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Since the Thunder as a new team identity was created in OKC, they have had electric players. This current jersey has appealed to many people and although it dips in the more orthodox look, the Thunder are far from the norm.
The Thunder have experimented by trying a completely new, alternative jersey to whip out on rare occasions.
The current jerseys make some people happy but but here are some new ideas that I believe should be taken into account. The court design is almost identical to the Thunder court design, with the exception of course of the Blue team logo and the Continental Resources logos, plus a few other minor differences. Previously the Tulsa 66ers, the new Blue will call the┬áCox Convention Center their home stadium in their first year in Oklahoma City. Kevin Durant has a lot of tattoos under his jersey - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo!

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant(notes) is typically considered to be one of the most likable players in the NBA, a humble kid who just happens to be blessed with unreal ability on the court. After the jump, check out the first hint we got of Durant's tattoos in a photo from Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals vs. It's tempting to say that Durant is trying to hide his tattoos to appeal to a larger market of fans, but it's possible that he just prefers to put tattoos on his torso and not his extremities.
Whatever the case, Durant's tattoos prove that he's not the squeaky clean figure many people make him out to be. In addition, four home games will be played at the home of the Thunder, the Chesapeake Energy Arena. For a league with past stars like Allen Iverson(notes) that rubbed some fans the wrong way, Durant represents someone with broad appeal. As you can see in the photo above, taken during a recent promotional trip to China, Durant's torso is covered in ink (via TBJ).

Plus, we've reached a point as basketball fans where tattoos are not an automatic sign of a thug. He has a lot more in common with the rest of the NBA than many people are willing to admit. Unlike them, he doesn't get them on parts of the body that can be seen easily while he plays basketball.
LeBron James(notes) is covered in tattoos, but any marketing issues he has are tied to his lack of a championship, not the belief that he's a gang member.

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