, I would like to receive occasional email offers from our affiliated websites, partners and sponsors. For nearly a decade, the gang at Paddy's Pub have produced some of the funniest television we've ever had the honor of watching. Most people say their favorite part of the show is when the gang just sits around the bar and talks about absurd topics.
Charlie takes his obsession with being a freelance attorney to a whole new level as he begins collecting evidence in a fictitious case defending Mac against charges of murder. Occasionally the show will get away from the group as a whole and explore the lives of Charlie and Mac vs Dee and Dennis' lives. Dee ruins the guy's plans to spend the night in a museum by saying that one of them is the father of her unborn child. While part 2 of this episode isn't the payoff we had expected, the first part is fantastic.
Not only do we get the first glimpse of Green Man, and Dee posing as a bizarre looking man named Cole Armstrong, we also get to hang out with the entire McPoyle family as Mac, Dennis, and Dee try out for the Philadelphia Eagles. Sweet Dee has some of her greatest drunk moments including an attempt to infiltrate a rival Korean bar in order to steal their microbrew's secret formula.
The guys get a little money and decide to invest it in the most lucrative venture they can think of: a boat. Mac and Dennis each take a side of the abortion debate and try to use each of them to have sex with women. Paddy's accidentally becomes a hot spot for underage teens to drink since no one checks IDs. Roddy Piper provides one of the best guest appearances the show has ever had, as he joins the guys in a wrestling event for the troops.
After attempting to invest in gasoline by buying a bunch of it and storing it in the basement, the guys accidentally torture a random man who they incorrectly believed to be the recipient of their family fortune. The first episode of It's Always Sunny set the pace perfectly for everything that was to come. After Charlie gets hit by a car and put into a wheelchair, Frank notices how sympathetic strippers are to him, so he decides to get in on the action.
As a part of their court ordered community service, the gang gets a Mighty Ducks sentence and is ordered to coach a kid's basketball team. Frank decides he wants to see the Grand Canyon, which results in the guys hooking up a U-Haul to the back of Dee's tiny car and hitting the road.
Frank's journey into complete insanity reaches its pinnacle when he starts getting romantically involved with his non-blood related niece, Gail the Snail. This is, without a doubt, the most beautifully directed episode the series has seen, thanks to a marvelous job by Fred Savage. I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass.
The move was among changes kicking off the off-season following disappointing 2014-15 campaigns for the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants and Jets. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez wears an NYPD cap after an NFL football game against the New York Giants Sunday, Dec. The move announced Wednesday allows Gamble to pursue opportunities as a general manager or front-office executive with other teams. Gamble joined the Eagles during the 2013 offseason after eight years with the San Francisco 49ers' front office. The move was among changes kicking off the off-season following disappointing 2014-15 campaigns for the Eagles and the New York Giants and Jets. View full sizeNew York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin speaks during an NFL football news conference Tuesday in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

