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I believe in the blood on the pitch, the jammed fingers, the broken ankles, thumbs and spleens, the baddest bitchasses in the world.
GRAND HAVEN - Kathryn Babcock acknowledged she is taking beach volleyball more seriously this summer. GRAND HAVEN -- Kathryn Babcock acknowledged she is taking beach volleyball more seriously this summer. Babcock, a 2002 Forest Hills Central High School graduate, teamed with Chicago's Erin Gray to win the Women's Open division by beating Lake Orion's Kellie DeMerritt and Canton, Ohio's Vicky Vega in the finals in two games.
Babcock and Gray were solid all day and handled a strong wind better than their competitors. Wind got to the men's team of Fruitport's Dustin Miller and Grand Rapids' Mark Fay, who lost a Men's Open semifinal match to Canada's Adam Podstawka and Reid Hall. Tournament director Rick Rykse expected a lot more than strong Lake Michigan winds when he showed up at Grand Haven on Saturday morning. Rykse said 110 teams will compete in the tournament, which concludes Sunday with co-ed two-person and four-person teams taking to the sand. Rykse also was happy with a solid crowd, which was rewarded with sunny skies and warmer temperatures as the day went on. The Men's Open division title went to Pete Gores and Steven Vanderwerp, both from Grand Haven. Other winning teams were Pinckney's Michelle Knezek and Annie Cleary of Mishawaka, Ind., in Women's Double A, Lake Odessa's Chelsea Brehm and Spring Lake's Katie Haynes in Women's A, Toledo's Abbie Riddle and Sylvania, Ohio's Nikki Pierzchala in Women's B, the Kalamazoo duo of Jerry Kessenitch and Mike Sprontelli in Men's A, the Detroit team of Jason Austin and Eric Kratch in Men's Double A, and Kalamazoo's Phil Brawer and Grand Rapids' Jason Hamilton in Men's B. There also was a high school girls division, won by Grand Haven teammates Mindy Marx and Bri Soule. What about my class schedule?We understand that you didn't come to Ohio State this fall planning on being a member of Buckeye athletics.
The first step to becoming a varsity athlete is the informational meeting on August 22nd or 24th. The coxswain is an essential part of our team as they are responsible for steering the boat, communicating with the coaches and coordinating the power and rhythm of the rowers. What does being a varsity athlete mean?At Ohio State being a varsity athlete means many things. How fast are we?Ohio State women's rowing is one of the elite rowing teams in the country and finished third as a team in the 2007 NCAA women's rowing championships. When I was in high school considering colleges, I never thought I'd become a varisty athlete at Ohio State Univeristy.
When deciding whether or not to row as a member of the varsity team there are a lot of things to consider. TBA for Fall of 2013Stop by the Athletics table at the University resource displays at Drake Performance and Event Center' right after registration at orientation!

If you are looking for intelligent, athletic and beautiful women head to the volleyball court, you will find a ton.
Our background in fine art and design combined with extensive research is what sets us apart. The designation of "novice rower" is only used within the squad to describe first year rowers. From there we progress to rowing on the water while always expanding your cardio base and core strength.
There are many sports and physical activities that can grow your aerobic base, and the fitter you start the faster we will be for the Big Ten Championship. Throughout the year we gradually build on the time demands of being a varsity athlete to give you the opportunity to adjust. We made history in 2015 as the first rowing team to ever win three consecutive National Championships.
Getting this done in advance can save some time later in the year, but you don't have to do it before you try the sport. When I joined the novice team, it was because it seemed fun and exciting, and I figured I'd meet a lot of people (which is a big deal because it was my first year here). I couldn't pass up an opportunity to represent Ohio State in a sport with women that were incredibly motivated and amazingly fun. My freshman year I was approached by novice coaches and asked to join the team, but I was reluctant because I wasn't sure I would be able to juggle school and sports. It is our passion to create artful expressions that will boost your team's morale and make memories. At Ohio State we design a program that will teach you everything you need to know to transition to the varsity squad your second year. To the athletic department and the rest of the university you are a varsity athlete with all the privileges and responsibilities that status accords.
As a varsity athlete, you will have priority scheduling for the spring semester and beyond which makes it easy to accommodate both classes and rowing. It is an opportunity for you to try a new sport and see if it is something that you are interested in pursuing. The 2016 team had 39 rowers who earned student scholar athlete honors in a wide variety of majors. We have won the Central Region Championship the last five consecutive years and were Big Ten champions in 2006.
It never seemed intimidating, and that's because you and your novice team go through it together. With a positive attitude and perseverance, I went out and tried to learn something new everyday.

On move in day I had multiple girls come up to me and tell me I should join the rowing team, so I took their advice and got involved by joining the novice team.
After completing my freshman year as a "normal" student, I realized that I missed being a part of a team and competing, having played sports my whole life. Wall murals might highlight teams, significant moments or individuals both past and preset.
One side is you deciding if rowing is the sport for you and the other is me working with you to see if you have potential in rowing. Rowing is one of the few sports that you can learn in college and have an opportunity to compete at the highest level. And of course, you end up making lasting friends that you'll have forever (which was my main goal) and you end up with stories to tell your grandchildren about the time when you competed in the National Championships.
Rowing has enhanced my college experience by giving me the opportunity to train with elite athletes in a program ranked among the best in the country. By taking the opportunity I have had so many great experiences including academic support from athletic advisors, being a Big Ten Champion, finishing 3rd at NCAA National Championships, and becoming a varsity letter winner, just to name a few and there are going to be so many more memorable times. This was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, I met so many neat people from all over the country and the world, and I made friendships that will last forever. Each day we build on the day before (physically, mentally and technically) to be as prepared and fit as possible when we race at the Big 10 Championship in May.
Many of our rowers have gone one to represent their countries on the international level and compete in the Olympics. Novice rowing has left me with a great deal of confidence, strength, and courage, because you find out that you can do things other people cannot do. My best friends are my teammates and together we laugh, train, race, and win championships. Rowing on the novice team is a cool experience because they teach you how to do something you may have never done before. Having the opportunity to represent THE Ohio State University both academically and athletically is indescribable. Being around them all the time allows you to get to know one another and build friendships that last forever.

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