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When it comes to toddlers, physical changes are most apparent as little ones advance from infants to preschool kids. Opened since 2006 on San Francisco’s Fillmore Street, a hip and easy walking shopping, dining, and entertainment district, Bubble fits right into the eclectic neighborhood ambiance. Dottie Dolittle is one of San Francisco’s loveliest and most high-end children’s clothing boutiques, dedicated to offering beautiful well-made American and European designer pieces. Bird in the Nest is one of the most popular, well curated, and affordable consignment stores in the Bay Area, giving parents and grandparents a greener and more affordable alternative to new and pricey kids’ clothing for kids 7 years and under, including toddler sizes. Located in downtown Campbell’s Courtyard Shops, Stripes Boutique stands apart from its competition in offering handmade quality children’s products from a variety of local makers. Noted for having absolutely precious children’s clothing, shoes, and nifty accessories, Janie and Jack has beautiful clothing for babies, toddlers, and young boys and girls at moderate prices. This Brett Favre signed Green Bay Packers 8x10 Photo (green jersey snow) Custom Framed- Favre Hologram is a certified sports collectible. Their physical growth and motor changes keep toddlers active, socially curious and playful each day.

Bubble carries fashionable, affordable, and comfortable children’s clothing, including a wide range of toddler-sized items for boys and girls. Toddler sizes begin at 2T, sometimes referred to as 24 months, and generally go up through size 5T. The selection begins with maternity items (hence the shop name) and includes gently used and new children’s clothing and accessories, toys, books and and other items as part of the mix.
This is particularly special when looking for baby and toddler clothing and accessories that are affordable and uniquely original. A few steps up from the kids clothing chain stores, not as pricey as the high-end shops, and nowhere near the recycled stuff, Janie and Jack has the edge for adorable, well-made clothing, along with shoes and accessories that would look terrific on your toddler. She writes on adult education, art and culture, business, and lifestyle topics, and enjoys writing short stories and poetry. Toddler clothing too goes through changes as it needs to be flexible yet well-fitting, and super comfortable as toddlers begin to walk alone, run, kick a ball, and climb on and off the furniture.
Dottie Doolitle carries a varied assortment of current stylish, casual and dressy items, with prices from moderate to expensive.

Bird in the Nest advises customers to look for a recycle symbol the shop puts on its tags to find previously owned items in new or great condition, and tags without the symbol indicating the brand-new, parent-recommended items. Within its relatively small space, Stripes prides itself on featuring carefully selected clothing and handmade accessories that are fresh and hip yet offer quality, comfort and affordable items for babies, toddlers and children.
Read on for five Bay Area kids clothing stores with toddler sized clothing in a range of style and price.
Dottie Doolittle also carries a collection of eye-catching accessories for the little ones, such as shoes, jewelry, robes, backpacks, and personalized and custom-made items (allow 6 -8 weeks for custom made items). There are two Janie and Jack locations in San Francisco, on Chestnut Street and at the downtown San Francisco Center. Loyal multi-generational customers love to return to the shop for its consistent quality items, attentive customer service, plus some added perks such as free ground shipping on all clothing orders.

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