On the Giants front, retaining coach Tom Coughlin for 2015 was only the start of what promises to be a busy offseason to-do list for ownership, the coaching staff, and general manager Jerry Reese.
Co-owner John Mara said Tuesday that re-signing unrestricted free agents Jason Pierre-Paul and Antrel Rolle and continuing the rehabilitation of the 22 players who wound up on injured reserve were among the biggest needs for the franchise.
While expressing pleasure about the season-ending 3-1 stretch, Mara left no doubt that much energy will be expended to avoid another 6-10 disaster. Shoring up a defensive line that generated one of the league's weakest pass rushes the first 11 games of the season will be a priority. View full sizeNew York Jets general manager John Idzik, left, talks with New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, center, and Jets owner Woody Johnson before a game Oct. With Rex Ryan and John Idzik out, the team is moving quickly to line up interviews for candidates to be their next coach and general manager. Johnson, Wolf and Casserly will fly out to Seattle this weekend to speak with Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and offensive line coach-assistant head coach Tom Cable about the coaching position, and director of pro personnel Trent Kirchner about the GM job.
The defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks earned a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs, so the Jets are able to interview members of their organization. Meanwhile, the list of candidates to replace Ryan seems to keep growing, with the Jets also requesting permission to speak with Arizona defensive coach Todd Bowles, Baltimore offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, and San Diego offensive coordinator Frank Reich. In addition to Kirchner, the Jets have requested to speak with Baltimore assistant general manager Eric DeCosta, Minnesota assistant GM George Paton, Philadelphia director of pro personnel Rick Mueller, and Houston director of college scouting Mike Maccagnan. Rod Graves, the Jets' senior director of football administration, will be interviewed for the position. There will be plenty of challenges for the new regime, particularly following the Jets' 4-12 season and a fourth straight year without making the playoffs. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. So one club comes up with an idea:Why not make a Peyton Manning No.18 Colts-Broncos Jersey, whose half is Indianapolis Colts, and the other one is Denver Broncos? We also get a fantastic montage of Dennis and Dee going on an inadvertent angel dust crime spree.
This episode is nothing but that, as we get to watch Dee and Dennis take on Mac, Charlie, and Frank in one of the most idiotic board games ever concocted. Also, Dee and Dennis try to figure out how to be the perfect serial killer by hunting The Waitress. This episode personifies their social separations, while proving that no amount of wealth or upbringing can change you from what you really are: white trash. The guys scramble around town putting together a drunken night at their Halloween party to determine who impregnated Dee.
Between Charlie's teeth constantly falling out and Mac's head trauma as a result of his hilarious car accident, you barely have a chance to catch your breath between laughs.
Charlie's infomercial for his "Kitten Mittons" invention is only rivaled by the presentation video the other guys make that includes Paddy's Tequila Shotgun, nudie pens, and, of course eggs.
Charlie and Frank attempt to turn it into a shrimping vessel, Mac and Dennis want it to be the height of luxury to attract women, and Dee just wants to dance. In the meantime, Charlie thinks he has a son, which he, of course, uses as a pawn to get the attention of The Waitress. The gang starts getting way too involved in the lives of the bar's patrons and become centerpieces in high school and prom drama. If that doesn't sell you on it, Frank also presents a pair of jean shorts to a soldier in a wheelchair while playing Kissed by a Rose on a boombox.
If you've seen it, then I really don't have to say anything else to justify its spot this high on the list. The gang attempts to get business for the bar, but unintentionally becomes a gay hot spot while constantly making subtle racist remarks to their new promoter. The two go back and forth trying to "out handicap" each other until it comes to a hilarious climax.

One of my favorite moments on any episode happens here, when Dee carelessly tosses a jar of pee out the window.
The evidence for and against his mental capacity is done so well that we almost don't feel bad for laughing. The episode ends with what was supposed to be an intervention, but turns into the group arguing and just using the word "intervention" in every incorrect way possible. The slow demise of the siblings paired with the gradual social climb of Mac and Charlie as they steal Frank's money is so fun to watch.
After Dee accuses Mac and Dennis of being codependent, they have an amazing break-up wrapped around "Predator" and "Transporter 2." The subtleties of that scene are absolutely brilliant. Co-owner John Mara announced that Coughlin will return for a 12th season and Jerry Reese will be back as GM despite an "embarrassing" 6-10 record.
Re-signing Pierre-Paul, whose nine sacks over the last five games gave him a team-high 12 ½ for the season, will be a decision wrought with salary cap consequences. Former NFL general managers Ron Wolf and Charley Casserly have been hired as consultants, and Johnson and the Jets are running concurrent searches for both positions. Jets running backs coach Anthony Lynn, who also served as assistant head coach under Ryan, is expected to receive an interview. Graves, who was brought in by Idzik in 2013, was Arizona's general manager for six seasons.
Geno Smith mostly struggled through his second season, and was benched for three games in favor of Michael Vick. Meanwhile, Charlie finally gets a romantic night with The Waitress only to later discover that she had popped a molly and had no recollection of the evening. It all comes to a perfect conclusion in the apartment of Dee's neighbor who turns out to actually be a serial killer. There's also the discovery of a glory hole in the bar, although we have no idea who would be using it since there are never any patrons at Paddy's. Turns out it's not actually labeled pirate, it's just Charlie's illiteracy leaving him baffled by the word PRIVATE.
His questionnaire answers are absolutely perfect as he describes his love of magnets and his passion for a good, quality milk steak. Sweet Dee dressed as a women's basketball coach is one of the best wardrobe jokes ever on the show. On top of that, we also get the first glimpse of the Night Man, as Charlie creates his hilarious song while huffing spray paint. The Eagles won the game 34-26 to cap a disappointing season in which they missed the playoffs following a December losing streak. Coughlin has a year left on his contract and Mara said the two would discuss it, but did not indicate if the coach would get an extension. But, as he did last season, Smith came on at the end of the year, culminating in the best performance of his career in the season-ending win at Miami.
Every character has such great moments, it's a nice episode to introduce someone to the show for the first time.
He threw for a career-high 358 yards and three touchdowns, went 20 of 25 and had a perfect passer rating of 158.3.
When Peyton Manning played his first game for Denver Broncos, 18 of them were sitting together and watching the game. Be the center of attentionA at a A party or event when you surpise everyone with your body painted costume.

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